Review: VaporFi’s New E-Liquids by Cosmic Fog

Are you a fan of Cosmic Fog’s e-liquids? If you are, it’ll excite you to learn that Cosmic Fog has created two entirely new e-liquid flavors that you can only buy from VaporFi. In addition, VaporFi has some new flavors of their own. All of the new VaporFi flavors are entirely different from anything the company has created before. They’re inspired by some of the most popular treats, and they taste surprisingly authentic. If you haven’t tried VaporFi’s e-liquids in a while — and you like the very sweet, very flavorful e-liquid styles of companies such as Cosmic Fog, you really need to give VaporFi’s new e-liquids a try.

About VaporFi’s New E-Liquids

VaporFi’s new e-liquids come in five flavors. Click any of our links for an automatic 12 percent discount on your order.

The new e-liquids cost $17.99 for one bottle or $32.99 for two. They all ship in fun packages. The Raspberry Mocha flavor, for example, ships in a coffee cup with a lid. The Very Berry Slushie e-liquid ships in a Slurpee-style cup. The Bites e-liquid ships in the same type of cup as an ice cream treat. The packaging is some of the most creative e-liquid packaging we’ve ever seen.

VaporFi’s New E-Liquids: Review

VaporFi’s new e-liquids represent a completely new approach to flavor design compared to the company’s past e-liquids. While the VaporFi Reserve Collection had very mild flavors that didn’t reveal themselves fully until the exhale — and the VaporFi Grand Reserve contained sweet blends with very fruity flavors that weren’t always easy to discern individually — VaporFi’s new e-liquids are very distinct from one another. Nearly every one tastes exactly like its name.

VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream E-Liquid Review

cosmic-fog-vaporfi-strawberry-shortcake-ice-cream-e-liquid-reviewStrawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is the first e-liquid that Cosmic Fog created for VaporFi. Lately, we’ve noticed that the combination of strawberry, vanilla and cream is one of the most trendy flavor combinations for e-liquids. We’ve tasted at least six e-liquids with this flavor combination over the past month or two, and VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream is the best of the bunch. It’s very sweet and tastes exactly as the name suggests. We love it.

VaporFi Bites Caramel Vanilla Swirl E-Liquid Review

vaporfi-bites-e-liquid-reviewBites is the only new VaporFi e-liquid that tastes a little run-of-the-mill to us. The chocolate note tends to overpower the caramel and vanilla notes a bit, making the overall flavor profile of this e-liquid taste a little more like “chocolate with caramel flavor” than an actual chocolate, caramel and vanilla ice cream treat. While this is a tasty e-liquid, it’s not something we haven’t tasted elsewhere.

VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-Liquid Review

vaporfi-raspberry-mocha-e-liquid-reviewRaspberry Mocha is just about perfect. The coffee, raspberry and chocolate flavors are all clearly detectable, and the coffee portion of the flavor absolutely tastes like a real coffee extract. VaporFi Raspberry Mocha tastes exactly like what the name suggests, and we absolutely love it. This is an e-liquid with a darker color — perhaps because of the coffee extract. So, be warned that it does tend to gunk up an RBA coil rather quickly.

VaporFi Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie E-Liquid Review

cosmic-fog-vaporfi-grandmas-dutch-apple-pie-e-liquid-reviewDo you love apple pie e-liquids? So do we. This is the second e-liquid that Cosmic Fog has created for VaporFi to date — and it is definitely one of the most convincingly realistic apple pie e-liquids we’ve ever tried. This e-liquid begins with a tart green apple base, and it adds some spicy flavors, a brown sugar element and just a hint of cookie crust flavor.

VaporFi Very Berry Slushie E-Liquid Review

vaporfi-very-berry-slushie-e-liquid-reviewAs of the date of publication, we haven’t been able to review this one yet. We wrote this review based on samples received from VaporFi, and they haven’t provided a review sample of the Very Berry Slushie e-liquid. If and when we receive one, we’ll update this review.

VaporFi’s New E-Liquids: The Bottom Line

We love it when e-liquid companies collaborate. We find that people tend to do their best work in a collaborative setting — perhaps because a successful effort can lead to a great deal of publicity for both sides. VaporFi and Cosmic Fog have done a great job with these e-liquids. If you love e-liquids that taste like your favorite sweet treats, VaporFi’s new e-liquids are completely different from anything they’ve produced before. You should absolutely give them a try.

Author: Jason Artman

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