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Vape Shop Content Writing Service

Is your vape shop still struggling for attention online?

If you’ve operated your vape shop for a while, you know that getting website traffic isn’t simply a matter of publishing your website and waiting for the visitors to come in. People search the web using text. Search engines look for text on your website. If your website contains nothing but your location and hours, you’ll never get any traffic. You’re not a writer, though — you’re a business owner. If you spent all of your time blogging, who would serve your customers?

We can help.

If you’ve ever bought content online from a freelance website, you know how varied the results can be. Most online content writers don’t earn living wages. To save time, they repurpose content found online rather than writing truly original articles. When you purchase content through a freelance website, it’s unlikely that the writer will know anything about vaping at all. We are different. We are professional writers who also happen to operate one of the Internet’s most popular e-cigarette websites. We have the skill and knowledge to satisfy your vape shop’s content needs.


What are your vape shop’s content needs?

Our team can handle:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Case studies
  • Informational articles
  • Original research
  • Product descriptions
  • Promotional material
  • Rewrites of existing website content
  • New product concepts and launches
  • Press releases
  • Much more!

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Unique Content

Our writers have authored tens of thousands of unique articles with hundreds of millions of total views. Through other sales outlets, we have sold content to corporations such as Intel, Amazon and eBay. Every piece of content that we produce is entirely unique.

Unsurpassed Industry Expertise

The reputation of eCig One speaks for itself. We are a recognized e-cigarette industry thought leader with a website that receives thousands of visitors each day. We understand this industry and will provide content that positions your vape shop as the clear front runner in its market.


Gain Customer Trust

You own the full rights to every piece of content that you buy from us. You are free to claim yourself as the author. Gain the trust of your customers — and establish yourself as the dominant vaping expert in your community. We’ll do the work. You can reap the rewards.


64% of online marketers outsource their content writing


82% of marketers who blog earn profit from their efforts


Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing...


... and it increases a website's average conversion rate 600%!

Vape Shop Content Packages

We are professional writers with the ability to satisfy all of your vape shop’s content needs. These are some of the typical packages that we offer. No two websites have exactly the same needs, though. Use the contact form below to tell us more about your content requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I pay for content?

You pay only when you agree that the content meets your specifications. At that time, you will pay us via PayPal, and we will transfer copyright ownership of the content to you.

What if I decide that the content isn't right for my vape shop?

We offer unlimited revisions until you tell us that you are happy with the content. Since you do not pay until you accept the content, there is no risk. You can cancel the deal any time.

Is your content really unique?

All of our content is entirely original and comes from our own expertise and research. We do not simply rewrite content from existing resources — we create content that is entirely new. We can provide screenshots from CopyScape proving the originality of our work upon request.

Can I say that I am the author of your content?

Yes. When we sell content, we sell the full rights to it. You are free to distribute or modify the content as you wish. You can claim that you are the author. The content belongs entirely to you.

What is your refund policy?

When you inform us that the content meets your requirements and we transfer copyright ownership of the content to you, the sale is complete. All sales are final.