E-Cigarette Tips and Tricks

E-cigarettes have come a long way since their initial release a few years ago. This type of quality has driven people to expect that their e-cigarette will work flawlessly the first time regardless of what they do. The problem is that it doesn’t always work this way. There are still a few basic e-cigarette tricks that you need to know to have the smoothest and most enjoyable e-smoking experience possible.

Adhering to just a few of our smaller and simpler e-cigarette tips listed below will likely make those next full puffs of vapor fuller and more enjoyable on a more consistent basis. If you aren’t getting the experience you want out of your e-cigarette, give one of these tricks a try.

E-Cigarette Trick #1: Priming Your Puffs

Although automatic batteries are usually preferred if you want to have an e-smoking experience that closely simulates smoking a cigarette, they tend to produce less vapor per puff than manual batteries due to the very short delay between drawing on the e-cigarette and the vapor being produced.

With a manual battery, you can prime your puffs by holding down the button for a few seconds.

You can achieve the same effect with an automatic battery if you take one or two brief “primer” puffs before trying for a longer puff.

E-Cigarette Trick #2: Don’t Fill Over this Line

The process of vaporizing e-liquid is basically the same whether you use a cartomizer or a regular atomizer; a heating coil wrapped around a wick heats up e-liquid to produce vapor. The residual heat then forces more e-liquid to be drawn from the connected reservoir or tank.

The problem that will diminish your e-cigarette’s vapor production occurs when your wick is already saturated and you try to add more liquid. This results in less air being able to flow through the atomizer or cartomizer, which in turn makes your puffs feel less full.

If you hear a gurgling noise when you try to draw on your e-cigarette, then it’s likely that you’ve added too much e-liquid and managed to flood it.

E-Cigarette Trick #3: Try Different E-Liquids

All e-liquids share one thing in common: they use a base that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin or a mix of the two to stabilize their flavors and to produce a smoke effect when vaporized. The similarities between e-liquids can stop there, which makes it a good idea to try different e-liquids and to read e-liquid reviews whenever possible.

Our favorite e-liquid is Black Note. Black Note has a lineup containing nothing but tobacco flavors. Each flavor uses cold-extracted tobacco essence for authenticity — and each one has extensive lab reports verifying its contents.

E-Cigarette Trick #4: Try Dripping at Least Once

We’ve found that some people prefer atomizers over cartomizers purely because they lack any sort of filler material that restricts the amount of vapor that reaches your mouth.

The problem is that you eliminate this benefit when you use an atomizer with a disposable cartridge. They’re packed with dense, saturated foam that can prevent vapor from entering your mouth as readily.

Instead of using a cartridge, try using a hollow drip tip instead. It will allow you to directly add drops of e-liquid to your atomizer, which in turn will allow you to enjoy larger vapor puffs with more flavor due to less airflow restriction.

E-Cigarette Trick #5: Low-Resistance Attachments

Check your e-cigarette to see what the size and capacity of it is. If it’s similar to that of a 650 mAh eGo e-cigarette, then you can opt to swap out your standard 2.5 and 3.0 ohm atomizers and cartomizers for low-resistance 1.5 ohm versions.

The difference with low-resistance attachments is that they convert more of the battery power they use into watts, which in turn creates a larger and more satisfying vapor cloud with each draw you take.

E-Cigarette Trick #6: Remember to Charge Your Battery

The resistance of your atomizer will generally stay the same as you continue to use it, yet the amount of charge in your battery will drain slowly as you use it, resulting in a dip in voltage. This can result in diminished vapor production when you try to use a partially charged battery.

You’ll notice this more readily if you have a high-capacity battery that can last through several days of normal usage and suddenly the amount of vapor produced by your e-cigarette becomes smaller and unsatisfying. So to maximize your vapor production, always remember to charge your battery on a regular basis.

E-Cigarette Trick #7: Invest in a Better Battery

Using a battery with a higher capacity has a few unique advantages, but the most noticeable benefit pertains to how full your vapor puffs will be. The larger a battery’s capacity, the more full, satisfying puffs it can produce before the voltage starts to dip.

If you use different types of cartomizers or low-resistance atomizers, then you should be using a large capacity battery, eGo e-cigarette or a large-battery mod. Smaller batteries will tend to give a poorer performance because they can’t deliver the same amount of power that these high-load attachments demand. Some may even stop working altogether with low-resistance equipment.

