VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Review

If we learned anything about the e-cigarette industry in 2015, we learned that the popularity of VaporFi is no fluke. VaporFi went to great lengths in the past year to stimulate new growth while keeping its existing customer base interested, offering a regularly updated set of vaporizers along with some superb chef-inspired e-liquid blends designed to taste their best when used on devices that generate high vapor volume. VaporFi already had an enormous hit on their hands with their custom e-liquid blends, which allowed customers to purchase affordable e-liquids in 30,000 possible flavor combinations. In 2015, they went a step further by releasing the VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve collections.

VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Collections

Price: $9.99 per 30 ml bottle (Reserve) or $21.99 per bottle (Grand Reserve)

Packaging: Glass bottle with dropper

VG/PG Blend: 60/40 (Reserve) or 70/30 (Grand Reserve)

Quality Testing: View Lab Reports

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VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Collections: Overview

VaporFi Grand Reserve Review

VaporFi’s standard e-liquids are constructed much like the custom blends; no more than three flavors are used in each recipe. This means that you end up with somewhat simple flavor combinations such as Clove, American Tobacco and Classic Custard. All of VaporFi’s e-liquids are made in the United States, so the product is very good — but not particularly complex. Recently, e-cigarette users’ tastes have tended toward more complex and subtle blends, prompting the release of products such as the NJOY Artist Collection and Volcano’s Lava Line e-liquids (review at

These new “craft” e-liquids have proved to be more than just a perfect cure for vaping boredom — they also tend to come with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin, which leads to thicker vapor. This also agrees with the preferences of modern e-cigarette users who have increasingly taken up sub-ohm vaping. A higher percentage of vegetable glycerin in an e-liquid multiplies the effect of a sub-ohm coil, producing drastically larger vapor clouds.

In 2015, VaporFi introduced two new e-liquid lines to meet the changing demands of e-smokers: the Reserve Collection and the Grand Reserve Collection, consisting of 12 flavors in all.

VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Review: Features

Unlike the flavor combinations used in VaporFi’s standard e-liquids, the Reserve and Grand Reserve collections use proprietary blends that may feature many different flavors blended in different proportions. All of the blends in both collections are made in the United States and exclusive to VaporFi. The blends are pre-steeped for ideal flavor development and packaged in glass bottles with dropper tops.

Like VaporFi’s other e-liquids, the Reserve and Grand Reserve collections boast impressive safety and quality control credentials. VaporFi uses certified kosher base ingredients and operates a laboratory registered with the FDA as a tobacco facility. VaporFi sources its glycerin from soybeans rather than peanuts. All flavorings used by VaporFi are GRAS and all formulas are on file with the FDA. VaporFi also has a set of lab tests that you can view online.

VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Review: Flavors

The VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve collections contain 12 flavors in all. These are:

VaporFi Reserve Collection

  • Black Velvet (cherry cola)
  • Summer Lovin’ (lemon and raspberry)
  • Northern Lights (mint, lemon, berry and guava)
  • Moroccan Gold (tobacco, vanilla and coconut)
  • Monkey Business (banana, custard)
  • Decadence (chocolate, cream and hazelnut)

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection

  • Rainbow Custard (strawberries, tangerines and custard)
  • Pineapple Pow (pineapple, melon and hibiscus)
  • Meringue O Tang (glazed doughnut, lemon custard)
  • Island Frost (pineapple, coconut, champagne, blueberries, mint and lime)
  • Cloud Candy (gummy bears, cotton candy)
  • Catch Ya Latte (espresso, caramel and hazelnut)

VaporFi Reserve vs. Grand Reserve

VaporFi Reserve Collection ReviewVaporFi released the Grand Reserve collection just a few months after the release of the Reserve Collection, which might create some product differentiation issues in the minds of those who follow the company closely. The “Grand” is obviously supposed to indicate a superior product, but how exactly do you compare the VaporFi Reserve vs. Grand Reserve collections? We’ll break down the significant differences below, while adding a final subjective difference of our own:

  1. VaporFi Grand Reserve e-liquids cost $2.00 more per bottle than VaporFi Reserve Collection.
  2. VaporFi Grand Reserve e-liquids have a slightly higher percentage of vegetable glycerin: 70 percent rather than 60 percent.
  3. VaporFi Grand Reserve e-liquids tend to feature more complex flavor combinations.
  4. VaporFi Grand Reserve e-liquids tend to be more strongly flavored (subjective).

