The eGo is one of the most popular models in the e-cigarette industry. It’s affordable, provides great battery life, has an attractive appearance and supports low-resistance atomizers to provide some of the best vapor production possible with a smaller e-cigarette. Many e-smokers also appreciate the fact that, although it’s quite small, no one is likely to confuse it for a real cigarette. Joyetech is the original developer of the eGo and provides it to many e-cigarette companies in the United States and elsewhere for distribution. Because of the eGo’s popularity and the lack of strict intellectual property enforcement in China, however, other manufacturers also develop their own versions of the eGo and have added features not present in the original design. As a result, you can find a confusing array of different eGo models today and may not be sure what the differences are. Let this guide help clear up the confusion.

2016 Update! We have given this article a major overhaul. We hope you’ll agree that it is, quite simply, the most comprehensive overview of the types of eGo e-cigarettes that you’ll find anywhere.

eGo E-Cigarette: Original Joyetech Model

eGo E-Cigarette: Volcano Inferno

eGo E-Cigarette: Volcano Inferno

The original eGo e-cigarette consists of a long 1000 mAh battery and/or a short 650 mAh battery, a 510 atomizer and a cone that snaps over the atomizer for protection and aesthetics. To this day, most eGo e-cigarettes include 650 and/or 1000 mAh batteries — even those not made by Joyetech. Some vendors outfit this version of the eGo with disposable plastic cartridges. In most cases, though, people use the original eGo with a drip tip, e-liquid tank system or cartomizers. The Volcano Inferno, pictured above, is an example of the original Joyetech eGo. It includes a cartomizer tank and free bottle of e-liquid.

eGo One E-Cigarette

Types of eGo E-Cigarettes eGo One

The eGo One e-cigarette includes a tank that supports many types of heating coils.

As of 2015, the eGo One is Joyetech’s latest revision of the eGo platform. This range extends from the basic eGo One starter kit at $54.95 to larger temperature-controlled devices such as the Joyetech eVic VTC. While these two devices are very different from one another, the tank is the same, hence the name — one tank to accommodate any type of vaping and any device. The eGo One Mini pictured above is incredibly small — small enough to be covered almost completely in a closed hand — and comes with two types of atomizer coils. It is also the only type of eGo e-cigarette to date that supports sub-ohm vaping. In other words, it’s the smallest device on this list, but it produces the biggest vapor clouds! The lower-resistance 0.5 ohm coil has a wide center hole for direct-to-lung inhaling, while the 1.0 ohm coil is intended for mouth-to-lung inhales. If you should upgrade to a temperature-controlled device such as the eVic VTC mentioned above, you can continue using the same tank and switch to pure nickel or titanium coils.

Our favorite eGo One device is the Halo Tracer. This kit includes the eGo One battery but swaps out the eGo One tank for the much better performing Horizon Arctic tank. It also includes a bottle of e-liquid, and the package costs just $56.99 with our coupon code.

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eGo-Twist E-Cigarette

Types of eGo E-Cigarettes eGo Twist

Kanger EVOD 4.8 Volt 1000 mAh eGo-Twist Batteries

While terms such as “eGo-T” and “eGo-C” refer to the system used to deliver e-liquid to the heating coil, the term “eGo-Twist” actually refers to the battery. This type of battery is most commonly included with eGo-C systems; you’ll see this type of e-cigarette sold as an eGo-C Twist. You may also see it sold as an “eGo VV” or “Variable-Voltage eGo.” This type of eGo e-cigarette battery includes regulation circuitry allowing it to operate at between 3.5 and 4.8 volts. The eGo-Twist battery tends to be longer than a standard eGo battery to accommodate the extra circuitry; voltage adjustments are made by twisting the battery’s bottom cap. In contrast, the standard eGo battery is regulated to produce an output of around 3.3 volts. Higher voltage may lead to increased vapor production, although it must be said that the eGo-Twist may not always produce its maximum power of 4.8 volts under load due to the small size of the battery. Direct Vapor sells the 1000 mAh eGo-Twist battery, pictured above, for $18.95. If you need a full starter kit with an eGo-Twist-type battery, take a look at the VaporFi Rocket.

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eGo-T E-Cigarette

Types of eGo E-Cigarettes Volcano Inferno Express Kit

Volcano Inferno eGo Express Kit

E-smokers who prioritize vapor production over convenience often prefer dripping. More commonly, though, people would rather have an e-cigarette that’s clean, convenient and has enough battery power to last all day. The eGo-T was released shortly after the original eGo e-cigarette. The eGo-T was the first e-cigarette with a tank system, allowing the e-smoker to add e-liquid to the eGo by filling a plastic tank rather than using cartridges stuffed with filler material. The eGo-T is arguably the most popular form of eGo e-cigarette today because the tank system is so easy to use. The Volcano Inferno Express Starter Kit ($29.99), pictured to the right, is an example of the most recent evolution of the eGo-T e-cigarette. While the eGo-T originally featured a fixed atomizer and refillable plastic cartridges, the Inferno — and other eGo e-cigarettes like it — uses a fixed tank with a replaceable atomizer head. When vapor production decreases, you can simply twist out the atomizer head and replace it with a new one.

