Innokin iTaste MVP Review

The Chinese e-cigarette manufacturer Innokin has been getting a lot of attention lately. This is due in part to their frequent promotional campaigns and partly because their products simply look cooler than a lot of the other e-cigarettes on the market. First released in 2013, the iTaste MVP is a box mod with a massive 2600 mAh battery and a maximum power of five volts. It charges external devices via a USB connection and simply refuses to quit. Unfortunately, our iTaste MVP review also uncovered a couple of serious game-breaking problems.

Innokin iTaste MVP

Price: $54.95

Includes: Innokin iTaste MVP body with internal battery, charging cable, two CE4 cartomizers

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NOTE: Our iTaste MVP review was conducted using a sample of the 1.0 model provided by Innokin in 2013. The current “3.0” version of the iTaste MVP likely corrects many of the problems noted in this review.

About the iTaste MVP

The Innokin iTaste MVP is a box-shaped variable-voltage e-cigarette with threading that fits 306, 510 and eGo atomizers, cartomizers and tanks. It includes two CE4-style clearomizers and a small metal sleeve for protecting certain types of tank cartomizers. The iTaste MVP has a maximum power level of 5.0 volts and a non-removable 2600 mAh battery. Although you can’t remove the battery when it dies, the iTaste MVP does have the ability to operate when connected to a USB port. So, as long as you’re near a computer, you’ll never be unable to vape.

Innokin iTaste MVP Review

The large battery of the iTaste MVP also makes it possible to add a unique benefit that very few e-cigarette products possess: the ability to charge external devices. Simply connect your own USB cable or the included multi-cable, flip a switch on the bottom of the iTaste MVP and you’re charging your mobile phone, tablet or other device. In testing, we did find that the iTaste MVP charging function works with some limitations. The iTaste MVP charged a low-power feature phone without any problem but couldn’t quite deliver enough power to charge an iPad. While the iPad did detect that it was receiving a charge, the iPad’s battery continued to drain during use. While charging external devices, we also found that the iTaste MVP can become quite hot.

The overall appearance of the iTaste MVP is quite polished and classy. While the unit is admittedly boxy, it’s easy to hold and the fire button is in a convenient location. There’s no need to check the battery charge, as the button changes from green to orange and finally to red as the battery dies. The unit also isn’t too difficult to carry in a pocket, as the smooth metal surface doesn’t tend to stick to things.

iTaste MVP Review

To review the iTaste MVP, we began by filling one of the included CE4-style clearomizers. Innokin’s clearomizers use a design that’s incredibly popular right now; a large tank holds a substantial amount of e-liquid, and wicks carry the e-liquid up to a heating coil near the mouthpiece at the top of the unit. Filling the clearomizer is accomplished by simply twisting the mouthpiece off and adding e-liquid  to the tank. The CE4 clearomizers hold somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 ml and can easily last a full day for many e-smokers — although this is partially due to the iTaste MVP’s power limit of five volts, which limits how quickly e-liquid is vaporized. If you already like CE4 cartomizers, you’ll like Innokin’s design. If you’ve already tried CE4 cartomizers and found that they impart a “plastic” taste, these will do nothing to change your mind.

In writing this iTaste MVP review, we found that the device performs well with a variety of different cartomizers. As long as you don’t need your device to exceed five volts, you’ll find that it produces plenty of vapor and that the battery life is some of the best around. However, our iTaste MVP review sample had a couple of game-breaking problems. One became evident immediately, while the other took a bit of time. Both paint the iTaste MVP in a pretty negative light.

The first problem that we encountered with the iTaste MVP was a leak. When stored vertically, we found that e-liquid tends to seep through the bottom of the CE4 cartomizers included with the device. In addition, the iTaste MVP doesn’t have sealed threading. This resulted in a terrible situation; when the iTaste MVP was left on a table overnight, e-liquid leaked throughout the interior of the device, leaving a puddle on the table. Since the iTaste MVP isn’t meant to be opened or serviced by the end user, nothing could be done to clean the interior of the device. It did continue to work after the leak, though.

The second problem, however, forced us to junk the iTaste MVP entirely. After using the device for about two weeks, we noticed that the charging cable had a bit of a “wobble” when attached. This isn’t entirely uncommon; many inexpensive USB cables can be a little on the loose side. However, the issue quickly worsened. One day, we attached the charging cable to the iTaste MVP and heard a “snap.” The device’s internal USB attachment had broken off of the logic board, rendering the iTaste MVP inoperative. At this point, we had no option except to discard the device.

Although these problems certainly may paint the iTaste MVP in a negative light, we must stress that our review was conducted using a model of the iTaste MVP that is no longer available. Although we don’t know what problems Innokin corrected with their version 2.0 iTaste MVP, these may be among them. However, our experience was negative enough that recommending a purchase would be incredibly difficult.

Innokin iTaste MVP: Conclusion

No matter what type of e-cigarette attachment you use — be it a cartomizer, atomizer or tank — you’re going to go through a lot of e-liquid. Eventually, you’ll use an attachment that ends up leaking; there’s no way around it. That’s why virtually every e-cigarette designed for a variety of attachments has sealed threading; when something does leak, there’s little possibility of ruining your e-cigarette and the spill can be cleaned easily. The fact that leaks can pass through the iTaste MVP is a serious oversight. In addition, there is no way to get around the fact that an e-cigarette is going to have its charging cable inserted and removed repeatedly. A charging port has to be designed to tolerate that kind of stress because it’s a single point of failure that can render the entire device inoperative.

Innokin iTaste MVP Review: The Last Word

The Good

  • Although the device is large, it is also smooth and easily pocketable
  • Five-volt power range at a low price
  • All-day battery life; can also charge external devices

The Not So Good

  • With unsealed threading, leaking is a serious potential issue
  • Charging port isn’t built to handle repeated stress
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Author: eCig One Staff

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  1. I am looking for a MVP that I can use with. A SMOK gimlet. Cloud I have a 20. w but it does not work can you suggest one of your other MVP

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  2. I wonder if there is a fix, because otherwise I LOVE this Mod!

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    • Just for the record, I’ve been using the same iTaste MVP (first version) for almost 2 years now !! And I haven’t had a leak nor a problem with the charging cable/connection. I’ve changed the tank and atomizer of course but I’m still using the initial battery and charging cable. It might be worth to mention that I’ve dropped it quite a few times on the floor. This thing is robust and reliable.

      The battery is wonderful, I can go to a 3-days fishing trip and it lasts. And I vape quite heavily. Also, I’ve been able to recharge my girlfriend’s iPhone a few times, which turned me into a romantic-hero and produced a fair amount of brownie-points 😉

      So anyway, thanks Innokin, I just hope that the new versions of the iTaste won’t make me regret the awesomeness of this initial version !


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      • i’ve been using mine intermittently and never had a leak. Also would like to mention the battery lasts forever on mine. Had it now for 5 years and one charge lasts me months, never turning off the unit although I don’t use it often obviously. The quality imo is amazing!

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  3. Mine has worked perfectly well for over a long period of time.
    Never leaked, easy to use, long battery life, easy charging, solidly built.
    I would recommend highly and ignore the review above!
    Never had a problem…

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