Squonk Mods: An Introduction

Although the word “squonk” is one of the oldest terms in the vaping industry, it’s a term that generally only begins to enter a vaper’s vocabulary after that person begins to acquire some experience. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve reached that point – and that means your vaping experience is about to change forever.

Do you use a rebuildable atomizer? If you do, you know that dripping is a great way to experience the best flavor and vapor production available in vaping. You also know that the act of dripping – carrying a bottle everywhere, flooding your atomizer, spilling e-liquid on your hands – can also sometimes be a pain in the neck. Squonk mods can solve all of those problems. Here’s how.

What Are Squonk Mods?

A squonk mod is a box mod with an e-liquid bottle on the inside. A squonk mod has a hole in the middle of its 510 threading, and the hole leads to a pipe in the e-liquid bottle. Squeezing the bottle causes e-liquid to shoot up the pipe and through the hole in the 510 threading.

Squonk mods work with atomizers that have holes in their center pins. When you squeeze the bottle in a squonk mod, e-liquid enters the drip well of the RDA through the center pin.

Squonk mods began as DIY projects that enterprising vapers made themselves at home. It wasn’t until later that it became possible to buy a regulated squonk mod from a major manufacturer. Let’s learn more about how squonk mods came to be.

History of Squonk Mods

The first squonk mods were unregulated devices, usually made from plastic or wood. They evolved from the first mechanical mods, which were also home-made vaping devices. People invented mechanical mods because they were a solution to the problem of poor vapor production common among the small vaping devices at the time. Mechanical mods used high-capacity batteries, and they could operate at significantly higher power levels than contemporary devices such as cigalikes and eGo e-cigarettes. As much as those early vapers loved their mechanical mods, most of them used their devices for dripping – and as we mentioned above, dripping can be terribly inconvenient. Someone figured out how to keep an atomizer supplied with e-liquid from the bottom via a bottle inside the mod, and the rest is history.

The word “squonk” is actually an invention of the vaping community. When you squeeze the bottle in a squonk mod – and the e-liquid shoots through the narrow tube – you’ll hear a unique sound. A creative forum user invented the word “squonk” to describe that sound.

Pros and Cons of Squonk Mods

Combines the Benefits of an RDA and Tank

If you’re an experienced vaper, you know that using an RDA gives you the absolute best airflow, flavor and vapor production that the world of vaping has to offer. You also know that, no matter how deep your RDA’s drip well may be, you can’t get more than a few puffs out of an RDA at a time before you need to drip again.

Switching to a tank gives you the e-liquid storage that you can’t get with an RDA – but it also reduces the airflow and vapor production of your vaping setup.

With a squonk mod, you get the best of both worlds. You get a huge e-liquid bottle right inside your mod, and you get that e-liquid storage without compromising the performance of your RDA at all. Just squeeze the bottle after every few puffs, and your RDA will always stay wet and ready to go.

No Leaking, No Mess

A squonk mod is the perfect device for driving a high-end attachment such as a mesh RDA. The more powerful your RDA is, the more often you need to add e-liquid to it – and having a squonk mod makes that incredibly convenient; just squeeze the bottle after each puff. One of the great things about squonk mods is that they make flooding almost impossible. When you release the bottle, the reverse air pressure automatically sucks the excess e-liquid out of the RDA.

Poor Portability

When it comes to portability, convenience and power, you can seldom have all three of those features at the same time in a single vaping device. A squonk mod can certainly give you convenience and power, but the bottle on the inside of the mod takes up as much space as a battery. A single-battery squonk mod is as large as a dual-battery mod without a squonk bottle. A dual-battery squonk mod is as large as a three-battery mod. Since the squonk bottle takes the place of the e-liquid bottle that you would be carrying for dripping, though, you may still end up thinking that a squonk mod is more portable than the vape gear that you currently carry every day.

Extra Cleaning

In addition to the larger size compared to a standard mod with the same number of batteries, switching to a squonk mod also means that you’ll have some extra cleaning to do when it comes to maintaining your device. You’ll need to rinse out the squonk bottle when you change e-liquid flavors to avoid carryover. Alternatively, you can also just buy some extra squonk bottles and throw your used bottles away when they start to get dingy. It’s also a good idea to wipe the e-liquid tube with a damp cotton ball once in a while.

Regulated vs. Unregulated Squonk Mods

Squonk mods began as unregulated mechanical devices, and you can still find many unregulated squonk mods today. That’s partially because many squonk mod users are longtime mechanical mod owners and partially because omitting the internal electronics makes it possible to build a squonk mod that’s relatively small and portable.

Using an unregulated squonk mod does have a major drawback, though, in that a lack of internal electronics also means that the device has no safety protection features. A regulated mod has built-in temperature monitoring, and it’ll shut down if it overheats. A regulated mod can detect a short circuit, an unsafe current and an over-charged or under-charged battery. If you use an unregulated squonk mod, you’re responsible for your own safety, and that makes a regulated squonk mod the best choice for most vapers.

Author: Jason Artman

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