XEO VOID Vaporizer Review

Here at eCig One, we like gadgets. We imagine that most people who use e-cigarettes probably do — we think the techie aspect of e-cigarettes is part of the appeal. One of the fun aspects of working for this website is the fact that we get to indulge our love of gadgets by trying far more e-cigarettes than the average person typically would. Every once in a while, we even get to witness an example of truly great design. In our XEO VOID vaporizer review, you’re going to read about an e-cigarette that demonstrates spectacular design at an incredibly low price point.

XEO VOID Vaporizer

Price: $59.95

Includes: XEO VOID vaporizer with built-in tank, two atomizer coils, USB charging cable, instruction manual

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What Is the XEO VOID Vaporizer?

The German-designed XEO VOID is an incredibly tiny vaporizer with some really innovative features that make it child-proof, virtually leak-proof and completely appropriate for beginners in spite of its impressive vapor production. It’s incredibly small — about the same length as a pen, but slightly wider. It supports above-ohm atomizers for mouth-to-lung inhaling and sub-ohm atomizers for direct-to-lung inhaling. Don’t understand what we’re talking about yet? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

Why Is the XEO VOID a Great E-Cigarette for Beginners?

xeo-void-review-tankSealed Easy-Fill Tank

Most of the e-cigarettes that beginners favor get their flavor from replaceable cartridges. A cartridge holds flavored nicotine liquid called “e-liquid” and an atomizer coil that turns the e-liquid to vapor. The XEO VOID doesn’t use cartridges. Instead, it uses an internal tank that you can fill yourself using bottled e-liquid. You can access the tank through the top of the VOID e-cigarette. The tank is essentially a cup — it’s completely sealed, so it can’t leak from the bottom. We’ll talk more about that later as well.

Simple Atomizer Coil Replacement

Although you don’t need to replace cartridges to change flavors or refill the XEO VOID, you do need to replace the atomizer coil periodically. It’s incredibly simple to do, though, because once you know how to twist off the cap to open the tank, you know how to replace the atomizer coil as well. Simply twist the coil off and twist a new one on. The coil makes an electrical connection by touching a metal contact plate at the bottom of the XEO VOID tank.

Beautiful Industrial Design

Most of all, the XEO VOID is simply a beautiful piece of industrial design. It’s extremely pleasing to the eye and feels great in the hand. Everything about it, from the heat vent on the bottom to the drip-resistant vortex inside the mouthpiece, is designed with maximum convenience, safety and user-friendliness in mind.

Who is the XEO VOID Vaporizer for?

Complete beginners. The XEO VOID may not be as simple as a “cigalike” such as the V2 Cigs EX e-cigarette, but filling a cup is pretty easy, too. When your XEO VOID needs more e-liquid, that’s all you need to do — fill the cup. It’s as user-friendly as an e-cigarette could possibly be while still delivering exceptional performance.

People with children. Worried about a child finding your device and attempting to use or open it? With the XEO VOID, that’s nearly impossible. You can disable the activation button by pressing it five times quickly. The cap is child-resistant — it won’t open when a child twists it. To open the cap, you’ll need to press down with some force before twisting. Even the mouthpiece is child-resistant.

People who want an easy upgrade path. The XEO VOID comes with two atomizer coils. One has a 1.0 ohm resistance, and the other has a resistance of 0.6 ohms. The 1.0 ohm atomizer produces cooler, smoother vapor appropriate for mouth-to-lung inhaling — just like you’d smoke a cigarette. When you want more vapor, drop in the 0.6 ohm atomizer and inhale directly to your lungs for huge, tasty vapor clouds.

Anyone who wants a beautiful e-cigarette. The XEO VOID looks absolutely wonderful. We received our XEO VOID review sample from V2 in the Burst Silver color, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The brushed metal does an excellent job of minimizing the appearance of scratches, and the smooth mouthpiece feels great on the lips. You really do have to hold it to appreciate it fully.


xeo-void-reviewThe XEO VOID comes with a USB cable for charging. Before using the VOID e-cigarette for the first time, connect the USB cable to the vaporizer and to a USB port. Continue when the battery is fully charged.

To fill the XEO VOID, push the ridged collar under the mouthpiece down and twist it counterclockwise. The entire mouthpiece and atomizer assembly will lift out of the tank. Next, add e-liquid from a dropper or bottle until the level of liquid reaches the line on the side of the tank. Replace the mouthpiece and twist it clockwise until it spins freely.

Wait about five minutes before continuing. The XEO VOID atomizer contains a soft wick that needs to draw e-liquid from the tank to wet the atomizer coil. You’ll need to wait for the wick to saturate each time you change coils. When using the same coil, there’s no need to wait after refilling the tank.

Press the activation button five times quickly to turn the XEO VOID on. To use your new e-cigarette, press and hold the button to generate vapor. You can either inhale from the mouth to the lungs or inhale directly to the lungs.

