Vapour 2 Review

Vapour 2 is the European arm of V2 Cigs, the Florida-based company that has become one of America’s most popular e-cigarette vendors. For several years running, V2 Cigs has received more web traffic than any other e-cigarette company in the United States. With the creation of Vapour 2, V2 hopes to bring its line of e-cigarettes and personal vapourisers into a market dominated by companies such as Skycig, KiK and Vype. In this Vapour 2 review, we’ll tell you how they compare.

Vapour 2 E-Cigarette

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About Vapour 2

The primary product on offer from Vapour 2 is an e-cigarette with KR-808 threading. The standard battery is available with a manual button or an automatic puff sensor, while the upgraded EX battery is only available in automatic form. Likewise, Vapour 2 refill cartridges are available in standard and EX varieties. While Vapour 2 EX cartridges cost slightly more, they also hold more e-liquid — about 400 puffs compared to the 200 puffs offered by the standard model — and have windows allowing you to see how much e-liquid remains.

Vapour 2 E-Cigarette Review

All Vapour 2 e-liquid products including bottled e-liquid and cartridges are subject to laboratory testing and quality control reviews. Although such testing has become increasingly common in the e-cigarette industry, Vapour 2 is unique in that the company allows the general public to download all of its test reports. To test this, visit the Vapour 2 home page, open the “Customer Service” drop down menu and select the “Batch Results” option. To start with, try the batch number “VSAA.” Select the “Peppermint” flavor and “12 mg” nicotine strength, and then click the “Download Results” link to view the lab testing report. This is the actual lab report for a box of Vapour 2 cartridges here at eCig One. You’ll find a similar batch number on any Vapour 2 product containing e-liquid. All Vapour 2 cartridges are foil sealed and will always arrive fresh.

Vapour 2 also boasts a generous return policy and extensive warranty support. If you purchase a starter kit and decide that it isn’t for you, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The Vapour 2 warranty is equally impressive; as long as you have purchased cartridges or e-liquid within the last 90 days, your Vapour 2 e-cigarette is guaranteed for life up to a maximum of five replacements.

Vapour 2 Review

The e-cigarette industry began with the small, cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes that many people today call “cig-a-likes.” The first cig-a-likes tended to be unreliable, as the disposable plastic cartridges contained little e-liquid, and the filler material wicked e-liquid poorly and was prone to melting. Over time, some e-cigarette vendors began to offer larger personal vapourisers while others worked to refine the “cig-a-like” design. We tend not to recommend larger personal vapourisers to beginners because of the amount of maintenance required. With a vapouriser, you’ll need to keep your tank filled, replace atomiser heads and occasionally install new wicks as well. A cig-a-like, in comparison, is extremely simple; if the quality of the vaping experience decreases, you either need to recharge the battery or replace the cartridge. There’s nothing else to troubleshoot.

Vapour 2 Review EX Battery

We believe that Vapour 2 — and the Vapour 2 EX product range, in particular — represents the ultimate evolution of the cig-a-like platform to date, which is why we give it our strongest recommendation for those new to e-cigarettes. Although the self-contained, atomised e-cigarette cartridge isn’t a new invention, the Vapour 2 e-cigarette boasts certain unique features not available in other products.

The first thing you’ll notice when comparing Vapour 2 to other e-cigarettes is the fact that most e-cigarettes use batteries designed to work at a maximum of 3.7 volts. The voltage of an e-cigarette battery slowly decreases as it is discharged, and by the time the battery is mostly empty the e-cigarette produces almost no vapour at all. The Vapour 2 battery operates at 4.2 volts on a maximum charge, which means that the Vapour 2 generates more vapour than other small e-cigarettes throughout the life of the battery. The Vapour 2 EX battery takes this technology a step further with a battery charge meter that lights up each time you puff, letting you know when you’ll need to recharge it. The EX battery also lasts up to 400 puffs between charges and includes a cover that snaps over the cartridge for a sleek, uniform appearance.

The standard e-cigarette cartridge sold by most vendors today contains e-liquid suspended within a gauze filler material that wraps around a heating coil and air tube. This design is time-tested and reliable. In fact, Vapour 2 still uses this type of cartridge for its standard e-cigarette. However, the Vapour 2 EX cartridge uses a more modern design that omits the filler material, allowing the cartridge to hold approximately twice as much e-liquid as a standard cartridge. Eliminating the filler material also allows the Vapour 2 cartridge to generate more vapour with a higher level of flavor purity.

No Vapour 2 review would be complete without a mention of our favourite accessory. Many cigarette smokers are accustomed to carrying packs. This makes a portable battery charger a natural item to include with an e-cigarette starter kit. The portable battery charger replaces the pack of cigarettes you’re probably carrying now, and it’s also a perfect solution for topping your batteries up when you don’t have access to a USB port. However, we’ve found that many e-cigarette charging packs are unreliable and fail to charge e-cigarette batteries fully. The Vapour 2 charging case is one of the few exceptions; on a single charge, the case can fully charge a depleted Vapour 2 battery up to eight times. It is also extremely durable and able to withstand rough handling.

Vapour 2 Review Charging Case

Vapour 2 Review: Conclusion

The Vapour 2 e-cigarette is the best small e-cigarette on the market, by a wide margin. Is it the right choice for you, though? On one hand, Vapour 2 isn’t the least expensive e-cigarette available. Although basic starter kits from Vapour 2 are priced at €23.99 and up, this price doesn’t include the wonderful EX batteries and cartridges, which we strongly recommend. Vapour 2 EX kits are priced at €64.99 and up.

On the other hand, you could make a similar comparison between Apple and its many competitors in the consumer electronics industry. You can find other mobile phones with performance and features similar to that of the iPhone, but most people who own iPhones wouldn’t consider buying anything else.

The difference is in the details. Every e-cigarette performs essentially the same function; it generates vapour that supplies nicotine to the bloodstream, giving you a viable smoking alternative that mimics the act, feeling and flavor of smoking without the combustion of tobacco. However, no other e-cigarette does this with the same functionality, customer service and attention to detail as Vapour 2. From the higher-capacity and higher-voltage battery to the cartridges with no filler material, from the top-notch customer service policies to the publicly available quality control reports, Vapour 2 simply outclasses every other e-cigarette company in every aspect that matters. We believe that these features are absolutely worth the extra expense.

Vapour 2 Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Best e-cigarette battery available; 4.2 volts, built-in charge meter, matching end cap
  • Downloadable quality control reports for every bottle of e-liquid and package of cartridges
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

The Not So Good

  • Not the least expensive e-cigarette available
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Author: eCig One Staff

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  1. I’ve had this one for over a year now and I can’t complain about it. It’s an easy and nice one. I think that I’ll buy it for my sister too for Christmas as she was thinking about quitting analogues. Shame there isn’t some tasting pack with different types of liquids in it. 🙁 Oh well…I will have to make it for her. Lucky I have the same one haha

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  2. I love Vapour2. I have got Standard Kit already for a while and no cons for me. Like the design, easy usage and long lasting battery. It has also good choice of flavors. I have tried all of them but love chocolate one(probably because i am chocolate addict:-). Now i am on 1.2% intensity and may try to go even lower.

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  3. Good brand with good selection of products and quality. Have been searching long until i found it and i think i could not be more satisfied with other products. First i purchased starter kit what was purpose for me to quit smoking. Even it was quite long journey i won. The ecig has good size and honestly it reminds real one what is great for people like me who needs that constant feeling to hold cigarette. Good flavour and selection of intensity of nicotine. Now i am active user series3 from Vapour2 what gives me even more enjoyable experience.

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