eGo-C E-Cigarette

Joyetech eGo-C E-Cigarette

Joyetech eGo-C E-Cigarette

The eGo-C is an older revision of the original eGo-T design that is today considered obsolete. Still a tank-based e-cigarette, The “C” in “eGo-C” stands for “changeable.” This refers to the new modular tank atomizer that allows the removal and replacement of the heating coil. In the original eGo-T, the tank atomizer is a sealed unit; if the power of the heating coil starts to decrease — which tends to happen after 1-2 months — you have to replace the entire tank atomizer at a cost of around $12.00. In contrast, new heating coils for the eGo-C cost around $5.00 each. It is important to note that atomizers designed for the eGo-C may not work with standard eGo batteries.

eGo-C Atomizers: A-Type vs. B-Type

eGo-C A-Type B-Type

eGo-C A-Type (Left) and B-Type (Right) Atomizers

Joyetech manufactures two different atomizers for the eGo-T, using the “A-Type” and “B-Type” distinctions to differentiate the two. The eGo-C A-Type atomizer is cone-shaped, while the B-Type atomizer is cylindrical and holds slightly larger 2 ml tanks. Because the vapor has a little more room to develop in an eGo-C B-Type atomizer, some people feel subjectively that it produces a little more vapor than the A-Type atomizer.

Note: Originally, Joyetech used the terms “A-Type” and “B-Type” to refer to the original eGo e-cigarette and the eGo-T respectively. This can cause confusion when shopping with some e-cigarette companies that fail to keep their inventories up to date.

eGo-CC E-Cigarette

eGo-CC Types of eGo E-Cigarettes

The eGo-CC is a newer type of eGo e-cigarette introduced by Joyetech in late 2013. The eGo-CC retains the replaceable atomizer coil that made the eGo-C so popular but ditches the removable plastic inner tanks in favor of a new one-piece tank design. With the eGo-CC, you fill the tank by twisting off the bottom cap, which includes the atomizer coil. The tank features a window allowing you to view how much e-liquid remains, and according to Joyetech, the redesigned air channels make leaking impossible. Like the eGo-C, the eGo-CC is another type of eGo e-cigarette that is considered obsolete today. To the best of our knowledge, new eGo-CC units are no longer being produced.

eGo-W E-Cigarette

eGo-W E-Cigarette

eGo-W E-Cigarette

The eGo-W isn’t a Joyetech design. Rather, it is a third-party attempt to take the eGo e-cigarette form factor and expand its capabilities. Instead of the tank system currently used in most eGo models, the eGo-W uses small CE2-style cartomizers with top-mounted heating coils. A windowed metal cylinder snaps over the cartomizer for protection and to allow you to see your current e-liquid level, and a whistle tip is mounted on the end of the assembly. The eGo-W has the potential to provide improved vapor production compared to the current tank system. However, in some cases CE2 cartomizers have not been known to feed e-liquid reliably, leading to dry, harsh puffs. When the eGo-W isn’t being used, a pen-style cap protects the whistle tip. Although the eGo-W has become extremely rare since this article was first published, you can still find something very similar called the EVOD. The kit includes an 1100 mAh battery and costs just $17.49 compared to the $49.99 price of the eGo-W. Unlike the EVOD batteries mentioned in the eGo-Twist section above, though, this kit doesn’t include variable-voltage functionality.

eGo Battery Safety Function

Shortly after introducing the eGo e-cigarette, Joyetech developed a new battery with a safety function. When you press the activation button five times quickly, the battery shuts off. Most eGo models now have this function, so some e-cigarette companies may not specifically mention it in their advertising. If your eGo e-cigarette isn’t working — but the battery does light up when you connect it to a charger — it’s likely that the safety function is enabled. Press the button five times quickly and the light should blink. Your eGo e-cigarette is now ready for use!

eGo Passthrough Battery

eGo Passthrough Battery

Volcano Inferno eGo Passthrough Batteries

Some eGo batteries have USB ports on the end, allowing them to be used while charging via a computer’s USB port. Because this feature adds slightly to the cost of producing the kit, not every eGo e-cigarette has this feature. However, eGo passthrough batteries are commonly available in the accessory sections of major e-cigarette merchants. Volcano sells the beautiful passthrough battery above for just $19.99. Volcano’s Inferno starter kits also include passthrough batteries. When you want to charge the battery while vaping, simply pop off the bottom cap. You can also charge the battery via the top threading like any other eGo battery.

eGo Threading Compatibility

Although atomizers designed for the eGo-C may not work on other eGo batteries, eGo batteries as a rule are highly compatible with any atomizers or cartomizers that use “510” or “306” threading. This means that any eGo battery can work with an eGo-T tank atomizer or with atomizers and cartomizers purchased from other companies. After you’ve purchased your first eGo e-cigarette kit, you can feel free to experiment with other accessories without purchasing another complete kit.