E-Cigarette Gifts for Christmas 2015: The Best of the Best

Another year is drawing to a close, and that means another holiday season is upon us. As it has every year, the e-cigarette industry has grown by leaps and bounds in 2015. The typical reader of our yearly e-cigarette gift guide has changed, as well. In the past, most of our readers were shopping for a first e-cigarette for themselves or family members who still smoked cigarettes. Today, though, you’re just as likely to be shopping for an e-cigarette gift to spice up someone’s vaping experience — a second (or third!) vaporizer, a new collection of e-liquids, or perhaps a sub-ohm tank.

In past years, the industry has lacked many viable e-cigarette gift packages. With most companies still growing and jockeying for position, simply attracting attention and staying in business were the primary concerns — creating attractive e-cigarette gift packages was a secondary concern. This year, though, things are a bit different. Some of the world’s oldest e-cigarette companies have completely redesigned their product lineups, and they’d like you to come back and see what they’ve been up to. Whether you’re an experienced e-smoker or you haven’t tried your first e-cigarette yet, we’ve got the perfect selection of e-cigarette gifts for Christmas 2015.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Current Smoker

Best E-Cigarette Gift JUULJUUL E-Cigarette Kit

Price: $49.99 | Shop Now

Introduced in 2015, the JUUL e-cigarette is uniquely designed to make switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes easier than ever before. Smokers have always had a bit of a difficult time when first making the decision to switch to e-cigarettes, because many of the small e-cigarettes designed to be simple enough for beginners simply don’t create the same concentration of nicotine in the blood as tobacco can. The JUUL e-cigarette, though, is something completely new. It contains a patented e-liquid with nicotine salts, designed to create a blood-nicotine concentration more closely matching what you’d get when smoking. For the current smoker who hasn’t tried any e-cigarette yet, this is the top product we’d recommend as an e-cigarette gift this holiday season.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Connoisseur

Best E Cigarette Gifts 2015 VaporFi VOX IIVaporFi VOX II Kit

Price: $175.99 with automatic coupon embedded in link | Shop Now

Sub-ohm vaping — using an e-cigarette with an extremely low-resistance heating coil for superior vapor production — has been popular among experienced e-cigarette users for years. In the past, though, sub-ohm vaping came with a certain degree of risk. Not only did you have to design your own heating coils from scratch, but you also had to be certain that you were using an e-cigarette with a battery that could handle the extreme load without risk of injury. Modern box mods and sub-ohm tanks have solved these problems, making it easier than ever to generate enormous vapor clouds without fearing for your safety. Sub-ohm vaping has even allowed e-smokers to drastically reduce the nicotine strength of their e-liquids without sacrificing the feeling of satisfaction they need.

The VaporFi VOX II is our favorite sub-ohm vaping kit. The durable stainless steel box is elegant and feels great in the hand, and the extensive safety features make it possible to experiment with building your own coils if you like without the fear that a flaw in your coil design will cause a sudden battery failure. More than anything else, though, we love the VaporFi Volt sub-ohm tank. Not only does this tank generate some of the most enormous vapor clouds we’ve ever seen, but it also completely eliminates the need to wrap and wick your own coils. If vapor production starts to decrease, all you need to do is twist the used coil out of the base and twist in a new one. This gives you all of the benefits of sub-ohm vaping with none of the effort. If you or a loved one is an experienced e-smoker looking for more, this is the best e-cigarette gift they could hope to receive.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Cloud Chaser

Volcano Pele Mechanical Mod Kit

Price: $199.99 | Shop Now

E-Cigarette Gift Volcano Pele Mod

For some people, using an e-cigarette is about much more than simply replacing one form of nicotine with another — it’s about stretching the limits of what is possible. If the phrase “vapor cloud competition” is part of your vocabulary, even a box mod like the VOX II might not be enough for you. Professional cloud chasers typically choose mechanical mods, and we are convinced that there is no better mechanical mod on the market than the limited edition Hawaii-built Volcano Pele. The Pele is uniquely beautiful, machined from 303 stainless steel with fully adjustable brass connections. The fire button locks to prevent accidental firing, and the included Caldera rebuildable atomizer — also built in Hawaii — features a spiral design that encourages excess e-liquid vapor to condense and drip back down to the coil, limiting waste. The Pele mod isn’t just a spectacular e-cigarette gift for the cloud chaser — it also supports a great team of Hawaiian designers and skilled workers.

