We bet you’d agree that your vape shop would benefit from an audience of 1,000 people that you could reach any time you liked.

Have you had trouble building an online audience since you opened your vape shop?

Of course you have.

The search engine results pages are crowded with competitors.

Facebook and Google don’t want your advertising dollars.

But your customers do want to hear from you…

You just need to find a way to reach them.

Building an email list is the key. Once you have a mailing list, you have unlimited marketing potential. No advertising policy or Google algorithm change can steal your audience.

“Building a list is hard,” you’re probably thinking. After all, how often do you give your email address to a company when you know that they’ll use it for marketing purposes?

Probably not very often.

So we’ll show you how we did it.

We used the exact techniques below to build an audience of 1,000 email subscribers in three months — and more people subscribe every day. Follow this list step-by-step to transform your vape shop’s online marketing efforts.

And if you need help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch.

Create Great Content

We’re going to assume at this point that your vape shop already has a website. If it doesn’t, find out why it needs one.

Vape Shop Email Subscribers

Next, you need to start a blog. Why should you have a blog when it’s in-store visitors — not website visitors — that generate income for your vape shop? Because blogging generates traffic — and web traffic is what you need to build a mailing list.

Businesses that blog receive 55 percent more web traffic than businesses that don’t blog.

What should you write about? You can write about almost anything related to vaping, as long as each piece of content focuses on at least one specific keyword that someone might search for online.

It’s best to keep your articles informational in nature because it’s difficult to rank for commercial keywords on Google. Articles that focus on commercial keywords lead directly to revenue — so every business targets those keywords. Lots of businesses completely ignore informational keywords, though.

They’re afraid of a little work…

…but you’re not. So get writing.

The more specific your target keywords are, the less search engine competition you’ll have. We’ve seen vape shops have great success publishing coil building guides for specific RDAs and RTAs, for example.

The most important thing is to publish genuinely useful content — and to do it as often as possible. If you do that, you will receive traffic. We offer content writing services for vape shops, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’re having trouble blogging consistently.

Get an Opt-In Form

In each post, you’re going to insert an opt-in form and link that form to a mailing list.

We use Bloom by Elegant Themes to create all of our opt-in forms. Bloom creates beautiful and eye-catching forms that your visitors can’t miss. One price gives you access to everything that Elegant Themes makes. You don’t even need to maintain your membership if you don’t want to — once you download something, it’s yours forever.

Do you like our website’s theme? It’s made by Elegant Themes, too.

We run our email marketing through MailChimp. They’ll give you a free account with the capacity to build a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 messages per month. It’ll take a while to outgrow that — and when you do, you’ll already know how worthwhile and profitable email marketing is.

Vape Shop Mailing List Guide

Offer Something Irresistible

Your mailing list won’t grow just because you ask for email addresses on your website. How many times have you joined a mailing list without receiving anything in return?

Probably pretty close to none.

So here’s how you attract subscribers…

You need to offer something that your website’s visitors really want.

We’ll suggest three things that always work.

The Coupon

Have you targeted an article toward existing customers or people who are very likely to visit your vape shop soon? Offer a printable coupon good for a one-time discount per customer. The reason why coupon codes work for building an email list is obvious: If someone plans to spend money either way, he’ll probably give you his email address so he can spend a little less.

The Freebie

We used the freebie method to gain the majority of our email subscribers. To use freebies to drive email signups, simply offer a prize that most of your website’s visitors will want. At the end of the giveaway period, randomly select one of your subscribers to win the prize.

Just remember that in the United States, FDA regulations prohibit e-cigarette companies from giving products away for free — so charge the winner a dollar…

…but we aren’t lawyers, and that’s not legal advice.

The Content Upgrade

Whether you’re offering a coupon or giving a product away, you’re going to pay something to gain subscribers for your vape shop’s newsletter.

So here’s a technique that costs nothing…

…offer a content upgrade.

We do it for all of our vape shop articles by offering a free vape shop resource guide in exchange for email signups.

The point is that the thing you offer needs to match the intent of the search engine query that you targeted with the original article. Essentially, you’re saying, “Did you like this content? If you’ll give me your email address, I’ll give you even more content just like it.”

The free resource could be a downloadable guide or e-book, for example.

Here are a few bonus ideas for vape shop content.

  • Original Article: How to Make Your Own E-Liquids
    • Bonus Content: Our Full List of E-Liquid Flavor Suppliers
  • Original Article: How to Build a Sub-Ohm Vaping Coil
    • Bonus Content: Complete Guide to Building the Five Most Extreme Vaping Coils
  • Original Article: How to Set Up Your First Box Mod
    • Bonus Content: Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Box Mod

You get the idea. If you offer to give the visitor exactly what he or she wants, you’ll gain a subscriber. The more closely the bonus content matches the original article’s content, the more subscribers you’ll get.

Of course, that potentially means that you’ll be doing double the work each time you add an article to your vape shop’s blog, but that’s why so many businesses outsource their content creation to freelance writers. If you decide to go alone, though, the results will be worth the effort.

Bonus: Get Email Signups in Your Vape Shop

Just about any modern POS system lets you collect email addresses at the point of sale — so don’t forget to ask customers for their email addresses when they visit your store. Offer a coupon code or an extra stamp on your customer loyalty card in return.

Treat Your List Like Gold

If you want to keep your subscribers, you’ll need to treat them like gold. Each of your messages needs to contribute something of value that your subscribers can use. Telling customers about your new products and sales is always good, but it’s a better idea to offer some information as well. Email your customers often enough that your vape shop stays fresh in your customers’ minds, but don’t email so often that they stop opening your messages.

We’re Here to Help

The vaping industry is intensely competitive, and it can be difficult to get a new vape shop off of the ground. Are you having trouble implementing any of the suggestions in this guide? Can we offer some other help or advice? Get in touch now or leave a comment below!

Image Credits: Craig Moe, Sharon Hahn Darlin, Jeric Santiago