VaporFi VOX II Review

At eCig One, we have often written about the fact that product differentiation is a key to survival in today’s competitive e-cigarette market. While small “cig-a-likes” are still among the most common e-cigarettes found online — and the only e-cigarettes found in most convenience stores — it has become exceptionally difficult for a new e-cigarette company to “break through the static” if this is the only product they sell. VaporFi has done an excellent job of breaking this mold by offering a distinctive product lineup with something for every budget, along with several items that can’t be found elsewhere. Today we review the VaporFi VOX II mod, an affordable personal vaporizer that brings 50-watt, sub-ohm vaping to the masses.

VaporFi VOX II Mod

Price: $164.99 before coupon

Includes: VaporFi VOX II vaporizer, 2500 mAh battery, USB charging cable and Volt Hybrid Tank, Bolt Rebuildable Atomizer or Rebel Tank

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The VaporFi VOX II mod kit includes your selection of attachments. Our review sample from VaporFi included the Volt, a hybrid tank that functions both as a rebuildable atomizer and as a standard tank with replaceable atomizer heads. Alternatively, you can select a standard tank system or a full-sized rebuildable atomizer — or you can purchase the VOX II alone for $30 less and use your own attachments. We’ll be discussing the Volt Hybrid Tank a bit in this review; this sub-ohm tank is as convenient and user-friendly as any e-cigarette tank system, but its sub-ohm atomizer heads generate more vapor than a typical tank could ever manage. While the VOX II can generate the current needed to drive the Volt tank, a device with a low amperage limit such as the ProVari could not. That’s just one of the things that makes the VOX II mod so unique.

VaporFi VOX II Mod Review

VaporFi VOX II Mod Review: What’s In the Box

If you purchase the full kit, the VaporFi VOX II includes the device along with a charging cable, battery and your choice of attachments. The Volt Hybrid Tank includes the tank, two pre-built atomizer heads, one rebuildable atomizer, two pre-wrapped heating coils, a replacement Pyrex tube and some Japanese organic cotton batting, along with some other replacement parts. If you are considering skipping the full kit and buying the VOX II device only, you’ll still get the battery and charging cable but will need to use your own tank or other attachment.

Although we have yet to review the VaporFi Bolt rebuildable atomizer, we love the Volt Hybrid Tank as well as the beginner-friendly Rebel Tank. As such, we highly recommend buying the full VOX II kit unless you already have a tank or atomizer that you love and couldn’t do without. These attachments cost up to $60 when purchased separately, but the VOX II kit costs only $30 more than the device alone.

VOX II Mod Review

VaporFi VOX II: Specs and Safety Features

The VaporFi VOX II is a variable-wattage mod that reads the resistance of the connected atomizer or cartomizer and automatically sets its voltage to achieve the wattage you select. At the top end, it produces a maximum of 50 watts and 8.5 volts with a maximum current of 22 amps. If you’re keeping score, the ProVari P3 has a maximum current of 6.5 amps. This provides very little headroom for sub-ohm attachments.

So, what’s all this talk about “sub-ohm,” anyway? You may already be familiar with electrical resistance and how it applies to e-cigarettes, but sub-ohm attachments still occupy a relatively small niche within the vaping community. If everything else is equal, lowering the resistance of an item in an electrical circuit results in more power being produced. Changing the resistance of the atomizer or cartomizer allows you to adjust the vapor production of a mechanical mod, for example, which only operates at one voltage with a single battery. “Sub-ohm” atomizers — which usually have a resistance of 0.5 ohms or lower — were originally developed as a way to achieve the most vapor production possible with mods that don’t have variable-voltage or variable-wattage capabilities.

Using a sub-ohm attachment with a mechanical mod has some potential problems, though. For example, suppose you’re building your own atomizer coils. Accidentally or intentionally, you build a coil with a resistance of 0.1 ohms. You attach it to your mechanical mod with a 3.7 volt battery. Now you’re drawing a current of 37 amps from the battery. Unfortunately, most batteries used in e-cigarette mods are rated for a current of no more than about 10 amps. At this point, there is a possibility of a catastrophic battery failure.

