VaporFi Rocket 3 Review

When you make the jump from your first e-cigarette to sub-ohm vaping, it’s a pretty big deal. Should you get a temperature control mod? What about a mechanical mod? Should you build your own atomizer coils? Ultimately, you’ll need to decide how much tinkering you’re willing to do with your first sub-ohm mod. In our opinion, though, the VaporFi Rocket 3 is the best introduction to sub-ohm vaping that you could ever ask for.

Usually, a tank designed for atomizer resistances above 1 ohm has a narrow mouthpiece and slightly restricted airflow. The VaporFi Pro 3 is the perfect example of such a device. Above-ohm devices are perfect for mouth-to-lung inhaling — the same way you’d use a tobacco cigarette. Sub-ohm devices, on the other hand, typically include tanks with large mouthpieces and very open airflow. To get the best experience, you’ll inhale directly to your lungs. The first exhale will be something special indeed.

VaporFi Rocket 3

Price: $89.99

Includes: VaporFi Rocket 3 battery and tank in choice of six colors, one standard atomizer, one temperature control atomizer, charging cable, extra O-rings

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What is the VaporFi Rocket 3?

vaporfi-rocket-3-reviewsThe VaporFi Rocket 3 is one of the smallest e-cigarettes on the market that supports both sub-ohm atomizers and temperature control atomizers. It’s scarcely larger than an eGo e-cigarette, but it has a 2,500 mAh battery — more than double the battery capacity that most eGo devices offer. It includes a beautiful matching tank that holds 3.5 ml of e-liquid and fills from the top for minimum mess.

You can choose standard or temperature control coils for the VaporFi Rocket 3. The Rocket 3 detects the coil type automatically and allows you to switch power or temperature levels by pressing the button three times quickly. If you’re using a standard coil, you can switch between 30, 40 and 50 watts. If you’re using a temperature control coil, you can switch between 400, 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The light changes color to let you know which mode you’ve selected.

To compare, let’s assume that you’re upgrading from an eGo e-cigarette with a CE4 clearomizer. That’s the type of e-cigarette that many retailers sell for under $20. Your current device has a battery that runs at 3.7 volts. Your CE4 clearomizer has a resistance of around 2.7 ohms. Applying Ohm’s law, your device produces 5.07 watts. Jumping from 5 watts to 30 or more watts will make a truly astronomical difference in the way you vape.

Who is the VaporFi Rocket 3 For?

  • Non-tinkerers. Not into the idea of wrapping your own coils, dry burning, re-wicking and checking resistance? We get that. Many of us don’t particularly enjoy the effort that cloud chasing requires, either. If you want an e-cigarette that gives you maximum vapor with minimum effort, the VaporFi Rocket 3 is the best choice. Need to add more e-liquid? Twist the mouthpiece off and add some. Want more vapor? Tap the button three times. Want to try temperature control vaping? Just drop a nickel coil into the tank. The VaporFi Rocket 3 automatically detects the coil and switches to temperature control mode. The Rocket 3 kit includes a nickel coil and a regular coil, so you can try them both and choose your favorite.
  • Direct-to-lung vapers. Although the VaporFi Rocket 3 is a tiny e-cigarette, it has a very wide mouthpiece that enables you to inhale deeply with little air resistance. In addition, the coil reaches vaporizing temperature extremely quickly after you press the button. Most coils ramp up much more slowly. The Rocket 3 is a tiny e-cigarette that performs like a much larger one.
  • Intermediate to expert vapers. The VaporFi Rocket 3 produces an absolutely enormous amount of vapor — much more vapor than a cigarette produces smoke. Unless you inhale cigarette smoke directly into your lungs, the Rocket 3 probably shouldn’t be your first e-cigarette. We recommend the VaporFi Pro 3 to beginners instead. If you already own an e-cigarette and know that you need better vapor production, you’re ready to step up to the Rocket 3.


VaporFi Rocket 3 Review: Inside the Box

You can buy the VaporFi Rocket 3 in six different colors: black, white, stainless steel, red, purple and blue. The Rocket 3 comes with a matching tank, or you can buy the tank in a different color if you like. In addition to the tank and battery, the Rocket 3 kit includes two atomizer coils, a USB charging cable and two extra o-rings for the tank.

