VaporFi Pro 3 Review

The VaporFi Pro 3 represents perhaps the ultimate evolution of what began with the original eGo e-cigarette several years ago. The eGo was the first e-cigarette to achieve mainstream popularity without a design mimicking that of a traditional cigarette, and it represented an easy upgrade path for people who had grown tired of the smallest e-cigarettes’ shortcomings.

If you are new to e-cigarettes, there’s really no reason to ever use an e-cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette if you don’t want to. There’s something to be said for the convenience factor of using a device like the V2 Cigs EX or V2 Cigs VERTX e-cigarettes, but if you’d like something with just a bit more battery life, more vapor production and the ability to vaporize any e-liquid from any maker, the VaporFi Pro 3 is nearly as easy to use.

VaporFi Pro 3

Price: $49.99

Includes: VaporFi Pro 3 battery and tank in choice of eight colors, two atomizers, charging cable, extra O-rings

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What Is the VaporFi Pro 3?

The VaporFi Pro 3 is larger than a tobacco cigarette but smaller than many mechanical mods and box mods. It’s similar in size to a small cigar. The battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh, and the tank holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid. The tank has a replaceable atomizer which contains the heating coil that vaporizes the e-liquid. The atomizers last about a week each depending on usage and cost $17.99 per five-pack.

The VaporFi Pro 3 kit comes in eight different colors, and you can mix colors if you like. You can purchase a spare battery for $29.99, but you may never need one because the battery works during charging.

Who Is the VaporFi Pro 3 For?

  • Complete beginners. The VaporFi Pro 3 isn’t as simple to use as an e-cigarette with pre-filled cartridges, but it isn’t difficult to use and long-term smokers may find it more satisfying.
  • Mouth-to-lung vapers. Larger e-cigarettes tend to have very open airflow for inhaling the vapor directly to the lungs. If you prefer to draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it, the VaporFi Pro 3 is ideal for you because the airflow setting is perfect.
  • Flavor chasers. The VaporFi Pro 3 has a tall atomizer coil with lots of openings exposing the cotton wick. The coil reaches the optimal vaping temperature quickly, works well with e-liquid of any VG/PG ratio and has very accurate flavor reproduction characteristics.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: Inside the Box

VaporFi Pro Review

Inside the smart little box, you’ll find the VaporFi Pro 3 kit customized according to your specifications. The kit includes one battery, one tank with a pre-installed atomizer, one spare atomizer, a few extra o-rings and a USB charging cable.

As we mentioned above, the VaporFi Pro 3 is available in eight colors. In addition to the basic silver color, you can purchase your device in black, pink, red, purple, blue, green and cyan. You can purchase the tank in the same color as the battery, or you can mix and match.

VaporFi Pro 3 Setup

Getting the VaporFi Pro 3 set up for the first time is a breeze. Our review kit arrived with a fully charged battery, but you may need to top yours up for a little while to get the full experience. To fill the tank for the first time, unscrew the bottom cap and pull out the atomizer. Dampen the cotton sides of the atomizer with a little bit of e-liquid, and send a few drops of e-liquid down the opening at the top of the atomizer. Push the atomizer back into the tank, and replace the bottom cap.

Next, unscrew the top cap. Use a dropper or plastic squeeze bottle to send e-liquid down the side of the tank, avoiding the center air tube, until the tank is full. Replace the top cap and wait about five minutes. By wetting the cotton wick with e-liquid, you’ve primed it. It’ll continue to draw e-liquid from the tank until it’s fully saturated. You’ll notice that the tank looks significantly less full at this point; feel free to top it up.

With the tank full and the battery charged, you’re ready to use the VaporFi Pro 3 for the first time. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn the battery on. Now, simply hold the button and use the Pro 3 as if you were smoking a real cigarette.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review

The VaporFi Pro 3 is a remarkably good e-cigarette for beginners. With the included quick start guide, getting up and running for the first time is a snap — even if you’ve never used an e-cigarette before. Since the tank fills from the top, adding e-liquid is a much less messy affair than it tends to be with bottom-filling tanks — which are still the most common on the market. You’re going to need a paper towel handy when changing the coil, but that’s true of all e-cigarette tanks.

Ideal for Beginners

If you use an e-cigarette with pre-filled cartridges, you lose all of the potential for a mess because the cartridges are sealed and each one contains a new atomizer. By skipping that style of e-cigarette and going straight for the VaporFi Pro 3, though, you’ll get something that’s only slightly less easy to use, lasts much longer between battery charges or tank fill-ups and gives you the freedom to use any e-liquid you like.

