Halo E-Liquid Review

Halo-E-Liquid-ReviewHalo Cigs has been a fixture of the e-cigarette industry for nearly as long as the industry has existed in the United States. Throughout their existence, reviewers have given Halo consistently high marks for the quality, variety and performance of their American-made e-liquids. Until now, though, we have focused exclusively on Halo’s hardware on eCig One. Elsewhere on this website, you can find our Halo G6 review and Halo Triton review. Today, though, we’ll be turning our attention to Halo’s e-liquids. In this Halo e-liquid review, our panel will share their opinions on the majority of Halo’s product lineup and choose their favorites. We hope you enjoy!


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Halo E-Liquid Review: Table of Contents

Presented in order of our score from highest to lowest.

  1. Turkish Tobacco
  2. SubZero
  3. Freedom Juice
  4. Longhorn
  5. Midnight Apple
  6. Belgian Cocoa
  7. Kringle’s Curse
  8. Mystic Menthol
  9. Fusion
  10. Malibu Menthol
  11. Torque 56
  12. Menthol Ice
  13. Tribeca
  14. Prime 15
  15. HX3
  16. Captain Jack
  17. CoolMist
  18. Cafe Mocha
  19. Tiki Juice

Halo E-Liquid Review: Turkish Tobacco

Our Score: 5/5 | Buy Now

Halo has earned its excellent reputation in the e-smoking community by creating many different interpretations of tobacco and menthol flavors. Though the interpretations vary, almost all are remarkably good. Recently, Halo took its product lineup to new territories with the Midnight Apple and Belgian Cocoa e-liquids. Quite simply, they are the best apple and chocolate e-liquids we’ve ever tasted.

A lot of e-liquid fanatics like to talk about “steeping.” They believe that an e-liquid improves in flavor as it ages. Some e-liquids, a few people say, don’t reach their peak flavor until weeks or even months after bottling. We tend to disagree with that slightly; “steeping” is what happens when you extract compounds by soaking something in a solvent. We can’t see how that takes place in a bottled e-liquid. That being said, we do agree that the flavors of e-liquids change over time — most likely because certain volatile compounds start to degrade. Even Halo suggests that its e-liquids change greatly in flavor over the first 48 hours after the bottle is opened.

We mention steeping time because, if you buy Halo Turkish Tobacco e-liquid within a couple days of bottling, you may notice an off-putting flavor. When we first opened our bottle of Turkish Tobacco, we tasted a strong butter or caramel flavor that reminded us of RY4 — an overly sweet “tobacco” flavor that we aren’t fond of. Within a couple of days, that flavor was gone and very little sweetness remained. In fact, Halo Turkish Tobacco became one of the best “analog cigarette” e-liquids we have ever tried.

Keep a bottle of water nearby when vaping Halo Turkish Tobacco; it’s a powerful e-liquid that’s likely to leave you a bit thirsty. If what you’re looking for is an intense and realistic tobacco e-liquid, though, Halo Turkish Tobacco is perfect in every way. We highly recommend this one.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
The vapor production of Halo Turkish Tobacco is absolutely astronomical. Halo knows that rich, strong flavors are the way to go; they can be used sparingly to create an e-liquid with great flavor and vapor production. Halo’s Turkish Tobacco is a great reproduction of the flavor that tobacco lovers adore; it has a dry, smoky flavor with only the slightest touch of sweetness. The throat hit is quite powerful with a scratchy character that I don’t recall from other e-liquids I’ve tried previously.

Halo E-Liquid Review: SubZero

Our Score: 5/5 | Buy Now

Among e-cigarette owners who prefer menthol e-liquids, there seem to be two schools of thought. Some people prefer e-liquids that attempt to recreate the taste of cigarettes by blending tobacco and menthol flavors. Others would rather have the strongest blast of menthol combined with the cleanest taste possible. We fall squarely into the second camp; to date, we’ve found that when an e-liquid tries to do both tobacco and menthol flavors well, it fails at both. In the past, we firmly believed that Volcano Menthol Burst was the best menthol e-liquid in the world. Nothing came close to its winning combination of clean flavor and extreme level of menthol. Today, however, there is a new champion. Halo SubZero is the best menthol e-liquid we have reviewed to date.

