Lavatube 2 Review

The e-cigarette industry advances at a constant rate. We’ve seen major companies disappear overnight without a trace and new ones with every note of quality come into existence.

Even the government bodies that like to regulate everything have been stirring with the topic of e-cigarettes hot on their mind. The FDA in the United States and the numerous regulatory agencies in Europe are preparing to propose laws that would affect every e-smoker. They want to limit the variety, availability and price of e-cigarette products with this new legislation.

Lavatube 2

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This leaves e-cigarette companies preparing for these new regulations while trying to establish themselves as large enough players to continue existing after the new laws hit.

Volcano is one of those major e-cigarette players that stands a chance to weather the forthcoming storm. Their original Lavatube e-cigarette offered groundbreaking features for an affordable price that forced every other e-cigarette manufacturer to reexamine their products.

The Lavatube wasn’t pretty, but it did the job without costing an arm and a leg. It was easy to recommend even if it was a little hard on the eyes.

Then came the Lavatube 2. It was priced higher than its predecessor, but it was hailed with even higher marks by many people.

Does that make the Lavatube 2 a must-have e-cigarette? We’re going to examine just that in this review.

A Little History Lesson Concerning the Original Lavatube

Upon its initial release, the original Lavatube opened the eyes of e-smokers and e-cigarette manufacturers.

In a time when most e-cigarette manufacturers were in the business of buying e-cigarettes manufactured in China using one or two standard designs and then repackaging them, Volcano had the bright idea to design an expensive niche product that would fulfill the needs of experienced e-smokers: a variable-voltage e-cigarette mod.

Lavatube 2 Reviews

They cut some costs by having their new e-cigarette mass-produced in China, which allowed the Lavatube kit to be sold for around half the cost of what other e-cigarette companies were selling comparable products for.

The problem with producing anything in China is the fact that intellectual property laws have more loopholes and less enforcement than they do in the United States and Europe. This allowed Lavatube clones to be produced and sold by other e-cigarette companies. Some were even bold enough to sell them under the Lavatube name.

Though we don’t know the exact details, what we can deduce from a bit of poking around in Google is that Volcano chose to work with a different manufacturer for the production of the Lavatube 2.

About the Lavatube 2

What makes the Lavatube 2 different? For one, the body has undergone a complete redesign. You can even save some money by purchasing the Lavatube 2 body if you already own batteries, a charger and accessories for the original Lavatube; they’re compatible with one another.

Volcano has implemented different safety features in the redesigned Lavatube 2. You now have an over-current limit of 3.0 amps instead of just 2.5 amps like you did with the original Lavatube. This means that the Lavatube 2 supports a greater variety of atomizers and cartomizers at higher voltages.

Lavatube E-Cigarette Review

The last big feature Volcano implemented in the Lavatube 2 is the ability to check cartomizer and atomizer resistance. This is great if you own multiple accessories with varying resistances.

The Lavatube 2 is also smart enough to set your voltage lower if it’s too high for the connected attachments. This makes it hard to cause damage due to an incorrect setting.

A Comprehensive Lavatube 2 Review

We’ve figured out that there’s two main groups of people who will want to invest in the Lavatube 2. The first is someone who’s shopping for their first variable-voltage e-cigarette. The second type is someone who already owns the original Lavatube and wants to see if the Lavatube 2 is an upgrade worth making.

We’ll try to make this review for both types of people, that way you get a comprehensive understanding of the Lavatube 2. We’ll also compare the Lavatube 2 to the leading competitor, the ProVari.

The Lavatube 2 for Experimenting E-Smokers

If you’ve never used a variable-voltage e-cigarette before, then you need to understand that it’s not designed for newbies. We still recommend that beginning e-smokers should go with a simple two-part e-cigarette if they’re just testing out e-smoking.

If you’re the type who’s tested a few e-cigarettes and started to experiment with the different attachments and options available to you, then the Lavatube 2 is a great choice for you. It’s an affordable e-cigarette that can be pushed all the way up to six volts, which is more than enough for most experimentation.

It’s worth noting that the Lavatube 2’s maximum of 6 volts is unique. Many comparable e-cigarettes top out at 5 volts, which can limit your options.

We’d also like to inform you that, based on our experience, the difference between 5 and 6 volts is a huge jump. That’s why we can’t really recommend a 5 volt device when there’s a better option available.

The Lavatube 2’s User Friendliness

We like the Lavatube 2 because it’s so user-friendly. The fire button is easy to use because it’s big and comfortable, even for the largest of hands. The separate adjustment buttons make it possible to alter your voltage without having to tinker around with a menu system that takes some familiarization.

The ProVari is the Lavatube 2’s direct competitor. While it may look sleek and compact, it can certainly be a handful. Instead of a few nice buttons, you’re limited to one with a system of presses. This can be a major drawback if you’re in the habit of frequent voltage changes.

While the Lavatube 2 forgets your previous voltage settings as soon as you remove your battery, setting it to your old voltage takes but a few seconds.

The Lavatube 2’s ability to go up to six volts will be something that you will notice the first time you set it that high. We liken the experience to discovering your favorite e-liquid again for the first time due to the way the vapor production increase and the flavor intensifies. You may even find yourself purchasing e-liquid at a lower nicotine strength.

If you just feel that you’re not getting what you should be from your current e-cigarette, you might consider investing in a Lavatube 2.

How Does the Lavatube Compare to the Lavatube 2?

If you’ve owned and used the original Lavatube, then you’ll be familiar with the fact that it and the Lavatube 2 both share the same problem of decreased vapor production at high voltages as the battery runs down past about half capacity.

The Lavatube 2 tries to improve upon this issue, but it’s still noticeable if you use it at six volts like we do. We’ve found that one of the better ways to get around this is to purchase an extra battery to swap out when your vapor production starts getting low.

As far as performance goes, the biggest difference between the ProVari and the Lavatube 2 is the fact that the ProVari doesn’t have the issue of decreasing vapor as the battery drains. The ProVari can also cost twice as much, which means that you should only really consider purchasing the ProVari instead if you don’t like the idea of having to switch out batteries just a tad more often.

The other big difference between the original Lavatube and the Lavatube 2 concerns the airflow. While we found that the Lavatube had a very free draw regardless of the attachment we used with it, the Lavatube 2 seems to be fairly tight with some attachments like Boge cartomizers.

We think that it’s an issue with the air vents in the Lavatube 2. It feels as if they just weren’t cut deeply enough.

If you’re a fan of Boge cartomizers, then you should probably try the Lavatube 2 before you purchase it. We think that most people probably won’t have an issue with this, though.

Our Final Thoughts on the Lavatube 2

We firmly believe that most e-smokers will consider the Lavatube 2 the best e-cigarette they’ve ever purchased, even with the significant price increase versus the original Lavatube.

The Lavatube 2 looks nicer than the original Lavatube, as do the attachments available for it. We think that the Lavatube 2 is much closer in looks and performance to the ProVari without being as expensive.

If you prefer to use Boge cartomizers, then we recommend that you try the Lavatube 2 before buying it.

Everyone else should buy the Lavatube 2 without a second thought.

Lavatube 2 Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • The Lavatube 2 has a snazzy design with high-quality components.
  • It’s simple to use with user-friendly controls.
  • It has a great battery life with excellent vapor production.
  • The Lavatube 2 is more affordable than comparable e-cigarettes.

The Not So Good

  • There’s a tight draw with Boge cartomizers.
  • The Lavatube 2 s still fairly bulky and there’s an unnecessary lanyard hole.
  • There’s no drip well that catches e-liquid.
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Author: Jason Artman

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