V2 Cigs EX Review: New for 2014

Here at eCig One, we love a company that is determined to continue evolving and refuses to rest on its past successes for long. In 2012, V2 Cigs already had the majority of the world’s Web traffic among e-cigarette shoppers and could have simply sat back and counted the money as it rolled in. Instead, V2 rolled out a completely new product line with improved e-liquid packaging that better preserved freshness, allowed any customer to check the quality control report for any batch of e-liquid right from the website’s home page and released the single coolest portable charging case we’ve ever seen. In 2014, V2 Cigs is set to do it again. With a completely new design for its batteries and refill cartridges, the new V2 Cigs EX line delivers more e-liquid per cartridge, more puffs per battery charge and the best looking mini e-cigarette we’ve ever seen.

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One of the problems with the “mini” e-cigarette is the fact that the cartridge seldom matches the battery. After you spend enough time looking at a sleek metallic battery and a paper-wrapped cartridge, this may start to bother you. An e-cigarette company could design cartridges that match its batteries, but then it would be impossible for an e-smoker to tell the flavor and strength of a cartridge by looking at it. V2 Cigs has approached the problem differently by encapsulating the cartridge in a removable cover that matches the battery perfectly and sacrifices none of the vapor.

V2 Cigs Review 2014 EX

The next problem with the mini e-cigarette is the design of the cartridge; the standard atomized e-cigarette cartridge uses polyfill to hold the e-liquid in suspension, making it impossible to see how much e-liquid is left. If you’re out and about without a few spare cartridges, this creates the possibility that you might suddenly run out of e-liquid without ever having known that you were low to begin with. The new V2 Cigs EX cartridge ditches the polyfill in favor of a hollow chamber. Using the window on the side of the chamber, you’ll always know if you’re running low and shouldn’t leave the house without a spare.

The final problem with the mini e-cigarette is the battery. Mini e-cigarette batteries don’t last long enough and offer no warning when they’re about to run out of power. We were amazed by the fact that no major e-cigarette company had attempted to tackle these problems yet, but the V2 Cigs EX battery promises to do exactly that in 2014. This new battery measures just 100 mm in length — the same as a “100s” cigarette — and is rated for up to 250 puffs per charge. It also operates at a mind-boggling 4.2 volts — a half-volt higher than standard mini e-cigarette batteries. This means you’ll get more vapor, and you’ll get it longer before recharging. You’ll also know long before you need to recharge, thanks to the indicator on the side of the battery.

So, now you know everything that’s new with V2 Cigs in 2014 — but how does it actually work? In this V2 Cigs review, our panel is going to break it down for you.

V2 Cigs Review: 2014 EX Cartridges and Batteries

The first thing you’ll notice when twisting a cartridge into the new V2 Cigs EX battery and pushing on the cover is that the 2014 V2 Cigs e-cigarette feels different from any e-cigarette you’ve ever used. It’s a bit more solid and feels like it could take any amount of rough handling without skipping a beat. The metal cover feels cool against the lips — entirely different from the colored paper wrapping used for most e-cigarette cartridges.

If you’ve ever used another e-cigarette, you’ll also likely be surprised by what the new V2 Cigs EX cartridge brings to the performance side of the equation. Not only does it hold considerably more e-liquid than any standard cartridge of the same size, but the absence of polyfill really opens an e-liquid up. Airflow is less restricted than ever, which means that more of the vapor created by the heating coil reaches your mouth rather than simply condensing inside the cartridge. If you’ve ever noticed that some cartridges can begin to taste a bit stale when they’re nearly empty, the new V2 Cigs EX cartridge has that problem solved. Because the new cap is secured to the battery with a rubber ring, you also won’t compromise vapor production by using your V2 EX battery with the matching cap.

Where V2 Cigs hasn’t changed is in offering the freshest refill cartridges and most stylish accessories available in the e-cigarette industry. Few companies can match V2’s price for refill cartridges, especially for those who spend a little more up front for bulk purchases. Those who do pack their cartridges in paper boxes, which means they’re often dry and stale by the time they reach you. Because V2 Cigs seals its EX cartridges in foil, they’re as fresh when they reach you as they were the day they were produced. This is just one of the little things that makes a big difference to e-smokers and keeps V2 Cigs at the top of the e-cigarette industry.

V2 Cigs 2014: Tops in Quality Control

Have you ever wondered what e-cigarette companies do to ensure the purity of their e-liquids? So have we — and most e-cigarette companies aren’t going to tell you. If you look at a box of V2 Cigs EX cartridges, you’ll see a printed lot code. V2 Cigs takes a sample of each batch of e-liquid and sends it to a lab for testing. The lab checks for the presence of toxins including nitrosamines, phthalates and lead. At any time, you can visit the V2 Cigs website, type in the lot code from a box of cartridges and view a PDF report confirming that the e-liquid in your cartridges passed these tests. That’s some extra peace of mind that we’ve never seen another e-cigarette company attempt to match.

Tip: It’s a bit pricey if you don’t purchase it as part of a starter kit, but we strongly recommend looking at the V2 Cigs portable charging case. It’s one of the smallest charging cases in the industry and charges a V2 Cigs EX battery as many as eight times. It’s a sleek accessory, solidly built and reliable — we think it represents everything that’s great about e-smoking. This case is included with the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit.

V2 Cigs 2014: Still the Champion

What makes V2 Cigs the best e-cigarette for beginners? Every year, it seems as though V2 Cigs gives is a myriad of new reasons to recommend them above the competition. If you want great style, the new V2 Cigs EX batteries have it. If you want great vapor production without filling your own cartomizers and tanks, the new V2 Cigs EX cartridges perform like nothing we’ve ever seen. If you want value for money, you can buy refill cartridges for just over a dollar each if you buy in bulk and use our coupon code “ecigone.” Most importantly, V2 stands by their products, offering free quality control reports and a lifetime warranty on all non-consumable products. What else could anyone ask for? We can’t think of anything.

V2 Cigs Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • First e-cigarette company to introduce mini batteries with charge meters and matching cartridge caps
  • Warranty and quality control tops in industry
  • New EX cartridges hold more e-liquid and show remaining liquid at a glance

The Not So Good

  • We wish the portable battery charging case could be a little less expensive
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Author: Jason Artman

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  1. After having an “e-puffer magnum” for years, I thought there must be something better by now and went with V2 EX because of all the positive Internet reviews. Wow! What a difference from the e-cigarette I’d been using. So much better flavor, so much easier to “smoke”: no hard pull, no coughing on the vapor … after nearly 40 years of being a smoker, I think this thing might actually do the trick! If I had one complaint, it would be that it’s too large for me; in an effort to reduce my smoking habit, I went to “super slims” (Glamour, to be precise) a few years ago, so this does seem quite clunky to me, but still well worth it. While I used the e-puffer e-cig very sporadically before, in just a few days, I’ve cut my actual tobacco smoking by half with the V2. Highly recommended!

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  2. I had been using the standard auto battery for about a year when I switched to EX. Really happy about my purchase. I think my favorite thing about these batteries is the charge indicator and after that would be the battery life. I have 2 and I usually get aabout 12 hours of use between both of them before I need to charge them. I use the EX Blanks so I can’t fit the sleeve over them but I bet the sleeve looks really good if you can use it.

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    • We’re glad that you’ve had such a good experience with the V2 EX Series, Dany! Although the V2 EX batteries and cartridges have been out for a while now, we believe that it is still the best experience available with a cigalike. Great battery life, great vapor production and perfect puff sensitivity.

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