Halo SubZero is a pink, slightly viscous e-liquid with a neutral, minty smell. It has a slight resemblance to Halo’s Kringle’s Curse e-liquid, which is also a high-menthol e-liquid with a candy cane flavor. Where that e-liquid tastes like a candy cane, though, SubZero has a flavor more like that of plain, unsweetened peppermint. It’s an extremely refreshing flavor for someone who doesn’t like e-liquids with a lot of sweetness, but the peppermint flavor is applied with a light hand. In an e-liquid that exists primarily just to provide a cold blast of menthol, the peppermint flavor of SubZero remains far in the background.

With Volcano’s Menthol Burst e-liquid, we were blown away by the strong menthol flavor and amazed by the fact that no other menthol e-liquid has come close to its level of strength in the years since its release. Our understanding is that it’s Volcano’s best selling e-liquid and we have long wondered why no other e-liquid company has attempted to duplicate or improve on the formula.

Halo SubZero is the first e-liquid that has managed to approach that level of menthol, and we have to say that it even seems to have more menthol than the e-liquid that might have inspired it. Truly, if you’re looking for the highest menthol e-liquid available, Halo SubZero is that e-liquid.

SubZero and Menthol Burst are both e-liquids ideal for menthol lovers who want an e-liquid with a taste neutral enough for everyday use. If you’ve tried Volcano’s offering, you might be curious as to how Halo SubZero compares. In our panel’s opinion, the taste of Menthol Burst could be characterized as that of artificial mint with slight sweetness, while SubZero tastes more like a hint of plain peppermint extract. It’s a very natural tasting flavor and we have quickly come to love it.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
Although I love reviewing tobacco e-liquids because of the incredible variety from one product to the next, menthol e-liquids are what I choose to vape every day. I like nothing more than an e-liquid with a huge blast of menthol and a pleasant, neutral flavor that doesn’t start to leave a lingering sweetness on the tongue with constant use. Halo SubZero delivers on those better than any other e-liquid I’ve ever reviewed, and I couldn’t possibly give it a higher recommendation.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Freedom Juice

Our Score: 5/5 | Buy Now

This is one that really surprised us. While we certainly haven’t tried every tobacco e-liquid on the market, we have tried enough that we had pretty much formed the opinion that it isn’t possible to create an e-liquid that tastes like a real cigarette. Even e-liquids using real tobacco as a flavoring agent typically come up short. Halo Freedom Juice changed our mind and until the release of Halo’s more recent Turkish Tobacco e-liquid, it was by far the best tobacco e-liquid we had ever tried.

The flavor profile here consists of tobacco and spice, with notes of pepper, and perhaps ginger. Maybe it’s just that it’s been a long time since any of us has had a real cigarette, but Freedom Juice really does remind me of something like a Camel Light. The taste has just a slight hint of sweetness, but only a little.

Some people like a sweet liquid for an all-day vape, but we prefer e-liquids with less sweetness. Freedom Juice is just perfect as an all-day vape and we suspect that many people who try this e-liquid are going to end up making it their go-to liquid

Like most of Halo’s liquids, Freedom Juice produces a ton of vapor. Another major strength of this e-liquid is that it has quite a strong throat hit — not strong enough to be overly harsh, but just enough to make the “real cigarette” flavor all the more convincing.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
I recommend Freedom Juice wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a pure tobacco flavor without a lot of sweetness or extra flavorings. I have read that it is one of Halo’s most popular e-liquids, and I can clearly see why. It is without a doubt among best tobacco e-liquids that I have tried to date.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Longhorn

Our Score: 4.5/5 | Buy Now

Halo E-Liquid ReviewWhen we first discovered Halo some years ago, the company had less than ten e-liquids in total. Since then, their selection has more than doubled. With such rapid expansion, the concern is that Halo could dilute its e-liquid line with less compelling flavors in an attempt to get more money from its dedicated customers who happily try each new flavor. However, that hasn’t been the case; Mystic Menthol and Turkish Tobacco — two newcomers to the Halo lineup — are possibly the best menthol and tobacco flavors Halo has ever released.

