Charlie Noble is an e-liquid company founded in 2014 and based in Maryland. The company only sells e-liquids — primarily with nautical themes — and markets just 17 flavors in total at the time of writing. I became aware of Charlie Noble primarily because of the very popular Tripoli and Charlie’s Custard flavors, and in general the reading that I’ve done suggests that Charlie Noble has a very good reputation in the vaping community.

Charlie Noble┬áprimarily sells high-VG e-liquids and focuses mainly on the sub-ohm market. As a result, Charlie Noble’s e-liquids are available in a wide variety of lower nicotine strengths — including the fairly uncommon 1.5 mg — and they are priced extremely fairly. At Charlie Noble, 120 ml bottles of e-liquid start at just $44.99 — the equivalent of $11.25 for each 30 ml portion — and ship for free within the United States. Here’s the thing, though — Charlie Noble doesn’t have the reputation of a budget e-liquid company. They’re just priced like one.

With my curiosity piqued, I contacted Charlie Noble to inquire about the possibility of receiving review samples. Charlie Noble provided five flavors for review: Tripoli, Charlie’s Custard, Mayflower, Siren Song and Fruit on the Bottom. I’m presenting them in my order of preference. While Tripoli and Charlie’s Custard were my favorites and the only flavors that I intend to continue buying, I did drain all five bottles — something I don’t often do. So, in all, Charlie Noble is highly recommended — even the flavors that I didn’t prefer are worth trying.

Charlie Noble E-Liquid

Price: Starting at $6.99/15 ml, $12.99/30 ml and $44.99/120 ml

Packaging: Glass bottle with dropper or plastic bottle (120 ml)

VG/PG Blend: Varies by flavor

Quality Testing: Product pages contain test results performed by Global Laboratory Services

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Charlie Noble E-Liquid Review

Charlie Noble Review: Tripoli

Charlie Noble describes Tripoli as a blend of Turkish tobacco, fig, almonds and rare spices. Tripoli is a fairly famous e-liquid about which you’ll find no shortage of positive comments online, and I have to say that I have no argument with any of the positive things that people have said about this e-liquid. Sweet almond is a really intoxicating scent and flavor. It serves as a base note here, adding richness and creaminess to the sweet fig top note. I would classify the tobacco note as “pipe tobacco” more than the Turkish tobacco flavor that you might recognize in, for example, a Camel cigarette. It’s a flavor I’ve tasted before — possibly my favorite tobacco flavor, in fact — but it’s way in the background here. Sometimes you’ll taste the tobacco, and other times you won’t. Likewise with the “rare spices;” I mostly can’t taste them at all. Sometimes I believe I can taste a bit of nutmeg, but that’s about it.

The lack of a detectable “rare spice” flavor really isn’t a knock against Tripoli, though. I actually love this e-liquid. Although the tobacco flavor is difficult to detect at times, it is there, and it does an excellent job of binding the sweet fig and almond flavors together. Tripoli is practically perfect. It tastes like no other e-liquid I’ve ever tried, and I reordered a 120 ml bottle almost immediately after running out. Tripoli does, in my experience, have a tendency to gunk coils and wicks up rather quickly. That’s true of many sweet e-liquids, though.

Charlie Noble Review: Charlie’s Custard

Until trying Charlie Noble e-liquid, I had kind of missed the boat on the whole custard e-liquid thing. The NJOY Artist Collection (Review) includes more than one flavor with custard notes, but you can’t really taste the custard individually. Charlie’s Custard is the first plain custard e-liquid I’ve tried to date. The reputation of Charlie’s Custard, though, is that it is less assertive and less egg-flavored than some other custards on the market. Indeed, the custard flavor in Charlie’s Custard doesn’t really present itself until the exhale. On the inhale, the flavor presents itself as more of a warm, creamy sweetness.

Charlie’s Custard was my second favorite among the review samples that I received. The mild flavor, at least compared to what I’ve read about some other custard e-liquids, didn’t bother me at all. I drained the bottle quickly. An additional benefit of the mild flavor is the fact that Charlie’s Custard doesn’t contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl — at least, not above the 5 microgram limit that Charlie Noble tests for. It does contain acetoin — as do many of Charlie Noble’s e-liquids — but most companies don’t even test for that, so the same might be true of most e-liquids with sweet flavor profiles.

Charlie Noble Review: Mayflower

Charlie Noble describes the Mayflower e-liquid as “pumpkin pie, a delicious graham crust, spiced to perfection & served with a dollop of fresh cream.” I must say, though, that the flavor really didn’t present itself to me in a way that quite matched this description. I definitely tasted the creamy base — all five Charlie Noble e-liquids that I tried tasted creamy to me in a very similar way — and I also tasted the spice, primarily clove. I didn’t really taste the sweeter notes such as the pumpkin, though. To me, Mayflower tastes more like a tobacco e-liquid with a distinct fall flair. If you’re into e-liquids that tend more toward the savory than the sweet, this might be a good one for you. You might taste a bit of a “burned leaves” note, but I didn’t find that off-putting. I didn’t love it, either.

Charlie Noble Review: Siren Song and Fruit on the Bottom

I’m reviewing Fruit on the Bottom and Siren song together because Charlie Noble presents both of them as strawberries-and-cream e-liquids, although they both have their own twists. While Siren Song has a pure cream base, Fruit on the Bottom has an added flavor that resembles yogurt. Charlie Noble also advertises Fruit on the Bottom as having mixed berry flavors, but the only one I can really taste is the strawberry. I can definitely taste a hint of yogurt in Fruit on the Bottom, too. In all, it is a very good interpretation of a strawberry yogurt. The flavor is very mild, though. You really have to concentrate to notice the tangy yogurt flavor.

Siren Song, I really didn’t love. It has a similar creamy base similar to that of the other Charlie Noble e-liquids that I tried, but the strawberry flavor really doesn’t come through as well as I’d like. Siren Song is certainly tasty, but isn’t the revelation that Tripoli was. To date, I haven’t tried a strawberries-and-cream e-liquid that I really loved. Unfortunately, Siren Song and Fruit on the Bottom didn’t change my mind.

Overall though, my experience with Charlie Noble was extremely positive. I loved Tripoli and Charlie’s Custard and expect them to remain in my e-liquid rotation permanently. Charlie Noble e-liquid is a premium product at a budget price and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.