ProVari P3 Firmware Update Adds Sub-Ohm Support

The ProVari P3 is an unquestionably beautiful device that is made in the United States and features some of the best workmanship and safety features ever seen in a personal vaporizer. Until now, though, the many ProVari users of the world have been unable to use their devices with the sub-ohm coils that have taken the e-cigarette industry by storm. With the ProVari P3 Version 38 firmware update, ProVape has finally eliminated the only shortcoming in its flagship product.

As of May 5, 2015, all new ProVari P3 units will have the Version 38 firmware installed. Take a look at the full list of features found in this firmware update:

  • Support for .5 ohm tanks – The P3 now supports tanks at .5 ohms.
  • Low Battery Alert – When the device gets down to 18% left in the battery, the light will slowly flash yellow to alert you that it’s getting low.
  • CheckAll (1 second) – The CheckAll feature now has the option to set it to 1 second. This allows for a quick look at your settings without leaving the display on for 5 or more seconds.
  • Money Saved Counter – This new feature allows you to set the price of a pack of cigarettes and the P3 will keep track of: How many cigarettes avoided, puff count, and how much money you have saved on cigarettes, based on the amount you set per pack. Every time you vape, this will keep track of your stats for these categories.

If you purchased your ProVari P3 before May 5, don’t fret — you can still get your device updated to add these features. Start by visiting the ProVape Store Locator page and entering your zip code. Look for a store nearby bearing the “Authorized Upgrade Center” icon. These stores have the hardware necessary to reprogram the flash memory in your ProVari P3 and overwrite it with the latest firmware.

If you don’t have a ProVari upgrade center nearby, don’t fret — you can still send your device to ProVape for an upgrade. According to this page, ProVape apparently charges a $20 fee for firmware upgrades. My research suggests that local stores charge about the same amount for this service.

Are you unsure which firmware version your ProVari P3 currently has installed? You can find out!

Checking the Firmware Version of Your ProVari P3

  1. Press the button four times to open the menu system.
  2. Select the “RCL” option, and then select “Info” to see the firmware version.
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  1. hi vapegrl, i know i have to take my provari p3 to the store to update but my question is , how is it actually updated? do they take out the chip or whatever?

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    • It seems that they use a device that connects directly to the P3 connector with a serial cable. Perhaps they used this method rather than USB to prevent people from trying to hack the ProVari’s firmware on their own.

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  2. I can’t get my p3 provari to accept my tank what do I do

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    • Hi Lynda,

      Do you see an error message when you press the fire button? If you do, it could be that the resistance of the coil you’re using is too low.

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  3. Hey! Is there anyone other than Bill that repairs ProVari 3 devices?? I have 3 of them and he has 2 that hes repairing but its been a month and now my 3rd device is acting up so I would need it back kinda quick? Any suggestions??

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