NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review

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Although there’s no telling yet how regulation will change the e-cigarette industry, current projections estimate that e-cigarettes will begin to outsell tobacco cigarettes within the next decade or so. In spite of vaping’s overall popularity, there are still plenty of people who have tried e-cigarettes and ultimately returned to smoking. These are the potential customers that NJOY will try to reach in 2015 and 2016 with the release of the Convenience Vaping System.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System

Price: $9.99 and up

Includes: NJOY Battery, USB charger, pre-filled tank, empty tank

At the time of writing, NJOY is offering a special introductory price for the Convenience Vaping System: $9.99 for a bundle including a slightly smaller 650 mAh battery, one pre-filled tank and an empty tank that you can fill yourself. It seems likely that NJOY will stop offering this package — which is likely being sold at a loss — when the supply of 650 mAh batteries runs out.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System Overview

NJOY Convenience Vaping ReviewIn its market research, NJOY found that some people returned to smoking because they began by trying inexpensive e-cigarettes from convenience stores and were disappointed because the poor vapor production led to low overall satisfaction.

An additional issue that made vaping difficult for beginners, especially during 2014 and the first half of 2015, was the ubiquitous eGo e-cigarette clone with a CE5-style clearomizer that seemingly every vape shop would sell you in a blister pack for around $15.

A vendor could buy these eGo blister packs in bulk from China for just a few dollars, resell them at an affordable price and still make a tidy profit. As a result, you could — and still can — find this package offered by just about every vendor that sells e-cigarettes.

However, they have one glaring problem: they barely work. If you’ve ever tried one of these devices, you know that the cheap CE5 clearomizer clones are absolutely awful — they often don’t fire at all, and when they do, they wick poorly and give off burned flavors. They’re also extremely small and refilling them is often a messy affair.

You can imagine, then, why someone might buy one of these devices, drain the tank once and go straight back to smoking. If a vaping device is going to be inconvenient to use, it needs to work really well — and e-cigarette devices at the low end of the price spectrum rarely do.

Addressing the Needs of Beginning E-Cigarette Users

NJOY Pre Filled Tank Review

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is an attempt to address some of the problems associated with low-cost e-cigarettes. There’s nothing wrong with the eGo battery — it’s the e-liquid delivery system that often gives people negative experiences with eGo devices. Beginners also often dislike the experience of refilling tanks and want something that they can simply twist on and use.

The usual solution to this problem is a polyfill cartomizer such as the one used by V2 Cigs. The problem with the polyfill cartomizer, though, is that it doesn’t hold a great deal of e-liquid and some people find themselves using several cartomizers each day.

So, the NJOY Convenience Vaping system is an e-cigarette for beginners that strikes a new balance between convenience and capability. The large batteries and pre-filled tanks truly have the capacity for all-day use. The tanks produce plenty of vapor and never burn their wicks. They also work the same as the cartridge in a standard two-piece e-cigarette — just twist on and go. The only compromise is that you can’t refill the tank.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is a two-part e-cigarette consisting of a 1000 mAh eGo battery and large, pre-sealed 3 ml tanks. Purchased separately, the 1000 mAh battery costs $19.99 and the pre-filled tanks cost $5.99 each, although you can reduce this price by up to 50 percent by buying in bulk.

At the time of writing, however, NJOY is offering a special introductory price for the Convenience Vaping System: $9.99 for a bundle including a slightly smaller 650 mAh battery, one pre-filled tank and an empty tank that you can fill yourself. It seems likely that NJOY will stop offering this package — which is likely being sold at a loss — when the supply of 650 mAh batteries runs out.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System: The Battery

The quality of the battery that NJOY has selected for the Convenience Vaping System is top notch. The battery’s capacity of 1000 mAh is easily enough to last all day and the USB port means that you can continue using the battery while it charges. The fire button is flush with the exterior of the battery, making accidental presses difficult — and you can lock the battery for additional safety by pressing the button five times quickly. The battery is absolutely worth the $19.99 asking price.

NJOY Convenience Vaping E-Cigarette Review

NJOY Convenience Vaping System: The Tank

Comparing the NJOY Convenience Vaping System to other e-cigarettes with standard polyfill cartridges selling at around $12-15 for packs of five, you might wonder how cost effective the Convenience Vaping System would be in the long run when each refill tank costs $5.99 unless you buy in bulk. After all, both types of e-cigarettes claim that one refill cartridge will last through about a day of use.

It is our experience, though, that a small polyfill e-cigarette cartridge often fails to last through an entire day of use. In addition, the intensity of the flavor begins to decline quickly as the e-liquid is used up. Therefore, you might be inclined to swap cartridges before the e-liquid is fully consumed simply because the experience is no longer as pleasurable as it was when the cartridge was new.

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is perhaps the first e-cigarette that actually lives up to its claim of a single refill being sufficient for an entire day’s use. In fact, during our review process, we were unable to fully drain one of NJOY’s tanks in a single day — and we are accustomed to using advanced vaporizers with sub-ohm tanks such as the VaporFi VOX II. Vaporizers such as these can easily drain a 3 ml tank multiple times in a day.

We felt fully satisfied using the Convenience Vaping System, though, because NJOY’s tanks are filled with higher-nicotine e-liquids to offset the lower vapor production compared to more expensive vaporizers. In addition, because NJOY’s tanks don’t suspend the e-liquid in polyfill, the flavor quality and satisfaction level don’t decrease until all of the e-liquid has been used.

We also love the elegant simplicity of NJOY’s tank design. The soft mouthpiece feels great on the lips and the enclosed tank is highly resistant to leaking. If any vapor does condense inside the center tube, the flared design encourages the liquid to fall back to the heating coil, minimizing waste. Also, because the heating coil is at the very bottom of the tank, it almost never squirts hot e-liquid into the mouth as some tanks can — something nobody likes.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System: Conclusion

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is a product that we expect to be a huge hit with beginning e-cigarette users in 2016. It combines the best aspects of the typical two-piece e-cigarette — convenience and user-friendliness — with the higher vapor production, larger e-liquid capacity and longer battery life of more advanced vaporizers.

All of these features come with an extremely low cost — just $9.99 at the time of writing to get started, along with about $5.99 per day for each tank, or as little as $4.24 per day if you’re willing to buy 16 tanks at a time. Regardless of your order total, though, NJOY never charges shipping which takes the sting out of buying refills in lower quantity.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Tanks and batteries truly last all day, even with moderately heavy use
  • Batteries work while charging
  • Tanks generate plenty of vapor and resist leaking

The Not So Good

  • None; the NJOY Convenience Vaping System is a top-notch e-cigarette for beginners

Author: Jason Artman

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