V2 VERTX Review

Over the next two years, the landscape of the e-cigarette industry is likely to change greatly. That’s because, in the United States at least, a very important clock began ticking on August 8. According to the new regulations set forth by the FDA, it is no longer permissible as of August 8 for an e-cigarette company to release a new product without pre-market approval. Unless the regulations change, virtually every e-cigarette product sold in the United States will need to obtain pre-market approval by August 8, 2018 or disappear. The V2 VERTX e-cigarette is designed with the goal of achieving FDA approval as easily as possible — but this is V2 Cigs we’re talking about, so you know there’s going to be a twist.


Price: $49.95 (VERTX) and $89.95 (VERTX Plus)

Includes: V2 VERTX vaporizer, USB charging cable, one (VERTX) or three (VERTX Plus) refill cartridges

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What Is the V2 VERTX?

V2 VERTX Review E-Cigarette

To understand the V2 VERTX, you must first understand how the FDA’s e-cigarette regulations are going to work in the United States. According to a law called the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2007, any new tobacco product released after February 15, 2007 must complete an FDA pre-market review process proving that the new product is “appropriate for the protection of the public health.” In other words, the company marketing the product needs to prove that the product is less harmful than cigarettes, or at least that it won’t lead to smoking, dual-use or relapse.

To date, one company — Swedish Match, a snus maker — has completed the FDA PMTA process. Swedish Match’s PMTA application was 100,000 pages long, covered just eight products and represented decades of research.

As of now, the FDA deems e-cigarettes to be tobacco products even though most contain no tobacco. Therefore, e-cigarette companies must now put their products through the same PMTA process that Swedish Match completed or withdraw from the American market within two years. If you think that completing the Swedish Match PMTA was probably a lengthy and expensive process, then consider the fact that the FDA intends to consider every e-liquid flavor, every nicotine strength of every e-liquid flavor — and every configuration in which an e-cigarette could possibly be used — a distinct product requiring its own PMTA.

FDA E-Cigarette Regulations: The Harsh Reality

No matter what, the funding, time and manpower that an e-cigarette company will need to complete the PMTA process will be enormous. For small companies that make their own e-liquids in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, completing a PMTA will most likely be impossible. If nothing changes, you’ll likely start to see those companies disappear in the United States within the next two years. The same is true of companies that make mods with standard 510 connections, because you could never conduct thorough research on the mod with every tank, atomizer and cartomizer that a user could possibly pair it with.

What you can do, possibly, is sell a proprietary e-cigarette that works only with your cartridges and has very few flavors and nicotine strengths available. That’s exactly what you see right now with e-cigarettes like the Vuse. The Vuse has just six flavors and one nicotine strength for each flavor. The Vuse battery doesn’t work with anything except a Vuse cartridge. It is a streamlined product with no room for customization and little room for variety. Most importantly, Vuse is a Reynolds American product. You know that a Big Tobacco company is going to have the funds necessary to compile a 100,000 page PMTA.

An FDA-Compliant Mod?

V2 VERTX Review Cigs

If you relish the great variety of flavors and experiences currently available with e-cigarettes, the FDA-regulated future looks a bit bleak. The slight bit of good news, though, is that Big Tobacco companies likely aren’t the only ones who will be able to complete the PMTA process. Larger independent e-cigarette companies such as V2 Cigs and NJOY likely have a shot, too. To obtain FDA authorization, they’ll need to limit the variety and potential configurations of their products as much as possible.

So, after all of that expository information, you’re probably wondering where, exactly, the V2 VERTX comes in. In short, the V2 VERTX is the only e-cigarette on the market with the vapor production, e-liquid capacity and battery life of a mod along with the proprietary design that should ensure eventual PMTA approval.

When you think about the likely result of the FDA’s e-cigarette regulations, then, it’s easy to imagine a future two years from now in which the V2 VERTX is the most powerful e-cigarette available to American buyers. So, unless you have faith that a court will eventually declare the FDA’s e-cigarette regulations illegal, it’s difficult to recommend any e-cigarette but the V2 VERTX to a new e-cigarette user. It’s the only one that has the vapor production to satisfy almost anyone and the type of design that the FDA prefers.

V2 VERTX Review: How It Works

V2 VERTX Plus Review

The V2 VERTX utilizes some of the features that first appeared in V2 products with the V2 Pro series. The charger and cartridges attach magnetically and operate automatically. There’s no configuration necessary to make things work. The VERTX also doesn’t work with anything other than the cartridges designed for it. Unlike other micro e-cigarettes, though, the VERTX actually produces ample vapor clouds and has cartridges that last. That puts the V2 VERTX way, way ahead of the game.

For comparison’s sake, think about the Vuse. Cartridges for the Vuse cost $3.00 each in most locations. Here’s what they look like when pried open. All of the e-liquid in the cartridge is contained within the soft, wet filler material. It’s not very much e-liquid at all, which means that for many, one cartridge won’t be sufficient for a full day of vaping. In fact, using the Vuse would likely cost more than smoking for many people — not exactly the reason why e-cigarettes have become so popular! A single VERTX cartridge, in comparison, is roughly equal to two full packs of cigarettes.

