Do you ever get the feeling that the progression of technology is moving more quickly as time goes by? That’s certainly the case for those of us in the vaping community. For thousands of years, cannabis users were perfectly happy to consume their herb of choice by smoking it. Then, along came vaping, and suddenly millions of cannabis users around the world smelled better and coughed less.

If dry herb vaping was the first great revolution in cannabis consumption for the 21st century, oil vaping must surely be the second. The portability, discreetness and on-demand heating of oil vape pens are equally beneficial for recreational and medical users. An oil pen heats instantly at the touch of a button. It has virtually no smell when it’s used. The best part is that pure cannabis distillate is extremely potent, so you don’t need a 15-minute session to get yourself into your desired mental space. With a high-end oil, one or two puffs will probably get you exactly where you want to be.

O2Vape Flip Ultra Stealth Vape Pen

Oil pens, however, come with a few drawbacks. The first of those is that the pen shape really doesn’t lend itself well to portability and stealth. Most vape pens can’t be concealed easily in the hand, and when you carry one in your pocket, there’s a chance of the cartridge threading breaking or the pen turning on accidentally while being carried.

The Flip Ultra by O2VAPE is the latest in a series of patented 510 thread oil vape pens that are retractable and styled after a push-button key fob. It’s a pretty ingenious design in that it resolves many of the problems inherent with traditional oil pens. It comes with a cartridge that’s ready to handle your distillate, and we think it’s likely to become quite a successful product.

View the Flip Ultra vape pen now at O2VAPE. The Flip Ultra kit costs $54.95 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is only available directly from O2VAPE.

What Is the Flip Ultra by O2VAPE?

The Flip Ultra is a variable-voltage oil vape pen featuring a 510 thread battery. It has a push-button retractable key fob design, much like the key fobs for many popular cars. When you press the button, the cartridge pops out. When you push the cartridge back in, you have a highly pocketable item that looks just like the key fob for your car.

Flip Ultra O2Vape Review

You’ve probably seen a lot of novelty vape pens with various shapes in your favorite local and online vape shops. The Flip Ultra, however, is not a novelty device. It has a limited lifetime warranty – good luck finding a novelty device with a warranty of any length – and the retractable design actually makes a great deal of sense. On a small vape pen, the threading for the cartridge is a weak point. If you put a vape pen in your pocket, you could easily break the pen at the threading by sitting down incorrectly. The retractable design of the Flip Ultra doesn’t just help you vape discreetly; it also helps to keep the device from breaking.

O2VAPE Flip Ultra: Features and Specifications

So, what else makes the O2VAPE Flip Ultra unique? Here is a list of its specifications and unique features.

  • It has a built-in 550 mAh battery and operates within a range of 2.7-4.8 volts.
  • Features a digital display with voltage setting, puff counter and, most importantly, battery charge levels
  • It works with most 510-threaded oil and e-liquid cartridges. Remember, though, that only narrow cartridges will retract into the device’s chamber.
  • It includes one ceramic cell cartridge offering superior heat resistance and full compatibility with thick oils. You can bundle your purchase with a second cartridge for an additional $9.95.
  • It has a physical locking switch that prevents the cartridge from popping out while you carry the device in your pocket. In addition, the Flip Ultra doesn’t operate while in the closed position.
  • You can charge it with a micro USB or USB-C cable.
  • It has a loop that allows you to attach it to a carabiner or keychain.

How Does the O2Vape Lifetime Warranty Work?

O2Vape Oil Vape Pen

You won’t find many vaporizer manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties for their devices. That’s because vaporizers get used heavily, and their batteries will inevitably fail. That’s true of all lithium-ion batteries. Eventually, they all stop holding a charge. O2Vape is a rarity among vaporizer manufacturers in that the company offers a lifetime warranty for all of its devices.

O2Vape uses a simple fee-based system for warranty fulfillment. To obtain warranty service, you first need to contact the company to receive a return authorization. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to ship your Flip Ultra to O2Vape and pay a $14.99 replacement fee. In return, you’ll get a new device that’s tested for proper functioning before being shipped to you. O2Vape doesn’t replace non-functioning devices with refurbished ones; they only use new devices. It’s a very reasonable price for a warranty that never expires.

O2Vape Flip Ultra Review: The Bottom Line

Until now, many of the products produced for oil vaping were essentially eGo e-cigarettes with modified cartridges. They worked, but they weren’t ideal for oil vaping because the people who buy those devices have demands that differ from the demands of those who use vaping for nicotine replacement. In particular, people who vape oils often want their devices to be as discreet as possible, and with its retractable design, the O2VAPE Flip Ultra definitely accomplishes that. It’s the first vaping device we’ve seen with a shape that seems like a novelty on the surface but was actually selected for completely logical reasons.

The retractable design of the O2VAPE Flip Ultra helps to ensure that the device is nearly impossible to break while you’re carrying it in your pocket. More importantly, the fact that the cartridge retracts into the body of the Flip Ultra means that you can conceal the entire device in your hand for complete discretion.

The Flip Ultra is also no slouch when it comes to performance. With most concealable vape pens, you can expect a maximum battery life of around 280 mAh and no way to alter the vapor temperature or volume. The 550 mAh battery of the Flip Ultra is more than enough for a long night out. More importantly, the variable-voltage operation allows the device to adapt to a wide range of oil viscosities and cartridge types.

View the Flip Ultra vape pen now at O2VAPE. The Flip Ultra kit costs $54.95 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is only available directly from O2VAPE.