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The strangest thing happened to us just a short time ago. A reader sent us an email notifying us that, despite all the hardware we’ve tested and all the e-cigarettes we have available to us to review, it’s hard to find a recommendation regarding the best overall e-cigarette on the market.

We have to apologize to this reader, but it’s not hard for us to choose our favorite e-cigarette. Despite the variety of e-cigarettes we’ve tested over the years, the ProVari consistently comes out on top. There is simply no better e-cigarette on the market, and this ProVari review will explain why.


Price: $159.95 and up

Coupon: None known.

Includes: ProVari body, battery charger, two batteries, cartomizer tank (full starter kit only)

It’s an expensive e-cigarette, but not hard to understand what makes the ProVari worth the price if you’ve ever used it. It’s about something more than the specifications of the battery, the compatibility with other cartridges and all those technical aspects; there’s just something the ProVari brings with it that makes it the best mod on the market to date.

Let’s explore what makes the ProVari so amazing. After all, is it truly twice as good as the Lavatube like some people say?

Everything You Need to Know About the ProVari

You’ve probably looked at the cost of the ProVari, blinked a few times to ensure you weren’t seeing things, and then tried to answer why anyone in their right mind would purchase something that qualifies as little more than a starter kit for $200.

The answer lies not with the fact that you get a few batteries, an e-cigarette, a charger and a few cartomizers. It lies in what the ProVari is.

The ProVari is an e-cigarette geared towards the experienced e-smoker. They’re the type of people who can name what mods and attachments they prefer on their e-cigarette. They know the inner details of how to get the most out of their e-cigarettes. They’re the kind of users who want to get the best vapor production, most fulfilling throat hit and best flavor out of their e-cigarette.

What makes these three things possible with the ProVari is an internal piece called the “boost circuit.” It’s a component that converts the voltage from the battery to a higher voltage, which in turn produces a more intense and fulfilling e-smoking experience.

To understand with more clarity, consider the fact that the typical e-cigarette generates just under 7 watts of power. The ProVari is capable of delivering 12 watts to a single coil cartomizer or high-resistance atomizer and up to 16 watts with a dual-coil cartomizer.

With the ProVari, it’s like taking your normal e-cigarette and turning it up so it can produce twice the amount of vapor.

The only downside is that the ProVari is a bit more complicated than the e-cigarettes you’re likely used to by now. If you’re an experienced e-smoker looking for more, though, the time spent getting over the ProVari’s learning curve is more than worthwhile.

Using the ProVari: Replacing the Battery and Adjusting the Voltage

The first step with the ProVari is no different from with any other e-cigarette; you need to charge the battery.

ProVari Reviews

This can be done by using the charger included with the ProVari Kit. Unlike most other chargers included in kits, you can charge two batteries simultaneously with the ProVari charger. All you have to do is to wait for the green indicator light to flip on to know when your batteries are completely charged.

To replace the battery, twist off the bottom cap, insert the battery with the positive terminal facing up and then replace the bottom cap. It couldn’t be easier.

The tricky part comes next. You have to set the voltage. Press the button five times until the screen on the ProVari reads “Pu.” You then need to wait for the screen to display the current voltage before pressing the button as many times as it takes until it reads “4.0.” This is a good starting point when you use the ProVari with an attachment you’re not completely familiar with. As you become accustomed to using the ProVari, you can dial the voltage up until you get the e-smoking experience you’re looking for.

Wait for the screen to clear and then you’ve set the voltage. Keep in mind how you did this, because this is how you’ll alter the voltage in the future.

Using the ProVari: Cartridges, Cartomizers and Producing Vapor

If you’re using the cartomizer tank included with the ProVari, filling it is a breeze. Simply twist the mouthpiece off and add your favorite e-liquid to the tank. When it’s nearly full, replace the mouthpiece and twist the entire tank into the top of the ProVari.

Using an atomizer with the ProVari is similar. You just need to twist it into the ProVari and then push your drip tip into the top of the atomizer. You can then drip your e-liquid directly into the atomizer, which allows it to flow down to the heating coil to prepare things.

At this point, you should be ready to start e-smoking. Hold down the battery button for a moment and puff.

If your vapor tastes dry, then you’ll need to add more e-liquid. If it tastes okay, then you can begin slowly raising the voltage.