When our panel received the bottle of Longhorn e-liquid from Halo, Vapegrl smelled it and immediately said, “smells like a cleaner Freedom Juice.” Indeed, the smell is extremely similar, and we believe we can taste a bit of Freedom Juice in the e-liquid as well. However, that’s where the similarities end. To create Longhorn, we believe that Halo may have combined some flavor element of the Freedom Juice e-liquid with one — and possibly two — other flavors. We think we have identified those two flavors as flue-cured tobacco and cigar tobacco.

We aren’t certain whether a cigar flavor was actually added to Longhorn e-liquid or it’s just the flavor suggested by the combination of the Freedom Juice and flue-cured tobacco flavors. Either way, “cigar tobacco” is definitely the overall flavor profile we get when vaping Halo Longhorn. While it’s not going to convince you that you’re actually smoking a cigar, it’s a great twist that fans of Halo’s classic Freedom Juice e-liquid are going to love.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Midnight Apple

Our Score: 4.5/5 | Buy Now

We were excited to hear about the release of Halo’s Midnight Apple e-liquid a couple of years ago. Even in the rare instances when we don’t care for a flavor, Halo’s e-liquids are extremely high-quality, affordable and a pleasure to try. As far as the new Midnight Apple flavor is concerned, we are definitely not disappointed.

Apple is a common note found in flavored tobacco products such as pipe tobacco and snuff, and Halo has attempted to duplicate that experience by using a base flavor of tobacco with a top note of green apple.

The liquid has a scent that reminds us of Torque 56, while the apple flavor becomes more evident upon tasting.

The apple flavor in Midnight Apple reminds us a bit of a green Jolly Rancher candy, although it doesn’t produce the same tingling sensation on the tongue. Although we believe that the tobacco base is essentially Torque 56, the apple note completely changes the character of the e-liquid, making it slightly sweet while remaining savory enough to be an excellent all-day vape. That’s the thing we like most about this e-liquid — fruit-flavored e-liquids tend to be so sweet that the sugary taste begins to build on the tongue and obscure the taste of the vapor — not to mention anything else you might care to eat or drink. Midnight Apple doesn’t do that at all.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
Having smoked apple pipe tobacco before, I can tell you that isn’t the experience you should expect with Midnight Apple. The best apple pipe tobacco uses natural apple flavoring, while the taste that I get here is more like that of an apple candy — minus much of the sweetness, and plus an interesting floral taste that reminds be a bit of perfume. The scent of the vapor, however, does strongly resemble a real apple tobacco blend.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Belgian Cocoa

Our Score: 4.5/5 | Buy Now

Dessert e-liquids have never been favorites among our panel. Although we have tried many e-liquids with chocolate flavors, none of them have actually tasted like chocolate you would eat — they just tasted like artificial chocolate flavoring. We were a little surprised when Halo first announced a chocolate e-liquid, since the company focuses almost exclusively on tobacco and menthol flavors. They have defied our expectations in the past, though. As it turns out, Halo Belgian Cocoa isn’t just one of Halo’s best e-liquids — it’s the first chocolate e-liquid we’ve ever had that actually tastes like chocolate.

If you’ve ever tried a chocolate e-liquid before, chances are that you know the kind of products we’re talking about above. It’s like the companies that make these e-liquids know their artificial chocolate flavors taste nothing like actual chocolate, so they doctor them up with sweetness or up the throat hit as much as possible to disguise the mediocre flavor. Halo Belgian Cocoa smells quite powerful in the bottle. In fact, you can smell it across a small room. We were prepared for disappointment.