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review

We were provided with three samples for our VaporFi Reserve Collection Review: Moroccan Gold, Black Velvet and Summer Lovin’. Of the three, our favorite was Black Velvet. This e-liquid has a flawlessly executed cola flavor with a delicious cherry top note. It actually resembles the soda fountain cherry cola of old more closely than today’s bottled version. Moroccan Gold is a well executed tobacco flavor — in fact, the only tobacco flavor in the VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve collections. Vanilla is a common additive in tobacco e-liquids, and it does a good job here of masking the more perfume-like notes in the tobacco flavor. We found Summer Lovin’ to have more of a non-specific fruitiness. Compared to the other two flavors, it didn’t really stand out.

Overall, the VaporFi Reserve Collection seems tailor-made for e-cigarette users who have upgraded to sub-ohm devices with higher vapor production and now find that their old favorite e-liquids simply taste too strong. The Reserve Collection e-liquids stand in contrast to the most strongly flavored e-liquids of old — and the even more strongly flavored e-liquids that are currently so popular, for that matter — by offering flavors that are much more muted and subtle, even in high-vapor devices. All of the VaporFi Reserve Collection e-liquids that we reviewed tasted of almost nothing on the inhale, only to reveal their full flavor in the voluminous clouds that we exhaled. If you’re tired of being overpowered by the flavors of your e-liquids but don’t want something that compromises on creativity and subtlety, the VaporFi Reserve Collection is for you.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection Review

While “subtlety” may have initially seemed to be the keyword that VaporFi would use as the mantra behind its future e-liquid designs, VaporFi actually went in a completely different direction with the release of the Grand Reserve Collection in late 2015. Everything about the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection is big. The flavors are bolder, the vapor clouds are larger thanks to the inclusion of an even higher percentage of vegetable glycerin, and the flavor combinations are more complex. As they did with the Reserve Collection, VaporFi provided us with samples of three different flavors for our review of the Grand Reserve Collection: Meringue O Tang, Cloud Candy and Pineapple Pow.

Of the three flavors that we tested for our VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection review, Meringue O Tang was far and away the favorite. In fact, it was our favorite of all the VaporFi e-liquids we’ve tested to date. The smell and taste replicate the scent and flavor of a real doughnut remarkably well. Combined with the wonderfully realized lemon custard flavor, this e-liquid is almost irresistible. We drained the bottle quickly.

We also greatly enjoyed VaporFi’s Cloud Candy e-liquid. This e-liquid does replicate the smell of gummy bears remarkably well, although the flavor of the e-liquid didn’t quite meet the same expectations. Nevertheless, although Cloud Candy is a very sweet e-liquid, it isn’t cloying and is definitely interesting enough for all-day use.

Of the three Grand Reserve e-liquids that we reviewed, Pineapple Pow was the only real misstep. The blend of pineapple, melon and hibiscus didn’t entirely work for us; all of the notes tended to fade into a non-specific fruity profile, masking the individual flavor notes. Although we finished the bottles of Meringue O Tang and Cloud Candy provided by VaporFi, we didn’t finish the bottle of Pineapple Pow.

VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Review: Conclusion

The VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve collections present two very different — but equally valid — solutions for e-cigarette users looking for craft-style blended e-liquids to enjoy on their modern higher-vapor devices without breaking the bank. Like many e-smokers, our tastes have tended toward bolder flavors recently, and the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection fits the bill perfectly. The Meringue O Tang e-liquid, in particular, is everything that a great e-liquid ought to be, combining familiar flavors and scents in an irresistible way that keeps you coming back for more.

The VaporFi Reserve Collection, on the other hand, bucks this trend by featuring more subtle flavors that are actually fairly difficult to fully appreciate without a sub-ohm device. The VaporFi Reserve Collection also offers a truly premium e-liquid product at under $20 per bottle, making it quite affordable even if it only takes you a few days to drain a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid.

Both collections feature top quality ingredients and an impressive collection of lab tests and certifications, making them easy to recommend without reservation. With the VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve collections, you get the creativity and subtlety of a craft e-liquid with the assurance of quality that only a major e-cigarette company could provide. How could you possibly go wrong?

VaporFi Reserve and Grand Reserve Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Combines the skillful blends of craft e-liquids with the lab tests and certifications of a major vendor
  • High-VG blends are ideal for modern sub-ohm devices
  • Flavor range has sufficient variety to please just about anyone
  • Reserve Collection should be uniquely satisfying for those looking for a more nuanced experience with high-vapor devices

The Not So Good

  • Some blends may not perfectly suit every e-smoker’s tastes
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Author: Jason Artman

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