It’s our suggestion that you raise the ProVari no more than 0.5 volts each time you do raise it. You may find the higher voltages uncomfortable due to their extreme intensity, especially if you’re new to using the ProVari.

During the course of making your adjustments, you’ll have to tap the button a lot. However, the ProVari remembers your last voltage setting when you’re done using it — even when you remove the battery.

Tinkering with the ProVari

Besides being able to raise the voltage, the ProVari comes with a few other commands. You can lower the voltage, check the battery power level, monitor your atomizer’s resistance, turn off the button’s light and shut off the entire ProVari unit.

Every command is operated by just one button, which is what enables the ProVari to have such a sleek design. The downside to this is that you’ll be pressing that single button a number of times before you find the perfect settings for your e-smoking experience.

ProVari vs. ProVari Mini

If you’ve shopped at the ProVape website, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the ProVari Mini. You may have even assumed that, with its smaller size, it must have reduced functionality compared to the full-sized ProVari. In fact, this isn’t the case.

The ProVari Mini provides the same features as the regular ProVari e-cigarette. The difference is that the overall length of the ProVari Mini is an inch shorter. You also get a battery that holds 700 mAh, while the regular ProVari e-cigarette’s battery holds 1100 mAh.

The ProVari Mini is basically a smaller e-cigarette with slightly less life than the original ProVari. Although the battery life of the ProVari Mini is slightly reduced, the size difference is really quite dramatic when you compare the two ProVari models side by side — there really is nothing else on the market that delivers the six volts of power like the ProVari Mini at such a small size.

ProVari vs. Lavatube

If you’re shopping for a variable-voltage mod, you’ve probably heard of the Lavatube as well as the ProVari. The Lavatube costs significantly less than the ProVari, so is it worth considering it instead? In truth, it might be. After all, the Lavatube also supports e-smoking at six volts and costs just $139.99 for a full starter kit.

However, we’ve found the Lavatube to have a few shortcomings compared to the ProVari.

The first is in the design department; while the Lavatube certainly looks nice, it is much larger than the ProVari and absolutely dwarfs the ProVari Mini. When comparing the two side-by-side, it’s quite obvious that the ProVari is made from sturdier metal and is more likely to withstand the occasional drop on a hard floor — something we’ve done more than once.

The second difference between the ProVari vs. the Lavatube deals with performance. Although both e-cigarettes have settings that allow for six-volt e-smoking, we’ve found that the ProVari produces a bit more vapor than the Lavatube at full load. We’ve also observed that the vapor production of the Lavatube drops noticeably when the battery has been drained a bit. This doesn’t happen at all with the ProVari — even when the battery is nearly dead.

If you’re considering the ProVari vs. the Lavatube, we have to assume you have room in your budget for either e-cigarette. If that’s the case, you should buy the ProVari. Compared side-by-side, the differences between the two e-cigarettes are obvious and the ProVari is better in every way. If you can’t afford the ProVari and want to spend less on an upgrade from your current e-cigarette, the Lavatube is still an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts on the ProVari

The ProVari excels in everything. The vapor production is bountiful. The appearance, finish and detailing are astounding. Even the battery contributes to an amazing e-smoking experience.

The problem is that you’re paying $200 for all of this if you’re buying the full ProVari starter kit, which truly makes this a luxurious e-cigarette designed for people with ample money to spend on their e-smoking hobby.

Therefore, we can’t recommend the ProVari if you’re a beginner e-smoker. The added features are likely to just confuse you while making the e-smoking experience unnecessarily complicated.

You especially don’t want to end up paying $200 for something that’s difficult to use, especially if you’ve just stopped smoking cigarettes for the first time in years.

If you’re a beginner, then we strongly suggest that you take a look at V2 Cigs and their starter kit.

If you’re a heavy smoker and feel that you’re ready to try something more powerful than your existing e-cigarette but can’t quite afford the ProVari, the Lavatube is a great second choice that performs nearly as well.

If you have the means, though, buy a ProVari. Our one word of warning is that you’ll likely never find a better e-smoking experience if you do.

ProVari Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Best vapor production on the market
  • Incredible build quality
  • Designed and built in the United States

The Not So Good

  • Some may be unable to afford the high price tag