E-Cigarette Trick #8: Buy USA-Made Equipment

USA-made e-cigarettes and “mods” are designed differently than their Chinese counterparts. In a Chinese e-cigarette, the body of the e-cigarette doubles as the battery. In a mod, the body is a hollow box or cylinder that allows the battery to be removed. You’ll find that these e-cigarettes have batteries with high-capacity lithium-based battery cells made by reliable brands like AW, Sanyo and Sony. These batteries will deliver a better e-smoking experience due to their heightened power and durability.

E-Cigarette Trick #9: Don’t Just Make E-Smoking a Hobby; Become a Full-Time E-Smoker

E-cigarettes are worlds apart from traditional cigarettes. The taste, the texture, the efficiency by which nicotine enters your bloodstream and the way that you smoke are all different.

As a result, e-cigarettes provide an experience that’s similar to tobacco cigarettes, but not entirely the same. If you switch to being a full-time e-smoker, then you may soon find that, like it did with us, your cravings to smoke a regular cigarette will simply stop altogether.

We found that this made our e-smoking experience all the more satisfying.

Author: eCig One Staff

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  1. I want to try an e-cig because I think it might be a tad healthier by not having the tar like you get from a real tobacco cigarette. At least I believe it wouldn’t have tar but maybe I need to look that up.

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    • Vaping is more than a tad better than smoking real cigarettes. I was a smoker for over thirty years. I smoked pretty much from the start ultra lights, and usually smoked Marlboro until Dorals came out, then smoked them until I quit.

      I was constantly reminded from family and friends and health care professionals I should quit. And I tried several times, but at the most, I quit for a year and a half, before going back to cigarettes.

      When the very first E Cigs came out, it was mainly because I thought they were cheaper, but soon realized they weren’t. They were the cartridge type you screwed onto a battery.

      Then when the Vaping came out, it was an entirely differbt story. I find it was cheaper, and a more satisfying method and most if all, I wasn’t inhaling all the dangerous by products of regulsr smoking. That was the biggest thing. How I managed not to develops cancer, or really any of the health hazards, I don’t know, because when I stopped smoking regular cigarettes, I was smoking at least two packs a day, and sometimes two and a half. Numerous scares of possible heart problems were found to not be heart related, but I was lucky.

      So besides the fact that vaping firctge biggest part is cheaper, unless you get into the higher end, like mods, building could, etc, it is cheaper, and the biggest thing, at least for he is controlling the amount of nicotine you vape. You can choose your nicotine level, even zero nicotine if you just desire the experience. I have quit twice, but pain issues ha d brought me back to vaping, because to me the nicotine helps with the pain, but I’m only using 3% nicotine.

      It’s so much easier to quit, because you cab start at a close nicotine level of smoking real cugarettes, then gradually decrease the nicotine level. However, I’ve always said that quitting smoking isn’t the tools you can use, like patches, pills, chewabkes, spray or whatever, although they can help. It’s the desire the person has to actually quit. If you really cannot tell yourself you are quitting, you won’t ever quit. You have to want to quit.

      I would highly recommend to any cigarette smoker to at least try vaping. It’s so much more cleaner, and safer, than cigarettes, cheaper and more than anything, in my opinion, healthier to vape. Plus, you can get just about any flavor you want, however, I’ve always stayed with a tobacco flavor, because I don’t want the fruity flavor type vapes.

      Sorry this is so long, but felt I wanted to explain why I changed to hair, and how much more satisfying it is than cigarettes.

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  2. Also you don’t go around stinking of cigarette smoke everywhere you go!

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    • I smoked for forty years. That was five years ago. I quit , painlessly, in three weeks with a good quality e-cig. Within a couple of months I NEVER wanted to have a cigarette again. I find them very harsh and nasty. Of COURSE E-cigs are less harmful, you’re not inhaling chemically treated burning leaves. Nicotine may not be good for you, but it’s not what kills you.

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      • I ALWAY like the quick bite on the back of the throat and the taste sound smell sight. Cigs are the greatest prop it stimulates all senses as well as delivers a drug to the body. Now the Ecigs are just about as good as a real one

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