E-Cigarette Stocking Stuffers for 2014

We’d be willing to bet that e-cigarettes are among the most common holiday gifts given to smokers each year. Many of those people are now approaching their anniversaries as e-smokers and would certainly appreciate some e-cigarette stocking stuffers to spice up their lives. In this featured article, Vapegrl describes some of her favorite stocking stuffer ideas for e-cigarette users, from e-liquid samplers to upgraded drip tips and other accessories. No matter which type of e-cigarette user you’re buying for this season, we hope you find some great stocking stuffer ideas here.

E-Cigarette Stocking Stuffers: Our Picks

Rebuildable Atomizer

Recommended Product: VaporFi Bolt RDA

Price: $43.99 (using coupon code embedded in link)

VaporFi Bolt RDA Stocking StufferAmong e-cigarette enthusiasts, 2014 has truly been the year of the rebuildable atomizer. These little devices turn even the most humble of mechanical mods into fog machines. Better still, after the initial investment of buying the RBA, building your own coils typically saves you about $2.00 off of the cost of each cartomizer or tank coil replacement. I love the VaporFi Bolt atomizer both because of its quality and because it includes everything needed to build your first several coils — no need to shop around for wicks and wires. Building your own atomizer coils requires a multimeter and a bit of electrical knowledge, which means that you might need to do a bit of reading before you get started. If you aren’t getting the flavor and vapor production that you’d like from your e-cigarette, though, a rebuildable atomizer is a product you ought to invest in.

Organic E-Liquid Sample Pack

Recommended Product: Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid Sample Pack

Price: $11.99

Virgin Vapor Organic Sample PackIt wasn’t long ago that Virgin Vapor was simply a small, new e-liquid company with a unique idea: to give e-smokers an organic option for e-liquids. It has been fun to watch their meteoric rise since then. Today, Virgin Vapor is one of the world’s most talked-about e-liquid companies, and with good reason — they have never faltered in their commitment to providing creative e-liquid flavors with organic ingredients at affordable prices. If you’ve never tried Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids, this sample pack is the perfect place to start. I recommend the Kona Coffee Milkshake, Best Damn Tobacco and Cherry POP! e-liquids.

Sterling Silver Lanyard

Recommended Product: Vapor Couture Sterling Silver Fluted Charm Link Necklace

Price: $149.95

Sterling Silver Link Charm E-Cigarette Stocking StufferVapor Couture’s sterling silver lanyard is one of the few e-cigarette accessories made from a precious metal. Being a fan of silver myself, I find it quite lovely. I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about the best e-cigarette lanyards — ones that aren’t just simple polyester loops — and in my mind, this is it. Of course, you’ll need to pair it with a Vapor Couture battery. If your loved one doesn’t have a Vapor Couture e-cigarette, try the Entree Kit for $39.95. Use the coupon code vapegrl15 to take 15% of any Vapor Couture order including a starter kit, or use the coupon vapegrl to save 10% on the lanyard alone.

E-Pipe or E-Cigar

Recommended Products: E-Pipe by ePipemods

Price: About $150

There are a great many e-pipe makers out there, but ePipeMods is a company that has pretty much cemented itself as the best in the business. Each e-pipe is a unique hand-made work of art and will never be produced again, so timing is of the essence  when selecting a new one. New models are introduced in batches and tend to sell out quickly. The pipes from ePipeMods use eGo threading and demonstrate excellent vapor production when used with dual-coil cartomizers. I love mine.

Holiday E-Cigarette Bundle

Recommended Product: V2 Cigs Festive Flavors Bundle

Price: $28.70 with coupon code vapegrl

V2 Cigs Festive Flavors Bundle Stocking Stuffer E-CigaretteV2 Cigs has released a number of bundles to serve as e-cigarette stocking stuffers that introduce people to e-smoking. The V2 Cigs Festive Flavors bundle is my favorite of these. It includes the EX battery — the best small e-cigarette battery on the market, in my opinion — and a box containing each of V2’s 12 core e-liquid flavors in the nicotine strength of your choice. The EX battery normally costs $29.95 on its own, so this bundle is really a great deal.

