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In our review of V2 Cigs, we discussed the benefits that the V2 e-cigarette has. We discussed how things like a lifetime warranty, a magnificent charging case and top-notch packaging all work together to make an e-smoker’s first e-cigarette the best experience.

The problem with V2 Cigs, at least with how it relates to new e-smokers, is that the best starter kit costs upwards of $100. Not everyone is willing to drop that kind of cash on something that they may not like.

Halo G6

Price: $44.99

Includes: Two batteries, five cartridges, USB charger, wall charger

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We’re going to go over a possible alternative for anyone who hasn’t decided to switch to e-smoking or anyone who might be hesitant about spending so much money on their first e-cigarette.

The Halo G6 comes with features comparable to V2 Cigs starter kits, but it doesn’t come with the same price tag.

Halo G6: All There Is to Know

The Halo G6 comes with a battery that fits the KR-808 design. It’s the same kind of battery you’ll find used by V2 Cigs and other companies for a number of reasons. It’s easy to use and seems to balance battery life, vapor production and overall unit size the best.

This is why we recommend KR-808 e-cigarettes for beginning e-smokers. You get something reliable for your first e-smoking experience that will last.

What the Halo G6 Doesn’t Have

The difference between the Halo G6 and V2 Cigs starter kit starts to become apparent as soon as you see the packaging. You don’t get a lavish, neatly decorated box, just a small plastic box that comes with a simple molded divider to keep all the components from shifting about during shipping.

Another difference involves the lack of accessories; the Halo G6 comes with less pre-filled cartridges and a lack of carrying or charging cases like the V2 Ultimate Kit has.

What the Halo G6 Brings to the Table

Even though you do lack a number of things, you still get quite a few amenities with the Halo G6 starter kit. You get two batteries, a battery charger for wall sockets, another charger for USB ports and five cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid. If you aren’t sure which flavors you’ll enjoy, you can add a sample pack of e-liquid to your order for $24.99. Each sample pack contains six bottles of e-liquid.

Tip: Halo G6 cartridges have soft tips, making them easy to refill. You can save money this way by buying e-liquid bottles from Halo at $19.99 for 30 ml. One bottle fills up to 30 cartridges, and some of Halo’s flavors are only available by the bottle.

The last major benefit of the Halo G6 is that it allows you to purchase your e-liquid from Halo, which is one of the top three e-liquid makers in our book. Halo is one of the few e-cigarette companies that makes its own e-liquid in the United States rather than subcontracting laboratories in China to make it for them.

Where your e-liquid originates from makes a huge difference in quality, vapor production and flavor. The difference really is noticeable.

How Does the Halo G6 Work?

The first thing we noticed about the Halo G6 was that the batteries needed a bit of charging before we could really use them to their full potential. You simply twist one of the batteries into the USB charger or the wall outlet charger. You’ll know your battery is fully charged when the LED at the end of the battery turns off.

Halo G6 Reviews

The refill cartridges come packaged in a nice and neat plastic case. You just flip the case open, take the cartridge you want, remove the stoppers and then twist the cartridge on to the end of the battery.

Once you’ve done that, you can take your first slow puff from the end of the Halo G6 to create some vapor if you have an automatic battery. If you have a manual battery, then you’ll need to press the button on it to begin making vapor.

If you’re new to e-smoking, it’s our recommendation that you get one automatic and one manual battery. This allows you to experiment and find out which of the two methods you prefer for e-smoking.

After a few hours of active use, you’ll notice that the amount of vapor produced by the Halo G6 will noticeably diminish. This is usually due to the battery running out of charge, as we’ve noticed that the cartridges included with the Halo G6 tend to outlast the battery.

If you see a blinking light near the end of your battery, then your battery is dead and needs to be recharged. If you’re still not getting the same amount of vapor, then it’s time to replace or refill your cartridge.

What About the Halo G6 Refill Cartridges?

E-cigarette companies make the bulk of their money not with e-cigarette starter kits, but with the e-liquid that they sell. That’s why you’ll see a number of e-cigarette manufacturers selling e-liquid bottles and refill cartridges, though more of the latter than the former.

The cartridges they sell tend to be hard to open and nearly impossible to refill with your own e-liquid. Although they’ll say this is for performance reasons, it’s actually because they resell e-liquid made by Chinese manufacturers and allowing their cartridges to be refilled would decrease their profits.

Halo makes their own e-liquid, so they don’t have to worry about forcing you to purchase their cartridges. They make their cartridges easy enough to open, which means that you can open them with just your bare fingernails.

When you have the cartridge open, all you need to do is to add e-liquid from the refill bottle until the white gauze inside of the cartridge looks saturated. Replace the stopper and put it back on the end of your battery to continue e-smoking.

If you’re worried about frugality or simply enjoy the idea of having some choice, then you’ll be pleased to know that Halo sells e-liquid in 18 different flavors as Halo doesn’t have pre-filled cartridges for all of its e-liquids. The price for each e-liquid vial starts at $5.99. Empty cartridges for the Halo G6 cost $8.99 and come in packs of five.

If you order pre-filled cartridges from Halo, you’ll be confined to a choice of just eight flavors. You get five pre-filled cartridges for $9.99. The flavors included in these cartridges are the same ones you can buy in the bottles.

How Does the Halo G6 Rate?

When you consider the ratio of price to performance, the Halo G6 is easily one of the best e-cigarettes on the market. This is especially true if you are completely new to e-smoking. In addition to the fact that Halo’s e-liquids taste consistently wonderful, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with Halo’s 30-day guarantee. If you’re not pleased with the Halo G6 for any reason, you can send it back within 30 days for a refund.

Halo G6 Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Extremely attractive price point for a starter kit with two batteries
  • Halo’s USA-made e-liquid is tops in the industry
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

The Not So Good

  • Accessories are a bit spartan compared to some other brands
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