VaporFi Rocket Review

2016 UPDATE: VaporFi has just released the new Rocket 3! It improves upon the original Rocket in every possible way. All of the links in this article now point to the Rocket 3 and its accessories on the VaporFi website. You can still get the old Rocket at a reduced price here. Alternatively, look at our VaporFi Rocket 3 review.

Lately, we’ve seen an increasing number of companies move away from “cig-a-like” e-cigarettes and begin marketing slightly larger personal vaporizers with longer battery life, greater vapor production and more e-liquid storage. Perhaps this is a sign of the e-cigarette industry maturing, or maybe it’s simply because mainstream e-cigarette companies want to avoid any potential association with the lower-quality e-cigarettes from Big Tobacco now flooding convenience stores. Regardless of the reason, you can now find an ample supply of e-cigarettes that are simple enough for beginners to use while boasting the vapor production and battery life necessary to keep experienced e-smokers satisfied.

The VaporFi Rocket is one of those e-cigarettes. While its variable-voltage operation allows it to produce significantly more vapor than the cig-a-likes most of us started with, the simple tank design is extremely friendly for newcomers and won’t cause the frustration common with tanks using polyfill cartomizers. The VaporFi Rocket is also surprisingly durable and very tolerant to rough handling.

VaporFi Rocket

Price: $89.99

Includes: VaporFi Rocket with 1600 mAh variable-voltage battery, Rocket e-liquid tank, five replacement tank coils, USB and wall chargers

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VaporFi Rocket Review

The VaporFi Rocket is an advanced vaporizer with a large battery, variable-voltage operation up to 4.8 volts and a high-capacity e-liquid tank with airflow control. It includes everything you need to get started with e-smoking except the e-liquid, which VaporFi sells separately for $14.99 per 30 ml bottle, or you can use whatever e-liquid you like. Although the Rocket is about the same size as an eGo e-cigarette, it actually has a much larger battery; eGo e-cigarettes usually have a capacity of around 600 mAh, with some models topping out at 1100 mAh. The Rocket has a capacity of 1600 mAh, which means that many people won’t need to worry about charging it except overnight.

VaporFi Rocket Review

The VaporFi Rocket is available in black and stainless colors; each has a matching tank.

Another extremely impressive aspect of the VaporFi Rocket is the fact that it includes a total of six atomizer coils. Most e-cigarettes that include e-liquid tanks — even ones at this slightly higher price point — only include one coil because the tank itself is an expensive item with a low profit margin. Since one atomizer coil typically lasts up to a month, you’ll most likely be able to use the VaporFi Rocket for around six months before you’ll need to purchase more replacement coils. When you do, they’ll cost $19.99 per five-pack.

Most e-cigarette vendors also sell plastic e-liquid tanks. The VaporFi Rocket tank is glass and boasts a stainless steel shell, giving it the flavor benefit of glass without its inherent lack of durability. If you’ve ever used an e-cigarette clearomizer or tank with a plastic shell, you’ll know that they impart a certain flavor to the vapor that some may find off-putting. A glass tank eliminates this problem completely.

Using the VaporFi Rocket

VaporFi Rocket ReviewsBefore using the VaporFi Rocket, you’ll need to charge the battery and fill the tank. Charging the battery, we encountered the only aspect of the VaporFi Rocket that we truly disliked. Many advanced personal vaporizers with permanent batteries such as the Rocket have two ports: one for a cartomizer or tank at the top and another for charging at the bottom. This allows you to use the vaporizer while charging it.

Because the VaporFi Rocket uses a dial at the bottom for voltage adjustments, it doesn’t have a second port for charging. To charge it, you’ll need to remove the tank and connect the charger to that same threading. Therefore, it isn’t possible to use the VaporFi Rocket and charge the battery simultaneously. For many people, this won’t be a problem because the battery will last all day on a charge. If you need extra battery life, extra batteries are available for the Rocket. They cost $43.99 when using our link, which has an embedded coupon code for a 12 percent discount.

Next, you’ll want to fill the Rocket tank. Do this by twisting the bottom away from the glass and steel enclosure. This exposes the underside of the tank, into which you can add e-liquid using a bottle or dropper. This is also the method you’ll use to replace the atomizer coil when necessary, as the coil is a part of the tank’s bottom section and simply twists away from the base. After reconnecting the base, twist it to expose or cover the air holes until you get the airflow you’re looking for. You can opt for a very cool, airy vapor, a very warm vapor with a little bit of air resistance or something in between.

Although we only used the VaporFi Rocket with the included stainless steel mouthpiece, it should work with any 510 drip tip if you have a personal favorite. We prefer stainless steel drip tips and found the VaporFi Rocket drip tip a pleasure to use.

VaporFi Rocket Review: Conclusion

VaporFi RocketIn compiling this VaporFi Rocket review, our panel was unanimous in the opinion that the Rocket is an extremely high quality device with impressive construction for the price. The key performance aspects such as vapor production, throat hit and flavor were well above average, and the Rocket tank vaporized our e-liquids effortlessly with no burning or dry hits, even during lengthy vaping sessions. The only negative aspect of the VaporFi Rocket is its lack of pass-through operation, which means it doesn’t work while charging. However, for the few people for whom this may be a problem, extra batteries are adequately inexpensive. For most people, though, the batteries will last long enough that they can simply be charged overnight.

For first-time switchers and experienced e-smokers alike, the VaporFi Rocket represents perhaps the best of all possible worlds. Its performance and battery life are superior to that of any “cig-a-like.” However, the Rocket only costs slightly more and is of significantly higher quality. While filling a tank is a slight inconvenience compared to simply throwing a cartridge away and replacing it with a new one, the payoff is that even heavy smokers will get the nicotine they need to make switching to e-cigarettes possible, and for many people a single tank refill will be enough to make the VaporFi Rocket last all day.

VaporFi Rocket Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Top-quality fit and finish, stellar vapor production and battery life
  • Glass and stainless construction gives the tank superior flavor without fragility
  • Adjustable voltage and airflow
  • Includes six replacement atomizer coils

The Not So Good

  • Can’t be used while charging the battery
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Author: eCig One Staff

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