Using the XEO VOID

xeo-void-review-burst-silverWhile you own the XEO VOID e-cigarette, you’ll need to change the atomizer coil periodically. V2 sells spare atomizer coils for $19.99 per five-pack. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, you can expect an atomizer coil to last approximately one week. Atomizer life varies, though, so we recommending picking up a pack of spare atomizers with your order.

In general, the factors that affect the life of an atomizer are the sweetness of the e-liquid, how strongly flavored the e-liquid is and how long you wait between puffs. If you prefer sweet e-liquids and use your XEO VOID constantly, atomizers may only last a couple of days. If you use unflavored e-liquids and let the atomizer cool between puffs, atomizers may last several weeks.

Changing atomizers with the XEO VOID is just as easy as filling the tank. When you remove the mouthpiece, you’ll see the atomizer attached to the bottom of the assembly. Simply twist it off, and twist a new atomizer on. Refill the tank if needed, and reassemble the VOID e-cigarette. Every time you install a new atomizer, wait at least five minutes for the wick to saturate before you begin vaping.





The mouthpiece and tank are arguably the two most important features of the XEO VOID. The tank opens only from the top. The interior of the tank is essentially a cup, which means that no e-liquid can leak from the bottom.

To understand why this is important, you’ll need to understand the design of a standard e-cigarette tank. Normally, an e-cigarette tank is a separate unit from the e-cigarette itself. It’s a glass tube with threading at the bottom, a mouthpiece at the top and an air tube in the middle. You can open the tank by twisting the bottom or top portion off. Since there are multiple ways to open a standard e-cigarette tank, there are multiple avenues for leaking. Since the XEO VOID tank only opens from one side, only one potential avenue for leaking exists: the mouthpiece.


xeo-void-review-mouthpieceAn e-cigarette tank typically has a long tube leading from the atomizer coil to the mouthpiece. The tube is necessary to create a sealed environment for the atomizer. The atomizer needs to be damp to generate vapor. If the atomizer is completely submerged, though, it won’t work. The tube keeps excess e-liquid out. The problem with the tube, though, is that some of the vapor condenses inside it and forms large droplets. If you turn a used e-cigarette tank upside down, a few drops of e-liquid will often leak out.

Inside the mouthpiece of the XEO VOID, you’ll see an ingenious solution for the problem of e-liquid condensation: a plastic vortex. The mouthpiece makes it easy for vapor to get out of the VOID e-cigarette. Condensed liquid, though, won’t drip out easily because it’ll have to get past the plastic. More importantly, the vortex shape encourages those droplets to fall back to the atomizer. Ultimately, you’ll waste less e-liquid than you would with a traditional e-cigarette tank. The vortex helps to keep children safe, too.

Supports Any E-Liquid

You may not know it yet, but having an e-cigarette with a tank system is the easiest way to guarantee that you’ll be happy with the switch from smoking to vaping. The problem with most tank systems, though, is that they’re finicky and problematic. They leak, it’s difficult to know which atomizer coils to buy, some devices don’t support certain tanks — the list goes on.

With a built-in tank, it’s impossible to use your XEO VOID in a way that won’t work or could potentially be dangerous. The tank system is extremely easy to use and it always works as it should. The tank gives you the freedom to explore the e-liquids that are out there and search until you find your favorite. There’s no need to lock yourself into one ecosystem.


So, what’s the deal with sub-ohm vaping, anyway? The resistance of an atomizer — measured in ohms — quantifies how much it impedes the flow of electricity through your e-cigarette. If the battery voltage is the same, a lower-resistance atomizer will produce a greater amount of power in watts when the e-cigarette is used. A sub-ohm atomizer has a resistance of less than 1 ohm, giving it the ability to operate at a higher wattage.

In short, the XEO VOID has the highest vapor production of any e-cigarette in its size range, thanks to its support for sub-ohm atomizers. You may find it helpful to begin with the 1.0 ohm atomizer when you first start using the VOID e-cigarette, though. Examine the side of the atomizer to see its resistance. If you’re trying an e-cigarette for the first time, you’ll probably want to inhale from your mouth to your lungs. The 1.0 ohm atomizer is most appropriate for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

VG and PG?

When you examine the XEO VOID vape on the e-cigarette website, you’ll probably notice language mentioning the fact that the VOID is optimized for VG e-liquids. What exactly does that mean?

An e-liquid has three primary components: the carrier, the flavor and the nicotine. The carrier can be propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or both. PG is a thin liquid that does a very good job of carrying flavors. Small e-cigarettes typically use e-liquids consisting mostly of PG because a small device needs a less viscous e-liquid or it’ll clog.

Although it is a thicker liquid, VG has a major benefit in that, when vaporized, it creates a thicker vapor with superior mouth feel compared to PG. So, if you want bigger vapor clouds — and most e-cigarette users do — you’ve got to use an e-liquid with as much VG as possible. You also need an e-cigarette capable of vaporizing thick e-liquid quickly. Small e-cigarettes can’t do the job, but the XEO VOID can.

