Why Email Marketing Works for Vape Shops

If we said that marketing is the most difficult problem for any vape shop, we bet that you’d probably agree.

You can’t advertise on Google. According to Google, advertising a vape shop online is “promoting a tobacco product.”

Same goes for Facebook — and since a vape shop can’t boost its Facebook posts, you’ll be lucky to reach your Facebook followers at all.

So, how can a vape shop capture leads and keep its existing customers interested? How can you market your vape shop when all of the most popular advertising outlets equate vaping with tobacco usage?

Email marketing is the answer.

It’s inexpensive, and it works.

And once you have someone’s email address, no one — except that person — can ever take it away from you.

Are you using email marketing for your vape shop yet? These are the 26 reasons why you need to get started right away. Do you need help? Read about our e-cigarette SEO service.

1. Creates Trust

How do you feel about your favorite companies? It’s likely that you feel loyal to your favorite brands because you trust them. Email marketing allows you to build the same sense of trust with your leads. Once you’ve gained that trust, look out — e-cigarette users are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands. Make each message as useful to your audience as possible.

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  • MailChimp: Manage your mailing list and send messages from a simple, intuitive interface. A free MailChimp account lets you maintain a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 messages per month.

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2. Encourages Inbound Contacts

Could your vape shop use some additional website visits, foot traffic or phone calls? If you put an appealing offer in front of your contacts at the moment they’re ready to buy, you can use email marketing to generate new business when you need it the most.

3. Makes Your Customers Feel Important

With email marketing, settling on the right frequency with which to send messages isn’t always easy. You want to remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds without sending messages so often that people begin ignoring your communication. If you get the balance right, you generate intense brand loyalty.

4. Informs Your Customers

Without exception, email is the most effective way to keep your customers informed. You can’t always expect customers to visit your vape shop website to find out about the latest mods and e-liquids you’re stocking. Content filters make social media an unreliable way of reaching customers. If you have an important announcement to make, use email to ensure that your customers will see it.

5. Creates a Positive Reputation

If you focus on providing useful information in your email communication, you’ll establish a positive reputation among your contacts. Some of your contacts may even forward your messages, generating new leads in the process. As more people begin to remember your vape shop and look forward to your messages, you’ll begin to build a strong brand.

6. Generates Revenue

Does your vape shop tend to see a lot of seasonal business? Do you struggle trying to keep revenue coming in during the rest of the year? Email marketing is a simple and reliable way of boosting income. When you need a bit of quick revenue, use email marketing to send an irresistible offer to your contacts.

Vape Shop Email Marketing

7. Helps You Become a Better Marketer

No other form of marketing produces actionable data quite as quickly as email. Each time you send a message, your marketing platform will provide statistics about the message’s open and clickthrough rates. The insights that you gain will help you improve in all areas of marketing.

8. Email Marketing Is Easy

An unfamiliar form of marketing may overwhelm you a little at first, but getting started with email marketing is actually very easy. If you can write a compelling message that resonates with your contacts, you’ll have success with email marketing.

Not sure how to write compelling content? We can help. Click here for more information.

9. Works on Mobile Devices

Virtually every device that connects to the Internet supports email — so there’s never any need to worry about whether your messages will display correctly on the devices that your contacts use. Every message will look as it should on every device.

10. Get Messages Out Quickly

If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to marketing, you’ll find email extremely valuable because it is so simple to use. After you’ve typed or pasted your message, you can send it out with a single click.

11. Professional Templates Are Available

Most email marketing providers have templates available that allow you to create professional messages easily. Simply select a template and start typing!

12. Generates Web Traffic

Your business can’t depend entirely on Google for its traffic because Google’s algorithms can change without warning. Your mailing list belongs to you, though — and it will only become more valuable as it grows. Once your list becomes very large, you can count on it to provide significant traffic for your website each time you send a message.

13. Delivers a Personalized Message

Segmentation is one of the most powerful features of email marketing. Your contacts may have different interests and interact with your company in different ways. Sending different messages to various segments of your mailing list allows you to tailor your messages to the needs of the people who read them. With segmentation, your messages will generate more interest — and you’ll retain more subscribers.

14. Generates a Quick Response

No matter what time it is, it’s likely that at least one of the people on your contact list is reading his or her email right now. Mobile devices give people immediate access to their email, so you can expect a quick response each time you send a message.

15. Nurtures Leads

If a potential customer fills out a form to receive a lead magnet such as an e-book, that person may not be ready to buy from you right away. You’ll need to build a relationship with him or her first — and email is the best way to do that. Provide information that your leads find worthwhile, and they will eventually become customers.

16. Generates Anticipation

When you send a message to your leads, try teasing the information that you intend to provide in your next message. Teasing creates a sense of anticipation and makes people look forward to the next newsletter.

17. Invites Feedback

When you send messages to your leads, try using your real email address — not “noreply@example.com” — as the reply address. Doing so invites your leads to ask questions and provide feedback.

18. Encourages Repeat Business

Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers coming back — especially in the vaping industry. Isn’t it time that your customers stopped by to check out the new e-liquids you’re stocking? Remind them by email.

19. Builds a Dedicated Audience

Each time you add a new subscriber to your mailing list, you’re increasing the size of an audience that you can reach whenever you like. Before long, your email list could be the largest online audience that you have.

20. Automatic List Management

An email marketing platform manages your contact list for you. There’s no need to maintain a database on your own computer or manually keep track of which leads you have contacted and when. Your marketing platform can do all of the work for you.

21. Industry-Leading ROI

Although traditional advertising can allow you to reach many people quickly, advertising can be very expensive. In comparison, email marketing costs almost nothing per message. Building a list takes time, but you can expect an extremely high return for any expenses you incur.

22. Generates New Leads

If your messages provide value, your subscribers may share them with their friends on social media. Each time someone shares one of your messages, you may earn new subscribers — and your next message will reach an even wider audience.

23. Efficient Workflow

As you grow accustomed to your marketing platform, you’ll find that email is an extremely efficient way of reaching your contacts. Email requires much less planning than other forms of communication such as social media.

24. Keeps Your Company Relevant

The people who join your mailing list may not always be ready to buy immediately. Most of the time, your new subscribers are simply gathering information. Your messages can keep your company fresh in your subscribers’ minds until they’re ready to buy.

25. Aids With Product Discovery

Does your vape shop offer a large variety of products? Of course it does. You can’t count on your customers to read every page of your website. Use email to help your customers discover products that will interest them.

26. Simplifies Partner Communication

Mailing list segmentation doesn’t only allow you to divide your customer base into smaller groups. You can also use segmentation to communicate with partners such as suppliers from the same interface that you use to communicate with customers.

Image credits: Garry Knight, Ned Potter

Author: Jason Artman

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