In the world of refillable pod vapes, it’s fair to say that SMOK is the king. As soon as it became obvious that pod systems and nicotine salt e-liquid were the future for many vapers, SMOK scrambled to release a huge variety of different pod systems for every conceivable vaping style. Now that they’re on their second generation of pod vapes, it seems increasingly unlikely that other manufacturers will catch up to SMOK any time soon. The SMOK Novo 2 is the latest in SMOK’s line of draw-activated pod systems for beginning and intermediate vapers, and it has some features that we think owners of the original SMOK Novo are going to find extremely compelling.

In this guide to the SMOK Novo 2, we’ll describe how SMOK’s new device compares to the original Novo. We’ll also explain how to troubleshoot some problems that you might encounter with the Novo 2. Let’s begin!

Comparing the SMOK Novo vs. Novo 2

SMOK Novo 2 Instructions

In developing the Novo 2, it’s clear that SMOK worked extremely hard to create a device that would be an irresistible upgrade for fans of the first-generation Novo. Whether you own the original Novo or are looking for a pod system that’s simple but offers plenty of flexibility and power, there’s a lot to love with this device. Here’s how the SMOK Novo vs. Novo 2 compare.

  • The SMOK Novo 2 features a redesigned airflow channel that allows for superior vaping characteristics compared to the original Novo. The Novo 2 is improved in terms of both flavor and vapor production.
  • The pod compartment of the SMOK Novo 2 has an inlaid groove that protects the puff sensor. If condensation forms under the pod, it remains trapped in the groove for easy cleanup.
  • The SMOK Novo 2 features a miniaturized mainboard and chipset, creating room for a much larger battery. While the original SMOK Novo had a battery capacity of 450 mAh, the Novo 2 has an 800 mAh battery.
  • The SMOK Novo 2 is compatible with SMOK Novo pods, and it also has an entirely new pod selection of its own.
  • The SMOK Novo 2 has a higher maximum power delivery of 25 watts. The original SMOK Novo topped out at 16 watts.
  • The SMOK Novo 2 features an unprecedented one-year manufacturer warranty.

What Pods Are Available for the SMOK Novo 2?

SMOK Novo vs Novo 2

One of the best features of the SMOK Novo 2 is that it can deliver an enormous variety of different vaping experiences, and you can change the way the device behaves simply by installing a different pod. The SMOK Novo 2 automatically detects the pod and changes its configuration accordingly. Here’s the full selection of SMOK Novo 2 pods available at the time of writing.

  • 4-Ohm Ceramic Pod (Original Novo): Superior heat resistance and longevity.
  • 8-Ohm Mesh Coil Pod (Original Novo): Superb vapor production and quick ramp-up time.
  • 5-Ohm Standard Pod (Original Novo): Cool and smooth vaping characteristics for mouth-to-lung draws.
  • 2-Ohm Standard Pod (Original Novo): Slightly warmer vapor for a more flavorful vaping experience.
  • 0-Ohm Mesh Coil Pod (Novo 2): Expanded surface area for even bigger clouds.
  • 4-Ohm Dual-Coil Pod (Novo 2): Provides extremely flavorful mouth-to-lung draws.
  • 4-Ohm Quartz Coil Pod (Novo 2): Instant heat-up time provides a more intense vaping experience.

How to Fill the SMOK Novo 2

SMOK Novo 2 How to Fill Pod

To fill the SMOK Novo 2 pod, remove the pod from the device and hold it so the pod’s rubber stopper faces up. Remove the stopper with your fingernail and add e-liquid until the pod is nearly full. Overfilling the pod can cause leaking, so leave a little room at the top of the pod before carefully replacing the stopper. Wait several minutes before vaping to ensure that the pod’s wick is completely wet.

SMOK Novo 2 Pods Burning Out Quickly

If your SMOK Novo 2 pods are burning out quickly, the first thing that you should examine is your choice of e-liquid. Are you using a heavily sweetened vape juice? Sucralose leaves residue on a vape coil that shortens the coil’s life.

You also need to ensure that your vape coils are always kept wet. Don’t chain vape; always wait a few seconds after each puff. When you fill a new pod for the first time, don’t start vaping immediately; wait to ensure that the cotton wick is completely wet.

SMOK Novo 2 Not Hitting

SMOK Novo 2 Not Hitting

If your SMOK Novo 2 isn’t hitting, the most likely reason is that the battery simply isn’t charged. Connect the battery to the charging cable and allow it to charge fully before you try vaping again.

Are you certain that the battery isn’t dead? Remove the pod and check for spilled e-liquid at the top of the SMOK Novo 2. Remove the e-liquid with a paper towel. If the device still isn’t hitting, try using a different pod.

SMOK Novo 2 Not Charging

If your SMOK Novo 2 isn’t charging, make sure that the device and charging cable are making a good electrical connection by removing dust, pocket lint and other contaminants from the charging port with a toothpick. If the problem persists, try a different cable and/or USB port. Don’t attempt to charge the SMOK Novo 2 with the wall adapter for a mobile phone or tablet.

SMOK Novo 2 Gurgling

If you hear a gurgling sound when using the SMOK Novo 2, you are most likely using too much air pressure when puffing on the device. The excess air pressure draws additional e-liquid into the pod’s atomizer coil and airflow chimney, which causes the gurgling sound and reduces vapor production. Use gentle air pressure when vaping. If you want your SMOK Novo 2 to produce bigger vapor clouds, use a higher-output pod.

When your pod is empty, you can clear the excess e-liquid out of the airflow chimney by blowing firmly through the mouthpiece while holding a paper towel over the bottom of the pod.

SMOK Novo 2 Leaking

SMOK Novo 2 Leaking

A second reason why it’s so important to avoid inhaling too firmly with the SMOK Novo 2 is because the excess e-liquid caught in the pod’s chimney and atomizer coil will eventually leak out of the bottom of the pod. If you spot a leak, clean the inside of the device with a paper towel.

You can also avoid leaks with the SMOK Novo 2 by making sure that you don’t overfill your pod. Leave a bit of room for air at the top of the pod when filling. Otherwise, when you replace the rubber stopper, you’ll force e-liquid into the pod’s atomizer coil assembly. The excess e-liquid will leak out of the pod’s airflow vents.