Inside the Box

Inside the XEO VOID vaporizer box, you’ll find five items: the VOID vaporizer itself, two atomizer coils, a charging cable and an instruction manual. As we mentioned above, we recommend attaching the 1.0 ohm atomizer to the VOID for the first use unless you aren’t new to e-cigarettes.

Machining Quality

We’ve never seen an e-cigarette machined as perfectly as the XEO VOID offered at such a low price before. The child-resistant cap works perfectly and the tank never leaks. The charging cable doesn’t wobble. The button has exactly the perfect amount of tension. Our XEO VOID review sample had absolutely no cosmetic issues of any kind. The only other e-cigarettes we know of that have machining comparable to that of the VOID cost about triple the price.

Vapor Production

xeo-void-atomizer-coilsAs we mentioned above, you can use an e-cigarette in one of two different ways. You can either draw the vapor into the mouth before inhaling it — as if you were smoking — or you can inhale directly to the lungs. Most people start with mouth-to-lung inhaling.

After using e-cigarettes for a while, though, many people decide to give up their starter kits and switch to e-cigarettes with higher vapor production. E-cigarette designed for the best possible vapor production, though, typically have very unrestricted airflow. When you’re using an e-cigarette with unrestricted airflow, you’ll need to inhale directly to the lungs to get the most possible vapor. In other words, if you decide that you’d like to get more vapor per puff out of your e-cigarette, you’ll need to upgrade the e-cigarette, the tank or both.

The XEO VOID e-cigarette is completely different. If you want more vapor, just change the atomizer coil. When you replace the 1.0 ohm atomizer with the 0.6 ohm atomizer, you’ll immediately get more vapor — without changing anything else. Very few e-cigarettes with integrated tanks work equally well for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhaling — the XEO VOID is one of them.

Battery Life

Despite its small size, the XEO VOID offers excellent battery life. It has a battery capacity of 1500 mAh and works during charging. The VOID doesn’t have true pass-through functionality, though, because it takes less power from the charger than it uses when you hold the button. Therefore, if you use the XEO VOID while it charges, the battery is in a constant state of toggling between charging and discharging. For maximum battery longevity, charge the battery fully before using the XEO VOID.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Review: Conclusion

The XEO VOID is among the most perfect e-cigarettes we’ve ever reviewed. It’s so easy to use that it completely negates the need to buy an e-cigarette with replaceable cartridges as many beginners do. Thanks to some very innovative design choices, it is both child-resistant and leak-proof — it’s the perfect choice for parents with inquisitive children. Did we mention that it looks spectacular?

If we had to choose the most important feature of the XEO VOID, though, we’d say it’s the fact that this is an e-cigarette which which you can grow. Almost invariably, people who begin vaping with small e-cigarettes ultimately purchase larger ones. The reason is simple: They like the vapor, and they’d like more of it. Unlike tobacco smoke, e-cigarette vapor actually tastes good.

The XEO VOID eliminates the need to buy a new e-cigarette when you decide that you’d like more vapor. Instead, you can just begin using the 0.6 ohm atomizer. Immediately, you’ll enjoy much larger vapor clouds and can enjoy the pleasures of direct-to-lung inhaling. The XEO VOID vaporizer is a pleasure in every way. It might be both the first and last e-cigarette that you’ll ever need.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Best industrial design we’ve ever seen in an e-cigarette under $100
  • Child-resistant and leak-proof, thanks to some clever design features
  • Switch from mouth-to-lung to direct-to-lung inhaling by changing the atomizer
  • Works with any e-liquid on the market

The Not So Good

  • Nothing; the XEO VOID vaporizer is a virtually perfect e-cigarette
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Author: Jason Artman

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  1. Kind of go through atomizer quickly.

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  2. I have 3 of these and they are by far the best I’ve owned. Never leak, even after multiple drops. Would love a supersized version of the Void, with larger battery and larger tank. But i recommend the Void, its great with either coil, i use both.

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  3. I have been using the XEO Void Vaporizer for just over a year and completely agree with the review and comments: this is a stellar unit!


    V2, the company selling the XEO Void and its accessories, is terrible… I ordered atomizers 2 months ago and still have yet to receive them. I was told when I ordered it would be 2 weeks to ship, a month after ordering, I was told, again, it would 2 weeks before they could ship. Its now been 2 months since I ordered and I can’t get customer service on the phone, can’t seem to get through to online chat and can’t get a reply to messages through their sales department or customer service. To make matters worse, now the website says it will be 30 days for shipping and I am out of good atomizers…

    I now have a vape pen with atomizers that I clean with water on a weekly basis, I’m out $40 bucks and the only place I can find someone selling the atomizers is overseas… time to switch brands.

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