Swisher Releases Line of E-Cigarettes

Swisher, the maker of the Swisher Sweets cigars common in convenience stores and supermarkets, has become the first major U.S. tobacco company to release an e-cigarette under its own brand name.

Swisher is selling the e-Swisher in two forms. The first is an express kit containing a KR808 battery, USB charger and cartridge, and the second is a single-use disposable e-cigarette. The express kits are available in Menthol Breeze and Natural Smooth flavors, while the disposable line adds a third Swisher Sweets-like Sweet Essence flavor.

Refill cartomizers in the Menthol Breeze and Natural Smooth flavors are being sold in packs of three. As the e-Swisher website doesn’t mention the origin of the e-liquids, it’s probably safe to assume they are made in China.

According to Convenience Store Decisions, the e-Swisher retails for $7.99 per disposable e-cigarette and $19.99 per Express Kit. The article doesn’t mention the price of refill cartomizers. The e-Swisher is available in retail stores only.

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  1. I purchased 2 of your rechargable e-cigarettes, menthol. Whoever tested them for taste has obviously never smoked a mentol. The swisher was the nastyiest tasting thing I have ever tasted. I threw both of them away as well as the cartridges and went back to the centery 21. You really need to rethink these things.

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  2. I made the mistake and bought the e-cigarette swisher rechargeable kit with 3 extra cartriges and the dam thing only lasted barely two weeks. Now i’m left with 3 extra cartidges and no e-cigarette that works.

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  3. I bought the all the stuff for these E-cigaretts and I wasted my money .They do not taste like cigaretts at all instead like cigars. I wish I could get at least some of my money back .YUK YUK

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  4. yeah these are gross. waste of money. 1 cartridge didn’t last long at all.

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