Take special care of the o-rings included with the Rocket 3. If you should ever lose one of the original o-rings included with the Rocket 3 tank, you’ll need a spare. Otherwise, the tank may leak.


VaporFi Rocket 3 Setup

After you open the VaporFi Rocket 3, connect the battery to the USB cable and charge the battery fully. While the battery charges, you can fill the tank. Twist off the tank’s bottom metal cap. You’ll notice that the standard atomizer coil is already connected — the spare atomizer included with the Rocket 3 enables temperature control vaping. Use a bottle or dropper of e-liquid to dampen the exposed cotton on the side and top of the atomizer and screw the base of the tank back in.

One of the best features of the VaporFi Rocket 3 is the fact that the tank supports top filling. With most tanks, you need to remove the bottom cap to change the atomizer coil and to fill the tank. The drawback of a bottom-filling tank is that you will often get e-liquid on your hands when filling it. A top-filling tank is much cleaner in comparison. To fill the Rocket 3 tank, twist off the top collar. The mouthpiece is a separate component; you can remove it if you like.

When you open the tank, you’ll notice a center air hole and two larger side openings. To fill the tank, add e-liquid through one of the side openings until the tank is nearly full. Avoid sending e-liquid down the center air hole. If e-liquid gets down the center hole, it could lead to atomizer flooding. Replace the top collar and wait a few minutes. You’ve primed the coil by wetting the cotton wick, so the wick will continue to draw e-liquid from the tank until it is saturated.

Using the VaporFi Rocket 3

vaporfi-rocket-3-modWhen the battery is done charging, the VaporFi Rocket 3 is ready to use. Twist the tank and battery together and press the e-cigarette’s activation button five times quickly. Simply hold the button and inhale to vape. To change the temperature or wattage setting, tap the button three times quickly.

As you use the VaporFi Rocket 3, keep an eye on the amount of e-liquid remaining. If you allow the wick to dry out, the cotton could burn, forever altering the flavor of the vapor the coil produces. Even if you keep the tank filled consistently, though, you’ll still need to change the coil once in a while. Expect to change the coil in your Rocket 3 tank every several days. The less sweet your e-liquids are, the longer your coils will last. Unflavored e-liquids will make the coil last even longer.

Rocket 3 coils cost $17.99 per five-pack. Standard and nickel coils are the same price. We strongly suggest adding at least one pack of coils to your order when buying the VaporFi Rocket 3. We also suggest picking up a bottle of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, the delicious new e-liquid flavor made exclusively for VaporFi by Cosmic Fog.

The VaporFi Rocket 3 has a 30 day money-back guarantee. Within the return period, you’re free to send the device back if you don’t like it. The Rocket 3 also has a 90 day warranty.

VaporFi Rocket 3 Review

Component Machining

When we first set up and began to use our VaporFi Rocket 3 review kit, the first thing that struck us was how wonderfully machined all of the parts are. With quality machining, a top-filling tank can be very beneficial because the design generally eliminates the possibility of e-liquid getting on your hands when you fill the tank.

With poor machining, though, a top-filling tank can be problematic. Because the threads don’t twist smoothly, you could accidentally turn the tank’s bottom cap when you’re trying to turn the top cap. If this happens when the tank’s mouthpiece faces up, you’ll dump the tank’s contents on your hand. If the machining is good, though, the threads won’t freeze. The top cap of the VaporFi Rocket 3 tank is very easy to remove and replace.

Coil Heating Time

Using the VaporFi Rocket 3, we thought that the most impressive aspect was how quickly the coil heats up. With most devices and tanks — even sub-ohm configurations — there’s a bit of a “ramp up” time when you push the activation button. When the coil is cold, it won’t produce vapor immediately when you press the button. It has to build up some heat first. The VaporFi Rocket 3 ramps up faster than almost any device we’ve ever tested — and much faster than anything with such a small size.