If you purchase the V2 VERTX Plus, you’ll have the additional benefit of variable-voltage operation. The VERTX Plus operates at three power levels ranging from 3.5-4.5 volts. With each higher voltage level, you can expect warmer, larger vapor clouds. The VERTX will also consume e-liquid slightly faster at higher voltage levels. The VERTX Plus uses a touch-sensitive interface that allows you to control the voltage level and the brightness of the display. Simply double-tap the button to enter the configuration mode. Tap the button again to select between the power and brightness adjustments, swipe your finger across the touch panel to make a change, and tap the button again to confirm.

V2 VERTX Review

On first use, it is immediately evident that the V2 VERTX has accomplished something truly special. The VERTX is an e-cigarette with the performance of a much larger device and an appealing small form factor that first-time e-cigarette users will love.

The reason why larger e-cigarettes are so popular with experienced e-smokers is because, after spending some time with a small e-cigarette that resembles a tobacco cigarette, many people begin to crave something more. The “more” is usually more vapor production, but it can also be more e-liquid capacity or greater battery life. So, a person’s first e-cigarette is rarely his or her last because, up to now, the smallest e-cigarettes have never been able to deliver any of those things. They just have the small, friendly size that helps to convince smokers that switching is possible.

If you’re ready to switch from tobacco cigarette to vaping right now, the V2 VERTX has the performance to not only convince you that switching is possible, but to actually make it happen. Right out of the gate, you’ll have a device with the vapor production and e-liquid capacity to keep you satisfied and to just work, whenever you need it.

To put it differently, our writers began reviewing e-cigarettes six years ago because they switched from tobacco cigarettes to vaping using the most common method available at the time: tiny e-cigarettes with disposable plastic cartridges. The sensation was the same as smoking, and the motions were the same. The e-cigarettes themselves simply weren’t satisfying. So, our writers began looking for more and documenting their experiences. If the VERTX was around five years ago, our writers might never have begun that search — because their first devices would have been their last.

V2 VERTX Review: Conclusion

In creating the VERTX, V2’s goal was to design an e-cigarette that would never leave its users wishing for something more. That’s an important thing, because the highly flexible devices of today could be gone — at least in the United States — in two years.

The V2 VERTX isn’t just the best e-cigarette for beginners today; it’s entirely possible that it could be the best e-cigarette available anywhere two years from now. Even if the e-cigarette industry’s attempt to challenge the FDA’s regulations in court is ultimately successful, though, the VERTX still represents a great leap forward. By designing an e-cigarette capable of delivering so much with no hassle, V2 has created an e-cigarette that represents a real upgrade path for the many people who have tried other micro e-cigarettes, don’t want to tinker with full-blown mods and continue to use tobacco occasionally because vaping leaves them unsatisfied.

If you’ve never tried an e-cigarette before, or you’ve dabbled in vaping and now want to buy the device that you’re really going to stick with, the V2 VERTX is the device that should be on the top of your list.

V2 VERTX Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Closed-system design should smooth the pathway to eventual FDA approval
  • Only closed-system e-cigarette that performs like a high-end mod
  • Long-lasting cartridges clearly show how much e-liquid you have left

The Not So Good

  • The VERTX e-cigarette has no real drawbacks
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Author: Jason Artman

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  1. Thank you for an amazing review on the Vertx and Vertx plus
    I’d like to know one part than have never mentioned on V2 site
    What is the operation voltage on the Vertx not the Vertx plus
    Note: I’ve ordered the Vertx not the Vertx plus
    Thank you

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  2. Hi Ben,

    As you noticed, the operating voltage of the standard VERTX doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the V2 website. Since the VERTX Plus would definitely produce more vapor than the standard VERTX, though, you can assume that the VERTX either operates at 3.5 or 4.0 volts.

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  3. Except it doesn’t work. The three-prong connection inside the vertx doesn’t make good contact with the cartridge because the housing is poorly designed. You’ll find yourself going along fine until it just doesn’t work, either because the cartridge leaked around the connection or you got a minuscule piece of lint or dirt inside the housing. I received one as a gift and would never buy one. Way too much frustration.

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    • Hi Bill,

      We never experienced a problem like that with our unit. Every cartridge worked perfectly until fully drained. The VERTX has a limited lifetime warranty. Have you considered getting it replaced?

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  4. If you want to quit smoking, get VERTEX. You get the vapor and hit that your looking for but without a weirdly shaped box. I tried the series 3 since it’s more the right shape, but it’s to thick. VERTEX is perfect. I’ve only used the prefilled carts, but I just ordered one of the blank kits (I had to try the new gold color!!)

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks for the comment, Dany! We agree that the V2 VERTX is a huge upgrade over the standard cigalike experience and a great choice for anyone who wants to switch fully from tobacco to vaping. We’re very excited that V2 is now offering blank cartridges and giving people the opportunity to experiment with different e-liquid flavors.

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