Volcano Inferno E-Cigarette Review

Ahh, the venerable Inferno. At times, it seems as though the Inferno e-cigarette is one of the oldest products in our relatively young industry. Volcano has kept it in its product lineup since 2010, and the company has continually revised it to keep up with the latest technologies. The 2013 Inferno e-cigarette sports a flashy metallic battery and a cartomizer tank large enough to keep most people vaping for more than a day between refills.

Volcano Inferno

Price: $74.99

Includes: 900 and 650 mAH batteries with USB pass-through, wall and USB chargers, Tube Tank, five replacement cartomizers, Tube Sock, 15 ml e-liquid bottle

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The Inferno is an eGo e-cigarette, which means it’ll work with just about any atomizer, cartomizer or tank you can throw at it. Before buying a new accessory, simply confirm that the threading type is eGo, 510 or 306. The Tube Sock accessory included with the Inferno e-cigarette will help it look nice with most non-eGo attachments.

Testing the 2013 Inferno e-cigarette, we found that it can occasionally be a bit difficult for first-timers to fill the Tube Tank.

Inferno E-Cigarette Review

Although it’s possible to fill it directly from a bottle of e-liquid, it’s far easier to use the needle-tip bottle cap available in Volcano’s accessories section. This makes it possible to get the liquid all the way down to the heating coil at the bottom of the Tube Tank cartomizer. If you’re upgrading from an e-cigarette that looks the same as a real cigarette, you’ll find that the Tube Tank has a bit of a learning curve compared to the pre-filled cartridges you’re used to. Once you get the cartomizer filled, though, keeping it topped off is as simple as lifting the tank and dripping e-liquid from a bottle. If you’re currently using one pre-filled cartridge per day, you’ll only have to refill your Tube Tank about once every three days, which you’ll find a pleasant change.

Volcano includes five dual-coil replacement cartomizers with the Inferno e-cigarette. This helps to make up for the fact that the airflow through the Tube Tank can sometimes be a bit restricted because the cartomizer is submerged. At first, the lack of airflow will make you feel as though you’re getting less vapor than you normally would. When you exhale, though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the enormous cloud resulting from the Tube Tank’s two heating coils. That’s the benefit of using an e-cigarette with such a large battery; a cigarette lookalike doesn’t have the battery power to drive two coils simultaneously, but the Inferno e-cigarette does.


Not Your Ordinary eGo E-Cigarette

The eGo e-cigarette is by far one of the most popular styles among experienced e-cigarette owners. As a result, you’ve probably seen quite a few products that look just like the Inferno e-cigarette. The difference is in the details, though; in an effort to cut costs, most e-cigarette companies are selling their eGo e-cigarettes only in a flat black color and without the ability to operate via USB power. We love the styling of the new Inferno e-cigarette, and if you ever forget to charge your batteries you can continue vaping while the Inferno is connected to your computer. We think these features are worth the extra money.

Tip: If you get a burned taste with the Inferno e-cigarette after filling a new Tube Tank cartomizer, stop using it immediately. Remove the drip tip from the cartomizer and use a needle tip bottle cap to inject e-liquid as far down the side of the cartomizer as possible. The burned taste indicates that the cartomizer isn’t completely full and the heating coil is dry.

Our staff was split on whether the Tube Tank is truly superior to a traditional cartomizer or to dripping with an atomizer. It’s impossible to overstate the convenience of knowing you have more than a full day of e-liquid stored in your e-cigarette and can leave the  bottle at home. On the other hand, some people have trouble getting used to the reduced airflow. Although you’re actually getting more vapor, to some it may feel like less.

What we weren’t split on, though, was the fact that the Inferno e-cigarette is truly a cut above the eGo competition in terms of styling, quality and value for money. Although there are several eGo e-cigarettes on the market that cost less, none of them include the selection of accessories that the Inferno boasts, and none of them look as nice. Many of them also include batteries of dubious quality.

Inferno E-Cigarette Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Superb styling; color selection should appeal to almost everyone
  • Inclusion of USB pass-through batteries, Tube Tank, extra cartomizers and e-liquid means great value for money
  • Excellent battery life and vapor production

The Not So Good

  • Some may dislike the reduced airflow of the submerged cartomizer
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Author: eCig One Staff

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