E-Cigarette Atomizer Types

E-Cigarette Atomizer TypesE-cigarette atomizers are integral parts of e-smoking. Atomizers are the components responsible for heating up e-liquid and turning into that pleasant vapor that makes e-smoking worthwhile.

While you don’t have to worry about them if you use cartomizers due to the atomizer being a part of the cartomizer, you do need them in just about every other e-cigarette. That makes it essential to not only know how atomizers work, but also to have an understanding of the different atomizers available for you to use.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the more popular atomizer options and explain why you may want to use them instead of the one that came with your e-cigarette.

L88B E-Cigarette Atomizers

L88B E-Cigarette AtomizerUntil cartomizers had a sudden rise in popularity, the L88B atomizer was the most popular atomizers amongst e-smokers.

If you have a smaller e-cigarette, then there’s a good chance that it uses a L88B atomizer — and if your e-cigarette supports 510 or 306 atomizers, it supports L88B atomizers as well.

Something that you may not know is that you can use drip tips designed for use with 306 atomizers with a L88B atomizer.

510 E-Cigarette Atomizers

510 E-Cigarette AtomizerThe 510 atomizer is probably the most widely used atomizer today.

The reason the 510 atomizer is so popular likely resides around the way it’s designed. Rather than fitting drip tips on top of a raised bridge like L88B atomizers require, the 510 e-cigarette atomizer’s bridge is enclosed by a hollow cylinder. This allows drip tips to fit inside of the atomizer.

The cylinder also acts as a well, which allows the 510 atomizer to be a tad more forgiving if you overfill a cartridge or add too many drops of e-liquid.

The heating coil of the 510 atomizer is further from your mouth than it is with the 306 or L88B atomizers. This tends to result in a cooler and milder vapor.

While you can use 510 atomizers with any e-cigarette compatible with 306 or L88B atomizers, you can only use drip tips and cartridges specifically designed for 510 atomizers.

306 E-Cigarette Atomizers

306 E-Cigarette AtomizerWe’re only aware of one Chinese company that has made cartridges for the 306 atomizer, which means that it’s an atomizer used almost exclusively by people who use drip tips.

The 306 atomizer is also probably the most favored atomizer for people who like to tweak their e-cigarettes to get the best e-smoking experience possible. You can find 306 atomizers with every level of resistance imaginable, with or without a bridge made of metal, with sealed holes on the bottom to prevent leaks from reaching the battery and in many more configurations.

We recommend the 306 atomizer if you drip and you want to have a relaxing e-smoking experience. It seems to produce the best warm, soothing vapor that’s full of flavor.

You can use a 306 atomizer with any e-cigarette that supports L88B or 510 atomizers.

901 E-Cigarette Atomizers

901 E-Cigarette Atomizer901 atomizers bear a striking resemblance to 510 atomizers when you look at both from the top. It’s when you turn them over that you’ll see that the threading is recessed.

While you need an adapter to be able to use a 901 atomizer with e-cigarettes that are compatible with L88B, 510 or 306 atomizers, you can use 510 drip tips with 901 atomizers.

You can even use 510 cartridges with them, but you may have a few troubles with these cartridges. 510 cartridges are usually round while 901 cartridges have whistle tips. This results in 901 atomizers digging in to the plastic ever so slightly of 501 cartridges.

801 E-Cigarette Atomizers

801 E-Cigarette AtomizerThe 801 atomizer was popular with early “pen-style” e-cigarettes, yet they became increasingly rare as this style of e-cigarette lost popularity in 2010. 801 atomizers are fairly rare today.

The most unique trait about the 801 atomizer is the very long barrel it has. You’ll find that both the bridge and the threading are recessed into the structure of the 801 atomizer.

We’ve tried hard to make it work, but we’re pretty sure that 801 atomizers are incompatible with both the threading and cartridges designed for 901 atomizers. The only hardware made for other atomizers that we can find compatible with 801 atomizers are drip tips designed for 510 atomizers.

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