Vapor4Life Review: WOW Vapor V-Kit

When you look around the e-cigarette market, the majority of the e-cigarettes that you’ll see marketed toward beginners are either two-part models with a batteries and atomized cartridges or single-use disposable e-cigarettes. You’ll seldom find anything that breaks this mold and few products ever seem truly unique. The WOW Vapor V-Kit from Vapor4Life is one of the rare exceptions. This is a product that completely reimagines what a current smoker’s first e-cigarette kit should be, and it includes a few interesting twists that no other e-cigarette company is currently doing. If you’re a current smoker and are shopping for your first e-cigarette, the Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Kit is an excellent choice. In this Vapor4Life review, we’ll explain why.

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor V-Kit

Price: $69.99

Includes: Vapor4Life 5-volt battery, pre-filled atomized cartridge, 6 ml non-nicotine flavor vial, carrying case, wall charger, USB charger

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Vapor4Life Review

Vapor4Life Review: About the WOW Vapor V-Kit

From the pictures of the WOW Vapor V-Kit, you’d probably imagine something small and cigarette-shaped, like the majority of the other e-cigarette kits on the market. You’d probably also expect something that doesn’t generate a great deal of vapor, since most small e-cigarette batteries operate at 3.7 volts on a maximum charge, with a few exceptions such as the V2 Cigs EX Series (Review).

The WOW Vapor Five-Volt Battery

WOW Vapor V-Kit ReviewIn fact, the WOW Vapor V-Kit has a much larger battery, with specs that we haven’t quite seen elsewhere. It’s an eGo-shaped battery, which is similar in size and shape to a small cigar. However, it has KR-808-D1 threading. This type of battery is usually called “KGO,” but most KGO batteries operate at 3.7 volts. The Vapor4Life WOW Vapor battery operates at a whopping 5 volts.

So, not only does the WOW Vapor e-cigarette hit harder and generate more vapor per puff than other beginners’ e-cigarettes, but the battery also lasts significantly longer. Although we generally recommend buying kits with at least two batteries when purchasing your first starter kit, it isn’t necessary here because of the battery’s extended life and pass-through functionality. If the battery dies, you can continue using it while charging it via the bottom USB port.

If you do want to pick up a spare battery, WOW Vapor batteries cost $49.99 each.

An Easy Way to Adjust or Reduce Nicotine Consumption

The second interesting feature of the WOW Vapor V-Kit is the cartridge. This is a very large cartridge with a maximum capacity at least 2-3 times that of most small cigarette-shaped e-cigarette cartridges. It has a soft silicone tip wrapped around a solid metal tube, making it possible to chomp on the tip if you like — this isn’t possible with most e-cigarette tips.

You can refill the cartridge by twisting off the tip and adding e-liquid from a bottle. When you need to purchase some new cartridges, they cost $9.99 each when pre-filled or $7.99 when empty. If you’d rather buy your liquid by the bottle, each 6 ml V-Flavor vial costs $4.99. Every pre-filled cartridge and every vial of e-liquid includes a smaller vial of non-nicotine e-liquid. This makes it easy for you to adjust the strength of the e-liquid or, if you like, to taper off your nicotine intake.

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Specs:

  • 650 mAh, five-volt battery with KR-808-D1 threading
  • USB pass-through functionality; continue using while battery charges
  • Tank with soft silicone tip holds up to 6 ml of e-liquid
  • All pre-filled cartridges and e-liquid vials include zero-nicotine e-liquid vials in the same flavor

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Warranty/Guarantee:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee if items are in like-new condition
  • One-year warranty on battery, 90-day warranty on other non-consumable components

Vapor4Life Review: Using the WOW Vapor V-Kit

Like other e-cigarettes marketed toward complete beginners, the Vapor4Life WOW Vapor e-cigarette is incredibly easy to use. Installing a new cartridge is as simple as twisting it into the battery’s threading. The battery doesn’t utilize a fire button, so you can simply puff and enjoy.