E-Cigarette Gifts for the E-Liquid Aficionado

Best E-Cigarette Gifts NJOY Artist CollectionNJOY Artist Collection E-Liquid Gift Box

Price: $114.99 | Link removed due NJOY bankruptcy

The craft e-liquid phenomenon is in full swing now, as more and more companies have realized that, even as the overall industry pricing trend seems to be a race to the bottom, many e-cigarette users are willing to pay higher prices than ever for truly premium products. Some of the world’s largest e-cigarette companies have taken notice of this trend and are beginning to develop premium e-liquids of their own. Of these, our favorite is the NJOY Artist Collection. To create the Artist Collection, NJOY reached out to several well-known e-liquid makers around the world and asked them to develop exclusive new flavors. The e-liquids that have come out of this collaborative process are truly impressive and a must for lovers of sweet e-liquids. Our favorite is Sacre Coeur, which features a seductive blend of almond, rhubarb, custard and bourbon flavors. The NJOY Artist Collection gift box contains full-sized 30 ml bottles of all five flavors.

Black Note E-Liquid Gift Box

Price: $58.00 | Shop Now

E-Cigarette Gifts 2015 Black Note Notebook

Although e-cigarette users have typically shown a tendency to prefer sweet flavors, there is still a loyal contingent who would prefer vaping to replicate the experience of smoking as closely as possible. While a number of e-liquid companies have had some measure of success by using various combinations of natural and artificial flavors to mimic the taste of tobacco, nothing does the job quite as well as a real tobacco extract. In our experience, no e-liquid company does tobacco extracts as well as Black Note. The Black Note Notebook includes eight large 7.5 ml sample bottles of each of the company’s eight flavors, each created from the extracts of different tobacco leaves. Black Note backs up its claims of quality with an impressive suite of lab tests, and the collection ships for free. You can even get your money back if you don’t like it. An e-liquid collection with an ironclad refund policy? How could you ask for a better e-cigarette gift than that?

E-Cigarette Gift for Dry Herb Vaping

Best E-Cigarette Gifts 2015 VaporFi StratusVaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

Price: $114.39 with automatic coupon embedded in link | Shop Now

E-cigarettes make it possible to consume nicotine in a manner similar to smoking, but without the combustion of tobacco. For some, though, it isn’t quite the same without the tastes, smells and rituals associated with the leaves themselves. E-cigarettes also aren’t always ideal for those who want to vaporize medicinal herbs. If you happen to fall into either of these categories, a dry herb vaporizer can help you get the most benefit possible from the herb or leaf of your choice without burning it. The VaporFi Stratus illustrates how far the vape pen industry has come in just a few years, with its adjustable temperature range up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and sleek, pocketable design.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Skeptic

E-Cigarette Gifts 2015 NJOY KingNJOY King Disposable E-Cigarette

Price: $20.96 per pack of five with coupon code VAPE4LESS | Link removed due to NJOY bankruptcy

Although millions of smokers have at least tried e-cigarettes, we know that there are still plenty of others who believe they have no interest. Perhaps they don’t see how an e-cigarette could replace the ritual of taking a cigarette out of a pack and lighting up, or they don’t see how the vapor could ever taste and feel as satisfying as smoke does. Disposable e-cigarettes are ideal e-cigarette gifts for skeptics, and the only disposable e-cigarette that we recommend is the NJOY King. The King is delightfully small and light, making it possible to hold it comfortably in the mouth — something that isn’t possible with most e-cigarettes due to the weight of the batteries. It also has a higher nicotine concentration than most disposable e-cigarettes, which makes it uniquely satisfying. No other disposable e-cigarette comes close to the NJOY King, and it has so many unique features that many people end up deciding that they’d never like to use anything else.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Hoarder

Best E-Cigarette Gift 2015 Vape StationThe Vape Station

Price: $69.99 | Shop Now

If you’ve been an e-cigarette user for a while, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of extra items hanging around. E-smokers accumulate massive collections of spare drip tips, batteries, chargers, e-liquids and other accessories — and where does it all end up? If you’re tired of finding random forgotten e-cigarette accessories in drawers, cabinets and jacket pockets, the Vape Station is the e-cigarette gift that you need this holiday season. This lovely wood box has room for even the largest e-cigarette collections including well over a dozen e-liquid bottles and virtually unlimited drip tips, tanks, cartomizers and batteries. The long battery compartment even has a rear hole for charging cables.

