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by May 29, 2022Vape Shop Help

Link building for a vaping website is one of the most difficult jobs in the SEO world. In a previous article, we’ve described some of the techniques that we use to get vaping backlinks as part of our vaping SEO service. Since publishing that article, though, we conducted a thorough analysis of the link building techniques of some of the world’s most popular online vape shops. We found that black-hat link building is becoming less common among the truly popular vaping companies. More than ever, owners of vaping websites are waking up to the fact that you can’t build anything sustainable online if you cheat.

We also discovered one stupid easy link building technique that has allowed a few vaping companies to collect thousands of free backlinks under the radar — with zero effort.

Well, it’s time for us to expose that technique and even the playing field a bit. Ready to get some easy backlinks for your online vape shop? Of course you are. Let’s get started.

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The Premise: Most Website Owners Are Lazy

This link building technique capitalizes on the fact that most website owners are either lazy or very poorly informed. These are the people who think that they can launch a Shopify website, add some “Buy Now” buttons and get rich quick.

To make matters worse, those people fail to understand that original content is the cornerstone of traffic generation. They don’t bother to type original descriptions for their products; they just copy and paste the descriptions from other sources.

You Do Write Your Own Product Descriptions, Right?

Let’s pause for a brief reality check. There are hundreds of online vape shops right now — maybe thousands — without a single unique word of product description text. Your website may even be one of them.

Why is that such a big problem?

Because Google runs on text. The primary way in which Google serves its users is by identifying pages with text that appears to satisfy the intent of text-based search queries. Readability, structure, article length and keyword usage are all factors that Google considers when ranking content.

What happens, though, if hundreds of pages all contain the same text?

To give you an idea, we searched for a sentence from a product description on one popular online vape shop. Here’s what we found.

vaping backlink trick

If you copy myvaporstore’s product description and become the 327th website in the world to sell the exact same product with the exact same text, do you think that Google will send you any traffic at all? Nope. You’ll be buried several pages deep in the search results, and no one will ever know that you exist.

Using Content Thieves for Easy Vaping Backlinks

So, we know now that there are many, many owners of online stores who simply copy existing product descriptions rather than writing descriptions of their own. Let’s take a closer look at the page above, though, because there’s something interesting on it.

vape shop link building

Hm. Those links look a little out of place, don’t they? The “HCigar VT75C” link points to that very same page. Why would a link point to itself? What about the “rebuildable atomizers” link? Why would someone click that link while shopping for a new mod?

The answer is that those links aren’t there for the customers. They’re there for the content thieves.

How do most content thieves steal product descriptions? They copy and paste them. Most of them are probably copying dozens — if not hundreds — of descriptions at a time. They’re probably not paying much attention.

So, what do you suppose would happen if those same links appeared on another website?

You’re getting it now, right?

Let’s find an example.

easy vaping backlinks

Oops! This lazy website owner copied myvaporstore’s product description and left the links intact. They’re not just giving their competitor a free backlink; they’re actually helping myvaporstore rank for a competitive search term. Shucks! With hundreds of other copied descriptions, we bet that a few other website owners also forgot to take the links out. Now, who do you suppose ranks first on Google for the search “HCigar VT75?”

vaping link building trick

You saw that one coming, didn’t you?

Recap: Use Internal Links for Easy Vaping Backlinks From Content Thieves

So, what have we learned today?

  1. You need to write your own product descriptions if you want your online vape shop to have any chance of success. Copying your product descriptions will get you absolutely nowhere. If you need help, contact us. We offer discounted rates for original product descriptions because it’s a crucial part of ensuring our clients’ success.
  2. Each of your product descriptions should include at least one internal link. You can link to the same page. You could also link to other products, description pages or internal site search pages. Whenever possible, the anchor text for the internal link should be a search term for which you would like your site to rank.
  3. Wait for content thieves to steal your descriptions and give you free backlinks.

And the result?

  1. Just having original product descriptions will vault your site hundreds of places on Google’s search results because you’ll automatically rank higher than the hundreds of other websites that all use exactly the same text.
  2. Since your pages will rank higher, you’ll enjoy more sales. You’ll also attract the attention of more content thieves.
  3. The thieves will publish the content stolen from you. In doing so, they’ll inadvertently link to you and improve your site’s rank for a wide variety of different keywords because you’ll be varying the anchor text and destination pages in your internal links.
  4. As your site continues to improve in rank, you’ll attract even more content thieves — and more theft means more free links. This link building technique will feed on itself and produce better and better results as time goes by.

This is one of the easiest link building tricks for vaping websites that we’ve ever discovered, and it’s one that you need to implement right now. Don’t wait a moment longer — get out there and start earning some easy backlinks!

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