In fact, that wasn’t the case. Not only does Halo Belgian Cocoa actually taste like chocolate, but it tastes like chocolate you’d want to eat. The primary flavor note is cocoa, like the Dutch process cocoa you’d use to make brownies or hot cocoa. Under that flavor is a secondary chocolate note that tastes a bit sweeter, almost like a chocolate chip. Combined, these flavor notes make Halo Belgian Cocoa taste like a wonderful chocolate treat such as a brownie or double chocolate cookie.

What’s remarkable about Halo Belgian Cocoa is the fact that the flavor is so strong, you actually taste it both on the inhale and the exhale. With some milder e-liquids, you only detect the full range of flavors after exhaling the vapor. That isn’t the case here; with Halo Belgian Cocoa, you taste the sweet cocoa immediately when you begin to take a puff. The flavor is sustained until after you exhale.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
Halo Belgian Cocoa is a very sweet e-liquid, and that isn’t what some e-cigarette users look for. For all-day e-smoking, I tend to prefer e-liquids that are a little more savory or neutral. After dinner, though, I sometimes like to switch to something a little stronger to curb post-dinner drowsiness or reduce my desire for sweet desserts. Halo Belgian Cocoa does both jobs admirably. If you love sweet e-liquids and have been unhappy with other companies’ chocolate flavors — or even if you typically don’t like sweet e-liquids at all — you should give Halo Belgian Cocoa a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Kringle’s Curse

Our Score: 4/5 | Buy Now

Where flavorings are concerned, the term “peppermint” can mean different things to different people. People accustomed to breath mints and candy canes think of peppermint as a strong flavor with plenty of cooling menthol, while mint tea lovers think of peppermint as more mild and herbal. With its over the top peppermint flavor and a healthy helping of menthol, Halo’s Kringle’s Curse e-liquid falls into the first category.

Tasting Kringle’s Curse, our immediate reaction was that it had quite a bit of menthol — so much, in fact, that the powerful throat hit normally present in Halo’s e-liquids was masked a bit. Once the coolness of the menthol began to fade, though, the slight ache in our lungs reminded us that we were vaping some powerful stuff.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
Halo’s approach to a peppermint e-liquid is really quite nice. It’s definitely the strongest tasting of any peppermint e-liquid I’ve had to date, and I think that Halo may have utilized a bit of natural peppermint oil or extract in addition to the powerful artificial “candy cane” flavor. Kringle’s Curse also lacks the horrible chemical flavor that I’ve tasted in some mint e-liquids.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Mystic Menthol

Our Score: 4/5 | Buy Now

Long ago, we wrote to Halo and suggested that they develop something to compete with Volcano Menthol Burst. To date, no e-liquid company has managed to come up with an e-liquid containing the extreme level of menthol found in Menthol Burst; that same amount of menthol combined with Halo’s signature vapor production and throat hit would be just about the best e-liquid on the market, we thought. We were told that a “super menthol” e-liquid was in development and that we’d see it before too long.

At first taste, we were surprised by the high amount of menthol in Halo Mystic Menthol. Halo tends to use a very light hand when adding menthol to e-liquids, and we believe that Mystic Menthol definitely has significantly more menthol than the company’s other offerings except the more recent SubZero.

Halo’s e-liquids are typically very strongly flavored, which makes them perfect for lower-voltage e-cigarettes. Mystic Menthol is fairly subdued in comparison; even at six volts, the slightly sweet mint flavor is quite mild.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Fusion

Our Score: 4/5 | Buy Now

So, you’ve bought yourself a huge bottle of e-liquid and it isn’t quite up to snuff. What do you do with your bottle of sub-par juice? Maybe it uses only propylene glycol as a base and doesn’t have the vapor production you’re looking for, or maybe you got the wrong nicotine strength and you’re just not feeling the satisfaction you normally would. Halo Fusion is the is the unflavored base that Halo uses to create all of its e-liquids, and it can go a long way toward perking up an e-liquid that isn’t quite doing it for you.