VaporFi did an excellent job of designing the Pro 3 for maximum compatibility with all of the different e-liquids that users might like to try. The coils for the VaporFi Pro 3 have so many wick holes that they’ll work with even the thickest e-liquids without giving you “dry hits.” That’s an important feature because if you’re new to e-cigarettes, you don’t know which e-liquids you prefer yet. Many e-cigarettes for beginners work best only with thinner e-liquid formulations, but the VaporFi Pro 3 will work with absolutely anything.

Another reason why we like the VaporFi Pro 3 as an e-cigarette for beginners is because the slightly restrictive airflow is absolutely perfect for mouth-to-lung inhaling. In other words, you’ll use it exactly as if you were smoking a real cigarette. Many current e-cigarettes work best for direct-to-lung inhaling, but that’s probably something you’ll want to try after you’ve grown accustomed to vaping instead of smoking.

Vapor Production and Experience

VaporFi Pro 3 E-Cigarette Review

With so many wick holes, the VaporFi Pro 3 atomizers work flawlessly with any e-liquid.

One thing we love about the VaporFi Pro 3 is that it eliminates the need for short “primer puffs.” The Pro 3 makes primer puffs unnecessary because the coil heats up extremely quickly after you’ve pressed the button. You’ll get the maximum amount of vapor right away, even if the coil is completely cool.

Another occasional vaping problem that the VaporFi Pro 3 virtually eliminates is the “dry hit” that often results when you take several consecutive puffs without pausing for the wick to re-saturate. With so many wick holes, the coil has no problem staying wet as long as there’s still e-liquid in the tank — even if you “chain vape,” and even if you prefer something other than VaporFi e-liquids.

So, the VaporFi Pro 3 delivers smooth flavor and doesn’t require “primer puffs” or other tricks to maximize vapor production. It has the perfect level of airflow to mimic the traditional smoking experience and works with any e-liquid. If you’re looking for an e-cigarette that’s going to make the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as it possibly can be for you, The VaporFi Pro 3 sounds like a recipe for success to us.

Battery Life

The VaporFi Pro 3 has a 1,000 mAh battery capable of delivering several hours of vaping time between charges. If you use the device with a pace similar to that of smoking — around 10-15 puffs every hour or two — it’ll almost certainly last you all day.

When people switch to vaping, though, they often increase the pace because an e-cigarette is always available, always ready to use and tastes a whole lot better than a tobacco cigarette. If you find yourself puffing on the VaporFi Pro 3 more often than you would a cigarette, you probably won’t find that the battery lasts all day on a single charge. On the plus side, the battery does work while charging. So, if you happen to be near a computer, you can vape as long as you like.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: Conclusion

When many people try e-cigarettes for the first time, they opt to use e-cigarettes that look like tobacco cigarettes. There’s a lot of logic to that. If you’ve decided to switch from smoking to vaping, it’s natural that you’d want something that looks as much like the “real thing” as possible.

In truth, though, learning how to fill a tank and swap out atomizer coils periodically really isn’t that difficult — especially when the design is as thoughtful as that of the VaporFi Pro 3 tank. Also, you gain a great deal by skipping the “cigalikes” and going straight for an e-cigarette with a tank system. You gain the ability to try every e-liquid on the market and select your favorites for yourself instead. You also gain a great deal more vapor production and battery life — and those equate to satisfaction. It’s hard to put a price on that.

If you’re willing to put a few minutes into learning how to fill a tank and replace atomizers, you’ll find the switch to vaping an incredibly rewarding one. The VaporFi Pro 3 absolutely should be your first e-cigarette.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Slight airflow resistance perfectly mimics the mouth-to-lung experience of smoking a real cigarette
  • Ample wick holes allow the atomizer to perform well with e-liquid from any maker
  • Atomizer heats quickly, eliminating the need for “primer puffs”
  • Top-fill design makes it easy to fill the tank with no mess

The Not So Good

  • Airflow isn’t adjustable; not ideal for direct-to-lung vaping
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Author: Jason Artman

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  1. Even with direct to lung I prefer more resistant airflow. I’ve been a smoker for about 40 years.
    I have the pro 2 and find that a little airy, how does the 3 compare?
    I’ve resisted upgrading to the rocket 3 because it’s free-er flowing.

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    • Hi Skippy,

      The VaporFi Pro 3 may be a good choice if you’re looking for a direct-to-lung inhale with a bit of resistance. You might also check out the XEO VOID, which has adjustable airflow.

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    • It will be better its not airy at all

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