How to Make Your Vaping Coils Last Longer

Why did you switch from smoking to vaping? You might have done so because you hoped that vaping would be a better option for your health. You might have also made the switch because you were tired of smelling like an ashtray. We bet, though, that the reduced cost of vaping compared to smoking was high on your list of reasons for switching.

Have you been vaping for a while? Have you noticed your expenses steadily climbing? Vaping trends have changed considerably over the past few years.

Here’s the current state of the vaping community in a nutshell.

  • Vaping devices produce more vapor than ever
  • People use more e-liquid than ever
  • People use heavily sweetened e-liquids more often than ever
  • People go through more coils than ever

Are you going through half a bottle of e-liquid – and a new coil – every day? If so, there’s a good chance that you’re paying nearly as much to vape as you would pay to smoke. That’s not what vaping was supposed to be all about!

Prevent Coil Gunk

Coil gunk. It’s gross.

When All Else Fails, Spend Less on Your Coils

There are two easy ways to save money on vaping coils. The first is to start building your own coils. We provide an overview of the process in our sub-ohm vaping guide. The truth is, though, that many people simply don’t want to deal with the constant ritual of wrapping, mounting and testing coils. It’s far more convenient to use a tank with pre-built coils – and these days, the performance gap between pre-built coils and RDA coils isn’t what it used to be. A sub-ohm tank can easily be a personal fog machine if that’s what you like.

The second way to save money on vaping coils is to stop paying shipping fees every time you buy them. Websites such as Vapors Planet sell authentic coils at affordable prices and don’t charge shipping fees for any order. Taking advantage of free shipping offers can instantly reduce your vaping expenses by several dollars per week.

Next, let’s learn more about extending the life of the coils you already have.

Stop Using Sweetened E-Liquids

One of the biggest trends to hit the vaping industry over the past few years is that seemingly every e-liquid company with wide distribution now exclusively sells sweetened e-liquids. What’s the problem with that? Read our article on coil gunk for a refresher. Sucralose is the number one coil killer that exists, and it’s in virtually every popular e-liquid on the market. Sucralose is problematic for coil life because it doesn’t vaporize. Instead, it sticks to the coil and forms a black crust that lends a burned flavor to every e-liquid you use. The more e-liquid you use, the more quickly the crust forms. That’s why coil gunk has become a bigger problem in the vaping community that it was in the past – because today’s vaping devices go through pretty massive amounts of e-liquid.

So, how do you stop using sweetened e-liquids if everything that you can find at your favorite vape shop is sweetened? You can try making your own e-liquids, or you can extend your search a bit and discover some smaller, less widely distributed e-liquid makers that don’t add sweeteners to their products.

When testing tanks at eCig One, we use Volcano Menthol Burst as our e-liquid. It contains no flavors other than menthol and does not contribute at all to coil gunk or reduced coil life. It costs a bit more than other e-liquids. We find, though, that it ultimately costs less to use than other e-liquids because with it, a good coil can last weeks rather than days or hours.

Extend Coil Life With a Good Cleaning

Have you ever tried cleaning the gunk from your used coils? Cleaning may only add a day or so of life to a coil – but if you’re currently replacing your coil every day, that’s double the coil life and half the expense.

To clean a used vaping coil, place it in a bowl of vodka or hot water. Swish the coil around a bit, and then allow it to soak overnight. Give the coil another swish before removing it the next day. You’ll likely find a bit of black gunk floating in your cleaning vessel. If you used vodka for cleaning, rinse the coil thoroughly in your sink. Let the coil dry for a day; don’t attempt to use it until all the residual water is gone. Prime the coil with a bit of e-liquid before returning it to your tank.

When you clean your vaping coils, the water or vodka helps to dissolve the gunk. The agitation does the rest. If you’d like to do an even better job of cleaning, you need something that can provide even more agitation. Some people clean their coils by leaving them in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners overnight.

Keep Your Coil Wet to Preserve the Wick

Improve Vaping Coil Life

After coil gunk, burned cotton is the most common cause of decreased coil life. Have you ever tried taking one of your old coils apart? You might find it very enlightening. You’ll most likely find that the coil itself is black from a thick layer of coil gunk. You may also find, though, that the cotton wrapped around the coil has developed some dark spots. The dark spots appear because cotton burns easily, and you’ll encounter burned cotton if you ever allow your wick to go dry while you vape.

Here’s how to ensure that you never vape with a dry wick.

  • Keep your tank full. The wick openings on the sides of your coil exist for a reason: They provide channels for e-liquid to travel through. If the e-liquid in the tank doesn’t cover those holes, your coil isn’t getting as much e-liquid as it should. Refill your tank before it is completely empty.
  • Lower your device’s wattage if you like long puffs. If you vaporize more e-liquid than your coil can bring in, your wick will dry out during long puffs.
  • Wait for several seconds after each puff. You’ll see bubbles rising from your coil’s wick openings. When the bubbles stop appearing, the wick is fully wet.

Don’t Rush Your New Coils

One of the most crucial aspects of making your vaping coils last longer is what you do when you install those coils. Are you taking the time to put a drop of e-liquid on each wick opening before you install the coil? Are you waiting several minutes before using the coil to give your e-liquid a chance to soak fully in to the cotton? It takes a fairly long time for e-liquid to soak in to dry cotton. If you don’t allow your coils the necessary time to get fully wet, you’re going to experience poor coil life – and if you taste burned cotton on your very first puff with a new coil, it’s already over. Don’t rush your new coils.

Author: Jason Artman

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