The fast coil heating of the VaporFi Rocket 3 works in concert with the wide mouthpiece and open airflow to create an e-cigarette that’s really capable of generating a massive amount of vapor with each puff. Because the Rocket 3 tank creates such heat within a small space, though, you do need to avoid using it when it’s nearly empty. Keep the tank full to avoid singing the cotton wick. If the cotton is dry, it will quickly burn.



The last thing that we love about the VaporFi Rocket 3 is its appearance. We received VaporFi Rocket 3 review samples from VaporFi in the stainless and red colors. Glossy paint coats the colored Rocket 3, making it feel a little smoother in the hand. Paint could possibly chip over time, though. We had our red Rocket 3 for more than a month in preparation for this review, and it didn’t chip during that time. If you tend to carry your e-cigarette in same pocket as keys or loose change  — which is really never a good idea — you may scratch the finish.

Temperature Control

If you’re new to sub-ohm vaping, you might wonder what temperature control is and why anyone would want a device that supports it. Temperature control doesn’t allow you to set the operating temperature of your e-cigarette. Rather, it allows you to set the maximum temperature at which it will operate. When the e-cigarette reaches the maximum temperature, it’ll pulse the power until you release the activation button.

Temperature control allows you to hold the fire button longer — taking longer puffs — without the vapor becoming hot and irritating to the throat and lungs.

The greater value of temperature control, though, is that it minimizes burned wicks. As you already know, a cotton wick burns easily if it’s dry. If your atomizer coil is dry, though, it’s not transferring heat energy to e-liquid. So, it’s very hot. If you’re using a temperature control device, it’ll immediately reduce power to the coil. You’ll know this is happening because you’ll get almost no vapor when you inhale. You’ll remember to refill your tank — and most of the time, the wick will be fine.

Battery Life

With a 2,500 mAh battery, you’ll get more vaping time out of the VaporFi Rocket 3 than with many mods — even some larger ones. If you vape constantly, though, the battery probably won’t last all day. The Rocket 3 does work during charging. However, it’ll lose power more quickly than the charger replenishes it if you vape at a fast enough pace. So, you’ll get more longevity out of the battery if you don’t use the Rocket 3 while it charges.

If you need a spare battery, VaporFi sells them for $49.99 each. Remember that the Rocket 3 battery isn’t just a battery — it also includes all of the internal electronics needed for wattage and temperature changes. The battery is the e-cigarette.


VaporFi Rocket 3 Review: Conclusion

The VaporFi Rocket 3 is absolutely one of the best e-cigarettes for direct-to-lung inhaling that you can buy. We know of no device that’s as pocketable as the Rocket 3 and delivers anywhere near the same amount of vapor.

We also applaud VaporFi’s decision to simply the interface by offering just three different wattage/temperature settings for the Rocket 3. Having a device that can adjust power down to a tenth of a watt is certainly fun, but who actually needs that feature?

In our experience, most people adjust the power of their mods either five or 10 watts at a time. Also, most people never need to use their mods at settings above 50 watts. So, you lose very little by giving up the ability to make fine wattage and temperature adjustments. You gain simplicity and a much smaller e-cigarette.

If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade for your first e-cigarette, the VaporFi Rocket 3 is a spectacular choice. The VaporFi Rocket series has always offered great performance in a small form factor, but the “Rocket” name seems to be more of an apt fit today than ever before. Considering the wide mouthpiece, open airflow and fast heating of the Rocket tank, it sometimes does feel like VaporFi has managed to attach a rocket engine to a tiny battery.

VaporFi Rocket 3 Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Wide open airflow is perfect for big direct-to-lung inhales
  • Very small device with tons of power; 50 watts in an e-cigarette the size of a cigar!
  • Atomizer heats quickly; no need to build up heat before getting a good puff
  • Top-fill design eliminates e-liquid on hands when filling

The Not So Good

  • Lacks fine control for wattage or temperature; adjustments only available in increments of 10 watts or 100 degrees
  • Not ideal for mouth-to-lung inhaling; look at the VaporFi Pro 3 if you’d rather inhale as you would with a tobacco cigarette
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Author: Jason Artman

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