Throat HitEvery profession and hobby has terms that are specific to it. They evolve out of the need to address things specific to that activity.

E-smoking has its own terms associated with it, but we’ve found that the single term that seems to be the most bewildering to new e-smokers is “throat hit.” It’s thrown around in most media about e-cigarettes, but it seems that few people actually know what throat hit is.

What is Throat Hit?

Throat hit refers to the feeling you get when you inhale nicotine. While most people find this sensation fulfilling and expected when they smoke, it’s actually a form of mild irritation.

The problem that most smokers transitioning to e-smoking encounter is the fact that they don’t feel the same kind of throat hit that they would with a regular cigarette when they transition to e-cigarettes. You may also notice this when you switch from one e-liquid to another.

This happens because you’re switching from a higher concentration of nicotine to a lower concentration in your e-liquid. If you want proof of this, try using an e-liquid that contains zero nicotine. Depending on the brand, you might feel as if you’re inhaling nothing at all.

Which E-Liquid Has the Best Throat Hit?

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Nicotine Concentration for Throat Hit

The way you ensure you get just the right amount of throat hit when you inhale on your e-cigarette is by checking the ingredients of your e-liquid. Of those, the one you will likely want to pay closest attention to is the nicotine content.

We’ve found that a nicotine concentration of about 8-16 mg will provide the type of throat hit that most e-smokers enjoy. It’s when you approach 16 mg and above that you begin to get the same kind of irritation that a cigarette provides, which some e-smokers may unappealing.

E-liquid containing 24 mg or above tends to be too intense for anyone but those whom qualify as the heaviest of smokers.

Ingredients for Throat Hit Enhancement

E-liquid manufacturers don’t rely on nicotine alone to provide a throat hit. Substances like grain alcohol, cinnamon, capsaicin – the chemical that makes chili peppers taste hot – and menthol can all contribute to throat hit. You’ll generally find at least one of these substances in any e-liquid low in nicotine content.

Some companies will even sell throat hit enhancers as additives to e-liquids in an attempt to provide you with a weightier throat hit.

In 2015, we saw the first instance of a completely new throat hit enhancer: lactic acid. NJOY is now using lactic acid to enhance the throat hit of its disposable e-cigarettes and Convenience Vaping System. Like tobacco smoke, lactic acid is a bit of a respiratory irritant. Our testing suggests that the effect when vaping is very similar.

The presence, or lack thereof, of these substances can also explain why e-liquids with less nicotine content may provide the same kind of throat hit as e-liquids with more nicotine.

Finding the Right Throat Hit for You

We’ve found that people tend to have their own preferences when it comes to e-smoking. What makes the perfect throat hit is left up to personal opinion.

For example, someone who goes an hour or two between e-smoking sessions may prefer an e-liquid with more nicotine and a heartier throat hit. Someone who takes a puff or two every couple of minutes may want something milder.

A Note About E-Liquid Vendors

The one problem with e-liquid is that you’ll find some vendors aren’t necessarily straight when it comes to claims concerning how potent their e-liquids are. As you’ve seen, the throat hit that you experience with e-liquids may differ greatly, even at the same nicotine concentrations. The best way to ensure that the e-liquid you’re buying will be what you want is by reading several e-liquid reviews before making your purchase.