Refilling the WOW Vapor Cartridge

As we mentioned above, you have two options when the included tank begins to run out of e-liquid: you can either buy a new tank or refill the one you have. Refilling is obviously the more economical option. To do this, twist off the mouthpiece to expose the soft filler material inside the cartridge. Drip e-liquid from a bottle into the filler material until the filler no longer appears dry. Make sure not to drip liquid down the center air tube. Twist the mouthpiece back on and resume using the WOW Vapor e-cigarette.

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Review

Eventually, the filler material will start to break down and you’ll have no choice but to buy a new cartridge. You can generally expect cartridges to last at least a few weeks, though. When you look inside the cartridge and the filler material looks much darker than your e-liquid — or you simply aren’t getting as much vapor as you once did — it’s time for a new cartridge.

Using the WOW Vapor Carrying Case

Vapor4Life Review WOW VaporThe design of the Vapor4Life WOW Vapor carrying case is adequate and the case does everything you’d expect it to. The carrying case holds one battery and two cartridges — or a cartridge and e-liquid vial — and slides easily in and out of pockets. The bottom of the case features a hole for the charging cable, allowing you to recharge your WOW Vapor e-cigarette without a lot of accessories lying about.

We do feel, however, that the appearance of the carrying case, in person, isn’t quite the same as what the pictures represent. The case isn’t metal — it’s plastic with a mirror finish. In other words, you can expect frequent smudges and difficult cleaning. However, the case is a free add-on that does its job. Vapor4Life does offer other e-cigarette cases, but the V-Case is probably the best of the lot.

Vapor4Life Review: The WOW Vapor Experience

Prior to conducting this Vapor4Life review, we had never reviewed an e-cigarette that could truly withstand chomping. It’s a very satisfying experience, holding the e-cigarette firmly in your teeth while you puff.

As we mentioned above, the vapor production of the WOW Vapor e-cigarette is excellent thanks to the higher-voltage battery. There are a lot of companies selling e-cigarettes with eGo- or KGO-type batteries today, but we’ve never seen one that comes close to this. You can even increase the vapor production by taking several small puffs, one after another. The battery’s internal microprocessor does an excellent job of keeping the vapor production steady throughout the life of the battery.

We applaud Vapor4Life for doing something truly unique by including non-nicotine e-liquid bottles with purchases of standard-strength cartridges and e-liquids. This system is ideal if you’re switching to e-cigarettes with the goal of reducing your nicotine consumption. You’ll have to do it quickly, though, as the kit doesn’t include a great deal of non-nicotine e-liquid. So, this system won’t work for everyone.

It also must be said that the price per milliliter of WOW Vapor e-liquid isn’t the lowest on the market — and if you “chain vape,” you’ll deplete the small bottles quickly. However, we were very happy with the way the e-liquids tasted, and the WOW Vapor e-cigarette will work with any e-liquid you’d care to use.

Vapor4Life Review: WOW Vapor V-Kit Bottom Line

Although we believe that the mirrored plastic of the carrying case is a slight misstep, the WOW Vapor e-cigarette is overall an excellent device. The vapor production is stellar, both for an e-cigarette of its size and for an e-cigarette marketed to beginners. The WOW Vapor e-cigarette is incredibly simple to use, and we had great fun chomping on the soft silicone tip. For any new e-cigarette user — especially if you’re looking to taper off your nicotine intake quickly — the WOW Vapor V-Kit merits your strong consideration.

Vapor4Life Review: The Last Word on the WOW Vapor V-Kit

The Good

  • Superlative vapor production for a beginner’s e-cigarette
  • Refill cartridges and e-liquid bottles include non-nicotine vials for nicotine adjustment/tapering
  • Chomp-friendly silicone tip feels great in the mouth and is lots of fun
  • Money-back guarantee; excellent warranty

The Not So Good

  • E-liquid price is slightly high, although flavor is excellent
  • Carrying case is far from smudge-proof
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