NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid Review

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With the craft e-liquid phenomenon causing a bit of a market boom, many of the world’s e-smokers have ditched their single-flavor e-liquids in favor of more creative blends. E-cigarette companies have risen to meet the demand — Volcano has its new Lava Line e-liquids, VaporFi has the Reserve and Grand Reserve collections. Now, NJOY has followed suit with the release of the Artist Collection and it just might be the best of them all.

Created in partnership with the owners of some of the world’s best-known small batch e-liquid makers, the NJOY Artist Collection features some of the most subtle and interesting flavor blends we’ve ever reviewed. Even more impressively, with its appealingly low price and free shipping regardless of the order size, the NJOY Artist Collection can easily become your all-day vape even if you’re on a tight budget.

In short, the NJOY Artist Collection has completely changed our thinking on what is possible with sweet e-liquids — and if sweet e-liquids are what you prefer already, then you need to try these e-liquids as quickly as you possibly can.

NJOY Artist Collection E-Liquids

Price: $22.99 per 30 ml bottle or $114.99 for the full set

Packaging: Glass bottle with dropper

VG/PG Blend: Varies by flavor

Quality Testing: Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl not detected within sensitivity range, performed by Enthalpy Analytical

NOTE: NJOY does not allow coupon codes to be used in conjunction with e-liquid purchases. To use this coupon with a hardware purchase, order e-liquid separately. NJOY does not charge shipping fees on any order.

About the NJOY Artist Collection

NJOY Artist Collection Review Gift Box

The NJOY Artist Collection features five different e-liquid flavors, each created in conjunction with the owner of an independent e-liquid company. These include:

  • Samba Sun, by Jeremy of Good Life Vapor
    • Clementine, marshmallow, peach, apricot
  • Paramour, by Daniel of Flavorz
    • Pear, peach, vanilla, custard, cinnamon
  • Hedon’s Bite, by George of Mr. Goodvape
    • Apple, caramel, melon
  • Sacre Coeur, by Anne-Claire of Vaponaute
    • Rhubarb, custard, almond torte, bourbon
  • Dragonscape, by Randy of P.O.E.T.
    • Indian spice, Asian tea, Belgian cafe, custard

At first glance, you’ll quickly notice that custard flavor is a common thread woven throughout the NJOY Artist Collection. However, this is where any similarities end; all of the flavors taste entirely different from one another, and the custard flavor never dominates.

NJOY’s choice of packaging for the Artist Collection is superb — some of the best we’ve ever seen, in fact. Each clear glass bottle is encased in a heavy card stock box, printed with attractive artwork and a short bio of the flavor’s creator. Each flavor also includes a small booklet discussing the rest of the Artist Collection. The packaging feels like a breath of fresh air in an industry that still sees e-liquids shipped in plastic bottles and crushed paper boxes.

NJOY Artist Collection Review

NJOY Artist Collection Review Sacre CoeurAt eCig One, our staff tends not to prefer sweet e-liquids. We find them interesting as an occasional diversion, but in general we spend most of our time vaping savory or neutral e-liquids such as tobacco and menthol flavors. Too often, we find that sweet e-liquids are so cloying and one-dimensional that they become overpowering with repeated use. Who wants to taste nothing but melon, vanilla ice cream, fruit punch, or jelly beans throughout the entire day?

The e-liquids in the NJOY Artist Collection taste as though they were created by people who truly understand that there are e-smokers who are interested in branching out from their usual tobacco or menthol e-liquids but don’t want to spend the day feeling as though their tongues have a permanent coating of sugar.

Sacre Coeur, in our opinion, is the Artist Collection e-liquid that best exemplifies the collection’s overall theme of blending sweet and savory notes to create e-liquids that don’t wear thin and dull the taste buds with all day use. On the inhale, you get the sweet custard and rhubarb flavors, but these are balanced with the nutty and savory flavors of almond and bourbon — which, in conjunction with the nicotine, almost seems to suggest a tobacco-like flavor — on the exhale. It’s the counterpoint between sweet and savory that keeps you coming back to the e-liquid, and we quickly ordered another bottle when our initial review sample ran out.

The NJOY Artist Collection has completely changed our thinking on what is possible with sweet e-liquids.

NJOY Artist Collection Review Samba SunWe also felt compelled to order another bottle of Samba Sun. Although it is perhaps the sweetest flavor in the NJOY Artist Collection, it is also a perfect example of a sweet e-liquid done very right. The bright citrus top note is a superb orange flavor, sweet and tangy and not at all reminiscent of furniture polish as many citrus e-liquids can be. As the citrus top note fades into the milky, vanilla-infused marshmallow background, you’re immediately transported to your favorite summertime sitting spot, contemplating how you’d like to spend your next vacation.

Paramour was a final favorite. When we think of the signature smells of Autumn, we think of the abundance of ripe tree fruits that inevitably leads to delicious baked desserts. With e-liquids, though, fruit flavors often fall flat because you get the sweet notes but not the acidic notes to balance them out. However, cooked fruits tend to taste far less acidic because of the added sugar and spices. That’s what makes Paramour such a success — on the inhale, you get the sweet flavor of baked pear, but it’s the spicy flavors of vanilla and cinnamon on the exhale that make you want more.

NJOY Artist Collection Review: Conclusion

If there’s one type of e-liquid that e-cigarette users are demanding en masse these days, it’s blended e-liquid that captures the flavors of our favorite culinary delights. Although several e-liquid lines have sprung up claiming to feature subtle, perfectly balanced blends, the NJOY Artist Collection is the first line of e-liquid we’ve reviewed that truly delivers on this promise. The Artist Collection is the perfect line of e-liquid for people who love sweet flavors, but it might even convert you if sweet e-liquids aren’t what you usually prefer. It certainly converted us. We give the NJOY Artist Collection our highest recommendation.

NJOY Artist Collection Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Sweet and savory flavors balanced in perfect harmony — the best sweet e-liquids we’ve ever reviewed
  • Very attractive price point
  • Brings exposure to independent e-liquid makers around the world
  • Raises the bar for e-liquid packaging standards

The Not So Good

  • Nothing at all

Author: Jason Artman

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