If you’re trying to get a new vape shop off the ground, you no doubt already know why your vape shop needs a website. If you’ve done any reading about the easiest ways to start a website, WordPress has probably come under your radar — and deservedly so. The features that WordPress provides for free are truly amazing. You can register a domain, start a contract with a great hosting company and be off and running in less time than it takes to make dinner.

The best part about using WordPress for your vape shop’s website is that you can do all of the work yourself. If you’re willing to learn some basic web design and SEO principles and have the time to write your own content, WordPress really can turn you into a one-person web development crew.

There’s just one problem with running your vaping business’s website yourself.

It’s terrible for your bottom line.

We’re going to tell you why.

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The Problems With Running Your Own WordPress Vaping Company Website

WordPress Customization and Development

On its own, WordPress is a powerful, flexible and secure blogging platform. You’ll begin to see the limitations of the platform, though, when you attempt to use WordPress as the CMS for a business website. If you can’t find a free website theme that looks the way you want, you’ll need to buy a premium theme. If you can’t find a theme that exactly fits your needs, you need to pay a WordPress developer for customization work. You’ll also need a developer if you want to add commerce functionality to your website. All told, you may need to pay thousands of dollars just to have a website that looks and works as you want it to.

Ongoing WordPress Support and Maintenance

Once you have your vape shop’s WordPress website up and running, your challenges have only begun. Writing website content is the least of your concerns. You’ll also have to spend time monitoring your website for intrusion attempts. You’ll need to monitor your WordPress installation and plugins for updates. If your website is running slowly, you’ll need to apply tweaks to improve performance. If your enterprise WordPress website experiences downtime, you’ll need to research the cause and apply a fix.

Ongoing WordPress maintenance is an enormous time sink — and your time is valuable. There already aren’t enough hours in the day for marketing your company, serving your customers and resolving employees’ issues. If you set a realistic hourly rate for yourself and spend several hours per week handling your own WordPress management, you’ll find that the yearly cost of maintaining your WordPress website can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

When you calculate the true cost of becoming your own WordPress expert, you’ll probably conclude that it makes more sense to continue doing what you do best — running your business — and outsource WordPress maintenance to a developer.

The Problems With Hiring a WordPress Developer

Escalating Costs

When you move past managing your own website and hire an outsourced WordPress developer, you’ll have more time available to concentrate on running your business. If you put a concrete value on your time, you’ll probably also find that hiring a developer costs less than handling WordPress administration yourself. Unfortunately, using an outside developer has several problems of its own. The first problem is that your costs may escalate quickly. Freelance WordPress developers need to spend much of their time prospecting for new clients. When they’re actively working, they need to charge high rates to keep their businesses profitable. Large projects may require enormous investments on your part.

Lack of Expertise

If you aren’t a WordPress expert yourself, how can you judge someone else’s expertise? Some “WordPress experts” are merely great at self promotion. If you hire the wrong WordPress developer — and that person does something that breaks your website — you’ll either have to pick up the pieces yourself or shop around for another developer. In either case, you’ll lose both money and productivity. There’s also the fact that your WordPress expert will probably know almost nothing about vaping.

Lack of Interest

A freelance WordPress developer cares about your business only as much as is necessary to keep you as a customer. You can’t expect as much personal attention from a freelance developer as you’d get from someone personally invested in your business’s success.

Why eCig One Is Different

We are nothing like the typical WordPress freelancers, and we’re also nothing like the SEO consultants and content writers that you’ve seen online.

Suppose you hire a WordPress expert to manage your website.

The problem with that?

It’s expensive, and your “website guy” doesn’t know anything about your industry. So you’re still stuck hiring someone for content and SEO unless you want to do the work yourself.

So let’s suppose you hire an SEO company to handle your content creation and search engine optimization.

What’s the problem with that?

They also don’t know anything about your industry — and the worst part is that the average “SEO agency” actually does very little of its own work. Most of them farm their content writing duties out to cheap writers on websites like Textbroker! Learn all of the other ways in which the wrong SEO company can ruin your vaping business.

How are we different?

  • We actually understand your industry.
  • We know how to run a successful WordPress website — just look at what we’ve done with eCigOne.com.
  • We do all of our own content writing.
  • We do all of our own SEO.
  • Our methods are completely transparent and white hat. No artificial links, no private blog networks. We build rankings that last.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for your company? Email admin@ecigone.com right now and tell us a bit about what you’re trying to accomplish. Alternatively look at our SEO services page for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you.