According to a document that websites such as Velvet Glove, Iron Fist and The Rest of the Story claim was leaked from the European Union, the EU may be preparing to ban e-cigarettes and other smokeless tobacco products in spite of the fact that a majority of citizens are against extending the scope of current tobacco regulations.

In addition, according to the sources above, EU citizens want to lift the ban on snus, don’t want the EU to regulate ingredients of tobacco products and don’t want access to tobacco products to be limited.

However, it would seem that this could be one of the many instances in which politicians think themselves more right than the citizens who put them in office. Rather than heeding the wishes of the citizens, the leaked document apparently contains proposals to ban all smokeless tobacco products throughout the EU except for snus in Sweden, ban e-cigarettes, ban all tobacco flavorings including menthol, prevent store owners from selling more than one product from any tobacco brand and cover nearly the entire front of all cigarette packs with graphic health warnings.

These reports make it appear that, although politicians in the EU still consider cigarettes impossible products to ban outright, they would definitely prefer EU citizens to use pharmaceutical products for help with quitting smoking. Although doctors around the world such as Dr. Michael Siegel of The Rest of the Story have begun to come forward with the opinion that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, the government would much rather have you use pharmaceutical products that generate campaign donations and don’t actually work for most people.

If true, this story doesn’t necessarily mean that e-smokers in the European Union need to buy their next several years’ worth of e-liquid and prepare for doomsday. After all, such extreme bans would certainly be challenged in court and could potentially be overruled. In addition, the EU may not attempt to enact these bans at all. However, it is certainly a warning that citizens in the EU who wish to protect their right to use e-cigarettes and tobacco products need to be vocal about their opposition to having these liberties taken away.

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