Some of the the things we have always loved about Halo e-liquids are their full mouth feel and excellent vapor production. This comes from a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin mix that is fairly high in VG. Fusion is also an excellent base for those who want to experiment with creating their own e-liquids.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Malibu Menthol

Our Score: 4/5 | Buy Now

Like Tiki Juice, Malibu Menthol is a blend of menthol with tropical flavor essences. However, while we didn’t enjoy Tiki Juice a great deal, we think that Malibu Menthol e-liquid is done quite well. The taste is exactly as the advertisements describe — like a piña colada with a bit of menthol in the background. We can taste both the pineapple and coconut clearly, and the menthol is quite noticeable as well.

As for the throat hit, this e-liquid does pack a fair punch at the 18 mg nicotine level.

Given the beverage that Malibu Menthol is supposed to taste like, we’re sure that it won’t surprise you to learn that the e-liquid has a bit of sweetness to it. However, we have never found the sweetness to be cloying or overpowering. If you like an e-liquid that is slightly sweet and has a hint of fruit flavor, this is one that you should definitely consider picking up.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Torque 56

Our Score: 4/5 | Buy Now

Our review of Halo Freedom Juice might have spoiled us. Freedom Juice was a truly remarkable representation of a real tobacco cigarette in our estimation and according to a survey on the Halo Cigs website, Torque 56 is even more popular with Halo customers than Freedom Juice. In preparing for our Halo e-liquid review, there was quite a lot of buildup for Torque 56.

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up enjoying it as much as Halo’s other customers. There a certain taste in Torque 56 that doesn’t sit right with us and we’ve detected it in other tobacco e-liquids in the past.

Torque 56 definitely tastes a bit reminiscent of a cigarette, although it adds a combination of other flavors such as burned coffee and vanilla. We also taste something we can only identify as grape — even though there is almost certainly no fruit flavoring in this e-liquid.

Vapor production and throat hit are both off the charts with Torque 56. Because this e-liquid is supposed to resemble a full-flavored or unfiltered cigarette, Halo really went all-out with the throat hit on this one. If throat hit is a priority for you, this would definitely be an e-liquid to add to your to-try list.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Menthol Ice

Our Score: 3.5/5 | Buy Now

Two our panel, Halo Menthol Ice tastes like a combination of peppermint and unsmoked tobacco. There is also a little bit of sweetness to the liquid, along with a moderate amount of menthol. While we would love it if the e-liquid had just a little more menthol, it is great as it is. Menthol Ice was an early favorite for Halo and part of their original flavor lineup. However, they have since released several superior menthol e-liquids, which we’ve described above.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Tribeca

Our Score: 3.5/5 | Buy Now

Halo’s Tribeca e-liquid is a non-menthol tobacco e-liquid that is supposed to have a mellow and sweet flavor, perhaps something like pipe tobacco. We think of Tribeca as Halo’s version of the well-known Chinese RY4 (Ruyan 4) e-liquid, with strong notes of butterscotch and caramel, and perhaps coffee as well. It is quite sweet. If you’ve tried and enjoyed any RY4-based flavor, you’ll most likely love Tribeca. If you don’t care for RY4, this won’t change your mind.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Prime 15

Our Score: 3/5 | Buy Now

We were initially prepared to give Halo Prime 15 an incredibly glowing review — perhaps even more glowing than the review that we gave Halo Freedom Juice and Turkish Tobacco. Then, something changed. That something was the great tobacco flavor that Prime 15 had at first.

Halo includes a card with each purchase explaining that the flavor of its e-liquids mature and change over the first couple of days after opening the bottle. In most cases, this is a good thing; throat hit becomes smoother, the most volatile flavors fade away and the e-liquids start to taste a bit more mature. In this case, though, we weren’t so pleased with the change.