E-Cigarette Gift for Someone Who Has It All

Best E-Cigarette Gifts 2015 Zamplebox

Vaping isn’t a particularly expensive hobby, and some people, through just a bit of experimentation, have already settled on their favorite mods, tanks and other accessories and need no other hardware of any kind. It’s impossible, though, for any one person to try every e-liquid on the market — and more new e-liquid companies are launching every day. So, for the e-cigarette lover in your life who already seems to have it all, why not purchase a monthly e-liquid subscription as an e-cigarette gift? Zamplebox subscriptions start at $19.99 for at least 30 ml of e-liquid, while JuiceBox charges $24.99 monthly for at least 90 ml of e-liquid. Both companies promise to deliver an exciting monthly mix of tasty e-liquids from new makers, ensuring that vaping boredom will always remain a thing of the past.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Hobbyist

Alliance Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

Price: $44.95 | Shop Now

Best E-Cigarette Gifts 2015 Alliance RDA

The rebuildable atomizer is the ultimate e-cigarette gift for the hobbyist, and the Alliance RDA offers an infinite array of possibilities for anyone who enjoys tinkering with their vaping setup. This three-post RDA comes with no less than three interchangeable barrels and two drip tips, an extra deep drip well and a heat sink designed to keep your lips cool during even the most lengthy vaping sessions. If you want an RDA that can handle all of your wildest coil designs, the Alliance RDA is it.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Gadget Girl

Vapor Couture Maximale Kit

Price: $169.95 with coupon code ecigone15 | Shop Now

Best E-Cigarette Gifts Vapor Couture Maximale Kit

Although a few e-cigarette companies have attempted to design fashionable e-cigarettes geared specifically toward women, no one has come close to doing it as well as Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture’s sleek battery is easily the thinnest rechargeable e-cigarette battery on the market, and the Maximale Kit ups the fashion quotient considerably with the addition of a charm necklace, sleek portable battery charging case and leather smartphone clutch. Vapor Couture also boasts a limited lifetime warranty, and the batch testing page allows you to view the lab report for any box of refill cartridges that you purchase.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Parent

E-Cigarette Gift 2015 Vaultz Locking BoxVaultz Locking Storage Box

Price: $29.97 | Shop Now

Although calls to poison control centers for exposure to e-cigarettes still pale in comparison to other substances such as household cleaners, over-the-counter medications and tobacco cigarettes, parents cannot be too vigilant in keeping e-cigarettes and e-liquids away from children. A locking storage box can be extremely helpful in this regard, and we love the Vaultz storage box with its dual combination locks, security cable and large internal storage area. If you need something with a little more protection, consider a SentrySafe strong box instead. It has about the same storage space and costs just a bit more while being resistant to both fire and water.

E-Cigarette Gift for the Budget Shopper

Best E-Cigarette Gift 2015 Joyetech eVic VTC MiniJoyetech eVic VTC Mini

Price: $84.99 | Shop Now

The Joyetech eVic VTC Mini is a tiny box mod with surprising power. It feels great in the hand, has an extra large display for easy reading and supports temperature control vaping for a possible added measure of safety. The included tank comes with a nickel coil as well as a titanium coil, so you can decide which form of temperature control works for you. When the maximum temperature that you decide upon is reached, the VTC Mini automatically reduces power to help you avoid harsh “dry hits.” As Joyetech adds new features to the VTC Mini, you can upgrade the firmware with your computer and a USB cable — and the entire package costs less than $100. How’s that for a budget e-cigarette gift?

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