As you survey the sub-ohm vaping landscape, it would be easy to conclude that there is only one way forward in the development of new sub-ohm tanks: adding more coils. Sometimes each successive generation of sub-ohm tanks feels like an arms race to cram the most possible wires into a single coil head. If you thought there was no room left for development in the world of single-coil tanks, though, you’d be wrong. The Aspire Revvo is a sub-ohm tank with just one coil and a design so wild that you really have to see it to believe it.

Our thanks to Triple 7 Vaping for providing the Aspire Revvo tank for this review.

What Is the Aspire Revvo Tank?

Aspire Revvo Review

Yes — the round, flat thing that looks like an electric stove element is actually the coil of the Aspire Revvo tank. Aspire calls it the Radial Coil, and there’s apparently a patent application pending. The coil is made from kanthal. It attaches to the top of the base hardware, sealing the tank shut. A cotton wick covers the entire underside of the coil, so keeping the wick wet is as simple as storing your mod on its side or inverting the mod occasionally. Since the Aspire Radial Coil has no wick holes — the entire wick is always exposed to the tank — this tank has absolutely no wicking issues that we were able to detect. Deep puffs and frequent puffs don’t matter; if you keep the tank full, the wick will stay wet.

The Aspire Radial Coil has a resistance between 0.10-0.15 ohms and operates at between 50-100 watts. We found 85-90 watts to be the sweet spot for longer puffs.

Filling the Aspire Revvo Tank and Changing the Aspire Radial Coil

Aspire Radial Coil

Changing the Aspire Revvo Coil

The coil isn’t the only unusual thing about the Aspire Revvo tank. The thumbscrew that holds the coil in place also closes the tank’s chimney. The vapor travels through a few small holes in the thumbscrew, so the thumbscrew effectively blocks all atomizer spitting. We found, in fact, that the spitback prevention is so effective that it gives the vapor something of a “dry” quality. If you’re used to an RDA or a tank that’s especially wet, you’ll find the Revvo quite different in comparison. The Aspire Radial Coil also doesn’t pop during use. The only sound that the tank makes during operation is a quiet “whoosh.”

To change the coil, you’ll open the tank by twisting the top chamber. This exposes the coil and thumbscrew. After removing the thumbscrew, you can lift the Aspire Radial Coil out and push in a new coil. Make sure the coil lines up with the top of the glass, replace the thumbscrew and reassemble the tank. Hold your device on its side or upside down for a few minutes to wet the wick, and you’re ready to vape.

Filling the Aspire Revvo

Another interesting aspect of the Aspire Revvo tank is that you don’t need to open it for filling. There’s a spring-loaded filling port that you can access through the mouthpiece. Place a dropper or bottle tip over the filling port, press the filling port down and squeeze until the tank is full. Although the fact that you can fill the Revvo without opening it is a huge time saver, there is a downside: you can’t fill the tank with a bottle that doesn’t have a needle-shaped tip. If your favorite e-liquid comes in a bottle with a tip that twists open and closed, you’ll probably have to transfer your e-liquid to a unicorn bottle for filling this tank.

Aspire Revvo Review

Aspire Revvo Tank Filling

No Leaks

The Aspire Revvo has so many positive aspects that it really isn’t an understatement to call it a revolutionary tank. The huge surface area of the coil and large, exposed wick are great for vapor production and leak prevention. Considering that you need to keep your mod on its side or hold it upside down to wet the wick — and the fact that you can fill the tank without opening it — it’s amazing that the Aspire Revvo doesn’t leak. Our sample, however, didn’t leak a single drop. It’s really amazing considering that every sub-ohm tank leaks at least a little — even if it’s just through the chimney. If you hold the Aspire Revvo upside down, nothing comes out.

Great Vapor Production

In terms of vapor production, the Aspire Revvo can compete head-on with a dual-coil RDA. This tank has really impressive vapor production, and the fact that there are no wicking issues — even during long puffs — means that you can just about chain vape to your heart’s content. If your current vaping setup has a “wet” quality and causes large droplets of e-liquid to enter your mouth, you’ll probably find the Revvo drying to the mouth at first. You’ll get used to it before long. While testing the Aspire Revvo, we found it quite remarkable that, although the coil becomes extremely hot during use, almost none of the heat seems to transfer to the mouthpiece. Even during heavy use, the mouthpiece never becomes uncomfortably hot when touching the lips.

The Aspire Revvo has a very loose — almost airy — draw. We’d recommend it for direct-to-lung inhaling only.

Coils Don’t Last

Coil gunk is one of the most annoying problems that any vaper faces. The gradual darkening of the coil leads to a burned, smoky taste that never goes away, and the only real fix is to replace the coil. Sweetener is the top cause of coil gunk. If you avoid sweetened e-liquids, your coils will last longer. We found, though, that the Aspire Radial Coil tends to darken after only about a day of use — even with unsweetened e-liquids. If you’re sensitive to that burned taste, you may go through a lot of coils with the Aspire Revvo — and at $3-4 per coil, that can get pretty expensive.

Aspire Revvo Review: Conclusion

The Aspire Revvo is a truly remarkable tank. It does so many things right that it’s an upgrade compared to virtually every sub-ohm tank on the market — not to mention a viable and much more convenient alternative to building your own coils. This is a tank that’s very quiet, easy to fill and doesn’t leak. It has absolutely no trouble producing huge clouds on demand with almost no ramp-up time. We found, however, that the coils can start to darken and produce off flavors fairly quickly. The lack of coil longevity is really the only downside of a tank that’s incredible in practically every aspect.

Aspire Revvo Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Easy to fill and use
  • No leaks
  • No wicking issues, even during long puffs
  • Great vapor production

The Not So Good

  • Coils darken and produce burned flavors fairly quickly