Overall, Prime 15 is definitely a better than average tobacco e-liquid, and we recommend trying it after you’ve purchased Halo’s better flavors. We think that Prime 15 is best in the first couple of days after opening the bottle, though. You might want to start with a small bottle and use it quickly for the best possible experience.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
In the beginning, Halo Prime 15 tasted fairly dry — it actually made me a bit thirsty. It had a strong throat hit and a very convincing tobacco flavor with little sweetness. I loved it. Over time, though, I have begun to detect more of a sweet caramel flavor note that I didn’t notice before, making the e-liquid taste a bit like Halo Tribeca. This was a bit of a disappointment to me, as I was really enjoying the lack of sweetness. I also feel as though the throat hit dropped slightly.

Halo E-Liquid Review: HX3

Our Score: 3/5 | Buy Now

Halo’s HX3 e-liquid, with its strong dry tobacco flavor and hint of menthol, is being advertised as a “Next Level Vape,” and when we opened the package and saw the neon yellow color in the bottle we immediately knew it was an e-liquid to be reckoned with. We’ve heard some people describe HX3 as “Torque 56 with menthol,” and having extensive experience with Torque 56 we don’t believe that to be the case. HX3 is something completely different, although the two e-liquids have a few flavor notes in common. While HX3 is definitely one of the most intense products in our Halo e-liquid review, we’re not sure everyone would consider that a good thing.

On the nose, we can definitely detect notes of Torque 56 in HX3 e-liquid. It smells powerful — seriously powerful. Based on this, HX3 would be a great e-liquid for people who use smaller electronic cigarettes like the Halo G6, since mild e-liquids can sometimes be a little hard to taste at 3.7 volts.

After a few days of testing HX3 throughout this Halo e-liquid review, we noticed the “grape” flavor note far less prominently than before. In its place, peppermint and “liquid smoke” flavors moved to the forefront, making HX3 resemble Torque 56 even less. On the exhale, we also began to detect a bit more sweetness, which counterbalanced the intense flavor of the inhale.

Halo HX3 strikes us as being more about throat hit and vapor production than it is about flavor. This e-liquid is so intense that even Torque 56 pales in comparison. On the other hand, speaking strictly about the taste, Freedom Juice comes much closer to that “perfect tobacco flavor” we’re looking for. Our understanding is that Torque 56 — not Freedom Juice — is Halo’s best-selling flavor, though, and if you are in the camp that prefers Torque 56, you’re going to love HX3. From the angry yellow color to the deadly throat hit, Halo HX3 is an e-liquid that takes no prisoners. If that sounds like an e-liquid that’s right up your alley, give it a try.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
After my first few puffs with HX3, I noticed two things: the room started spinning a little, and I was blowing some of the biggest vapor clouds I had ever seen. This stuff is some potent juju. I also notice a bit of that fruity flavor note that we detected in Torque 56 and identified as “grape.” So, the Torque 56 lineage definitely seems to be present in HX3, but there’s so much more going on here as well. I taste strong tobacco, a hint of peppermint and a dab of something that resembles liquid smoke — and so much throat hit. If you ever had a Nat Sherman Hint of Mint cigarette before the United States banned flavored cigarettes, HX3 is like one of those on steroids. After around ten puffs, my lungs started to ache a bit and I had to put HX3 down for a while.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Captain Jack

Our Score: 2.5/5 | Buy Now

Halo’s Captain Jack e-liquid is a pipe tobacco flavor intended for electronic cigarette users who want something with little sweetness and plenty of flavor and throat hit. In reviewing this e-liquid, our panel came away with a mixed opinion.

The first thing that struck us about Captain Jack was how much the vapor smells like pipe tobacco. Immediately, it conjured images of warm studies and leather-bound books. If you’ve ever smelled an English pipe tobacco blend, you might say that Halo captured that smell exactly with Captain Jack. The taste, however, is a slightly different story.

There is definitely a taste that we identify as “pipe tobacco” in Captain Jack. Our problem is the added notes that muddle the flavor a bit. Some of these flavors include caramel, vanilla and chocolate. The overall effect is a bit confusing for the taste buds, making Captain Jack seem somehow more complicated than it ought to be.