E-Liquid of the Month Club

Price: $20 and up
With all of the different e-liquid companies in existence — and more appearing seemingly every day — how could you possibly try them all? That’s a problem for the consumers as well as the companies themselves; it’s difficult to be noticed in a saturated market. That’s where an e-liquid of the month club comes in. New e-liquid companies sell or give their products in bulk to outlets such as Vape Box and Zamplebox, who then package them in boxes and sell them to e-smokers at greatly reduced rates while making a tidy profit themselves. Everyone wins. An e-liquid of the month club easily provide all of the e-liquid you could ever use, and you’re unlikely to ever get the same flavor twice. It’s also a great bargain because the price of an e-liquid subscription is generally well under the retail value of the e-liquids.

Beautiful Drip Tip

Recommended Products: Trippy Tip

Price: $2.99 and up

Cherry Vape Drip Tip E-Cigarette Stocking StufferAre you still using the cheap plastic drip tip that came with your e-cigarette or tank? Why? A great drip tip isn’t just a way to personalize your e-cigarette; it actually feels nicer to use a drip tip made from a top-quality material such as ceramic or glass. What’s more, good materials are easier to keep clean and free of mold. You do clean your drip tips regularly, right? Whether it’s the beautiful swirl embedded within Cherry Vape’s famous drip tips or the out-of-this world art glass designs offered by Trippy Tips, these are the drip tips that you should add to your favorite e-smoker’s stocking in 2014.

Disposable E-Cigarette

Recommended Products: White Cloud Fling

Price: $5.95 and up

Disposable e-cigarettes make for a great change of pace from your usual e-smoking routine, and they’re also an excellent way to introduce e-cigarettes to the smokers in your life. The White Cloud Fling is a great alternative to a traditional cigarette, with its soft tip and USA-made e-liquids. I also like the NuvoCig offering because it’s not really disposable — it actually includes a rechargeable battery. In this way, it actually functions as a starter kit — just add a USB charger. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, you might try a disposable hookah pen instead.

E-Cigarette Organizer or Case

Recommended Products: VapeStation, Smartphone Clutch

Price: $53.95 with coupon code vapegrl (Clutch) or $69.99 (VapeStation)

Smartphone Clutch E-Cigarette Stocking StufferIf you’ve been an e-smoker for a while, you probably have more vaping accessories than you can count. Where do you put all of the spare batteries, charging cables, drip tips and extra bottles of e-liquid? The VapeStation is a purpose-made solution for storing your e-cigarettes. The bottom compartment is tall enough to store most e-liquid bottles in an upright position, while the top area has holes large enough to thread USB cables through. If you happen to be buying for an on-the-go woman, take a look at the smartphone clutch from Vapor Couture. This leather clutch is available in four different colors and has room for at least two e-cigarette batteries, a USB charger and four extra refill cartridges along with credit cards, a smartphone and other small items. Although it’s designed for the Vapor Couture e-cigarette, it should work with many other brands as well.

Holiday E-Liquid

Recommended Products: Virgin Vapor Afterglow, Halo Cigs Kringle’s Curse, Mister E-Liquid Everything Nice

Price: $5.99 and up

Halo Cigs Kringles Curse One of the greatest aspects of e-cigarettes is the fact that they often produce wonderful scents. With that in mind, a holiday e-liquid can really go a long way toward getting yourself and others into the holiday spirit. I’ll be updating this part of my article about e-cigarette stocking stuffers throughout the season in the event that e-liquid makers release limited edition holiday flavors, but for now here are a few of my perennial favorites.

Vapegrl is a freelance writer and eCig One news contributor who switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes in 2010. Vapegrl launched an e-cigarette website in 2012. Vapegrl.com is a newbie-friendly e-cigarette information resource for new and experienced e-smokers.

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