Now, imagine a device capable of giving you almost all of the vapor production possible with sub-ohm attachments along with the safety that a mechanical mod couldn’t provide. That’s what you get with the VaporFi VOX II mod. The safety features of the VOX II include a maximum output voltage of 8.5 volts, maximum current of 22 amps with a 35 amp battery for plenty of headroom and protection from overheating, short circuits and reverse battery installation.

VaporFi VOX II Review

For us, no review of the VaporFi VOX II would be complete without an extensive discussion of the Volt Hybrid Tank included with our review unit. The Volt Tank gives you two ways to vape. You can either use pre-built 0.5- or 1.2-ohm atomizers, available in packs of five for $24.99, or you can use a tiny rebuildable atomizer that allows you to build and replace your own coils as needed. The rebuildable atomizer is a cheaper option in the long run, but we prefer the pre-built 0.5-ohm atomizers. Thanks to the oversized wick holes, we find that it offers performance superior to that of the RBA. The very low resistance allows it to generate more vapor than any standard e-cigarette tank system, but the atomizer heads are every bit as easy to replace as those of the ProTank or similar device you’re probably using now.

Vapor production really is the name of the game with the VOX II. Throughout the review process, we were consistently amazed by the fact that the VOX II paired with the Volt Tank generates more vapor per puff than any combination of device and attachment we have ever tested. Although the Volt Tank’s 0.5-ohm atomizer wicks e-liquid quickly enough to work consistently at up to about 30 watts without dry puffs, we prefer to use it at lower power levels because the vapor production can get to be a bit much. Taste is subjective, though, and the phrase “too much” simply might not be a part of your vaping vocabulary. If that is the case, you can be assured that unless you are already using a full-sized rebuildable atomizer with a sub-ohm coil, the VaporFi VOX II and Volt Tank or Bolt RBA will produce drastically more vapor than any e-cigarette you’ve ever used.

As we mentioned above, the VaporFi VOX II kit includes a 35-amp, 2500 mAh battery. Because most batteries for e-cigarette mods have lower amperage limits, we don’t suggest using the VOX II with a third-party battery. Although your last wattage setting isn’t retained when you remove the battery, the VOX II charges via a USB port which makes battery removal unnecessary most of the time. In addition, there are a few memory settings that you can use to save your favorite wattage levels. The VOX II works while charging, although you may find that the battery never quite reaches a full charge during use if your wattage setting is too high. At our preferred setting of around 15 watts, the VOX II battery hasn’t died yet during a full day of use.

VaporFi VOX II Review: Conclusion

Through the process of reviewing the VaporFi VOX II, the device’s vapor production was the feature that impressed our panel most. While many of us were previously very happy to be ProVari users, the ProVari simply can’t hold a candle to the VOX II due to its lower voltage, wattage and amperage limits. When combined with the Volt Hybrid Tank, the vapor production of the VOX II is so extreme that none of us feel the need to use the device at anywhere near its maximum power level.

The VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank also represents a superlative value. Although we prefer the pre-built 0.5-ohm atomizer, the tank also includes a 1.2-ohm atomizer as well as a rebuildable atomizer — and all of the spare parts you could possibly need for at least a month of vaping, if not more. If we have any complaint about the VOX II and the Volt Tank, it’s that the liquid holes on the sides of the Volt Tank’s rebuilable atomizer are a bit on the small side for high-wattage vaping. Otherwise, the VOX II is the best e-cigarette on the market and outperforms the competition by a wide margin.

VaporFi VOX II Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Combines the safety features of a power-regulated mod with support for sub-ohm attachments
  • Volt Hybrid Tank generates more vapor than most e-smokers could ever need
  • Tank includes spare parts for every breakable component
  • Performs better than the ProVari P3, but costs less

The Not So Good

  • Nothing
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Author: Jason Artman

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