Vapegrl Vapegrl.com
If you love the smell of pipe tobacco, then you should definitely give Captain Jack e-liquid a try as I’ve never smelled another e-liquid quite like it. However, the taste is just a little strange for me. Perhaps if you used it like you would a real pipe — not inhaling the vapor, but rather letting it linger on the tongue a bit before exhaling — the flavor would make more sense. Most people would inhale the vapor, though, so I don’t think that Captain Jack quite works.

Halo E-Liquid Review: CoolMist

Our Score: 2.5/5 | Buy Now

Halo CoolMist is a menthol e-liquid with a mint base. It has a full mouth feel and produces plenty of vapor. Some of the flavors notes detected by our panel include spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen and lemon. The overall taste is very clean and the amount of menthol is somewhat low.

If you like a bit of sweetness in an e-liquid, Halo CoolMist might be right up your alley. The sweetness is a bit overpowering to use it all of the time, but used sparingly, CoolMist can be a nice change of pace. When compared to the rest of Halo’s e-liquid lineup, though, it’s a bit uninspiring.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Cafe Mocha

Our Score: 2.5/5 | Buy Now

Having solidified its product lineup with no less than 15 distinct tobacco and menthol e-liquids, Halo branched out with more flavored offerings beginning with the magnificent Midnight Apple. Because Halo has been the favorite e-liquid company of many tobacco and menthol fans for quite some time now, it makes sense that the company would expand and try to capture more customers who prefer sweeter e-liquids. However, the little problem that with some of these new offerings is the fact that they all build on the same theme. Cafe Mocha is Belgian Cocoa plus coffee, and we presume that Halo’s new Shamrock e-liquid is Belgian Cocoa plus mint. If you like one, you’ll probably like all three. If you’re excited by the new and different, though, you’ll probably be fine trying one and moving on to something else.

Halo E-Liquid Review: Tiki Juice

Our Score: 1/5 | Buy Now

Tiki Juice never managed to grow on our Halo e-liquid review panel. Halo advertises Tiki Juice as having “Tahitian Tobacco” flavor — we aren’t really sure what that is — along with spice, tropical flavors and menthol. We hesitate to call this a menthol e-liquid at all; there is so little menthol that it is practically undetectable. Bear that in mind if you are a big fan of menthol.

Some of the tastes that we detect in Tiki Juice are cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pineapple, cherry and maybe a bit of coconut and banana. Overall, although one would think that fruit and spice would make a tasty combination, it just doesn’t do anything for us here. In fact, we really don’t think that Tiki Juice is a very good tasting e-liquid at all.

For being such a high-nicotine liquid, we find that Tiki Juice really doesn’t have much of a throat hit at all. Also, the liquid isn’t quite as big on vapor production as the other Halo e-liquids that I have tried. If you use an atomizer for dripping, beware; the flavor will linger for a very long time. Be prepared that you’ll be tasting Tiki Juice for several days before the flavor finally begins to fade.

Author: Jason Artman

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  1. I don’t like SubZero AT ALL. It is like having icicles shoved down your throat. It has no taste, all you feel is a very cold, numb throat from the overwhelming menthol. Tiki Juice is actually “ok” although I got mine in the wrong strength (6mg instead of 12mg) but I do like the taste, it is fruity/sweet/candy with a hint of spice/cinnamon and very tiny hint of menthol. Its definitely not as bad. I had worse.

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    • I can agree not liking subzero! Just got my first 5 different Halo juices and testing them out, and subzero was downright awful. I actually got physically disgusted of its flavour like almost wanting to throw up ewww, cant really say whats wrong there and not trying to discourage people trying it out! wasnt my thing though.
      That being said… I have also sampled Torque and Freedom juice by now and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! 😀 Of those two Torque blew my mind, its gonna be my number 1 choice from now on, if i cant find even better product from their range. Cant wait to test Turkish next!

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