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Getting Google rankings is hard.

It’s especially hard if you’re a company in the cannabis industry. You may have learned the hard way when you attempted to advertise your 420 business on Google or Facebook and learned that the world’s top online advertising platforms do not allow advertisers in the legal cannabis industry. You’ve looked online for marijuana SEO advice, but you probably haven’t found it very helpful because no two sources seem to agree about how to promote a cannabis business online. We know what works because we’re doing it.

We have operated one of the world’s leading vaping websites since 2010. Since then, we’ve seen one website after another use SEO shortcuts in an attempt to get big quickly. They got caught by Google, and they disappeared. We are still here. We know how to build online rankings that last.

Our cannabis SEO service can help.

We know the ins and outs of marijuana SEO because we know what it’s like to build a website from the ground up in an industry with an unfriendly advertising climate. It all begins with great content — articles that address their subjects so well that Google can’t help but give those articles high rankings.

Our content has garnered mentions on some of the Internet’s most popular websites:

eCig One Media Mentions

We know what resonates with online audiences, and our work will help your company get the attention it deserves.

How Can We Help You Promote Your Cannabis Business Online?

Our team can handle:

  • SEO for dispensaries
  • SEO for vaporizer manufacturers
  • SEO for cannabis edible makers
  • SEO for cannabis growers
  • SEO for vaporizer sellers
  • Blog posts and informational articles
  • Cornerstone content and original research
  • Unique product descriptions
  • Improvement of existing content
  • Permanent, white hat link earning
  • SEO website audit
  • UI/UX website audit
  • Analysis of market and competitors
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media content creation
  • Online reputation management and repair
  • Business directory placements and citation audits
  • Marketing automation

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Our Five Core Cannabis SEO Principles

1. We use absolutely no black hat SEO techniques. We build rankings that last. You will know everything that we do, and no work that we perform will carry any risk of a penalty from Google.


2. We believe that permanently strengthening a brand’s online reputation is the core of SEO. There are no true shortcuts in SEO, and results do not appear overnight.


3. We complete all SEO work by hand — without automation or scripts.


4. Unlike most SEO agencies, we do not hire outside freelancers or agencies to complete our work. We do everything ourselves. You will know the first and last name of the SEO expert who works with your cannabis business.


5. Since we do not outsource work, we do not need to inflate our prices. Our services are more affordable than you might think.

Express Your Brand's Uniqueness

If you want your cannabis brand to get real attention online, you need a unique value proposition. We’ll help you find and express what makes your company different from the rest.

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings Permanently

We are not in the business of promising immediate ranking boosts because we do not attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithms. We build sustainable search engine rankings that last.

Enhance Your Brand's Reputation

Cannabis SEO is also about doing more with the traffic you already have. Let us show you how your website can improve your brand’s reputation and increase customer confidence.

Let us do the SEO work while you run your business.

There’s so much that goes into running a business. You’ve got to keep your customers satisfied, manage your staff, handle your supply chain, balance your finances and more — you haven’t got time to handle the SEO for your cannabis website. Concentrate on running your business, and we’ll concentrate on doing what it takes to make your business successful online. It’s all we do.

It’s okay if you’re not sure what your website needs. When you contact us, we’ll conduct an SEO audit of your website and follow up with some ideas for improvement. This service is free.

Become an authority within the cannabis industry.

Getting a real foothold on Google — building up a solid keyword portfolio that brings organic traffic to your website day after day — is one of the most difficult feats to perform in business. Establishing that foothold usually requires earning inbound links from other websites. How can you earn those links, though, if website owners don’t know that you exist?

Our core cannabis SEO service is an end-to-end content marketing solution that includes keyword research, content writing and reaching out to other website owners. We’ll do more than provide the articles to you — we’ll also make sure that people who might link to you know about those articles.

Start growing your cannabis business now.

We work with businesses in every sector of the legal cannabis industry. Whether you’re a dispensary, a cannabis product manufacturer or a local vaporizer seller, you need web traffic to fuel the future growth of your brand. It starts right here with our cannabis SEO service. Complete the form below to begin building something great with us.

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