E-Cigarette Industry Report for September 2012

Welcome to the eCig One e-cigarette industry report for September 2012. In this monthly feature, we present an overview of the current state of the e-cigarette industry in terms of Web and search traffic using trusted services such as Compete.com and Google. Listed in this report are the top ten e-cigarette companies by Web traffic, the top domains listed on Google for the most popular e-cigarette keywords and the events from the past month that may have influenced any changes. When we find significant changes, we research potential influencing factors such as search engine algorithm updates, link building campaigns and trending news items. We sampled data from 80 e-cigarette companies in all to compile this report.

If you represent an e-cigarette company and would like to submit a comment or announcement to be published in next month’s report, feel free to contact us.

E-Cigarette Company Web Traffic


As expected, V2 Cigs continued to grow its Web traffic during the past month. Rising from just over 1.03 million visitors in July to more than 1.11 million in August, V2 has what appears to be an insurmountable lead over the rest of the industry. In fact, the 85,635 visitors that V2 gained in the past month are more than any other e-cigarette company — with the exception of Blu — received in total. Out of the 80 websites for which we gathered data, V2 Cigs claimed more than two thirds of all Web traffic. Green Smoke showed a 6 percent traffic increase and rose back to its usual number three position, while Volcano dropped off of the chart and was replaced by Safe Cig.

Biggest Winners

EverSmoke increased its traffic by an estimated 270 percent, rising from 17,000 to 48,000 visitors. This could be due in part to the rapid pace with which EverSmoke sent out press releases and forged new relationships with bloggers over the past month. The company’s Web traffic could also have been helped by the nearly 15,000 inbound links reported by SEO SpyGlass, which seem to have resulted from an in-house affiliate program that allows affiliates to link directly to the EverSmoke website.

Bull Smoke grabbed a lot of publicity by picking a fight with a blog called SpinFuel. It seems that SpinFuel published an exceedingly negative review of Bull Smoke’s product and Bull Smoke made some rather personal threats in response. Bloggers picked up on the story and Bull Smoke and SpinFuel both received some extra traffic as a result. Within a few days, the owner of Bull Smoke apologized for his threats and SpinFuel deleted the review. Neither company was particularly damaged and both got some much desired time in the public eye, having played the publicity game with great skill.

The Magic Mist rose from 502 visitors to 3,069 visitors, an increase of 611 percent. This company has an interesting business model; since many e-cigarette companies buy their cartridges and accessories from wholesalers in China and resell them at incredible profit margins, it stands to reason that another company could buy those same products and sell them for less as “compatible replacements.” For example, while Blu Cigs sells its L88 cartridges at $12.00 per pack, The Magic Mist sells compatible packs for $8.75. Although the e-liquid in The Magic Mist’s cartridges isn’t the same, the business model appears to be catching on. It also seems that The Magic Mist has undergone a link building campaign targeting keywords such as “Blu cartridges,” “e cig cartridges” and “Green Smoke cartridges.”

Safe Cig is a company that most e-cigarette owners are familiar with. After several months without any major changes to its product line, Safe Cig has returned with a new disposable e-cigarette called the Aurora. According to reports, the Safe Cig Aurora will have a soft cartomizer that cigarette smokers should enjoy. This sounds like the same cartomizer that NJOY is reportedly using in the upcoming NJOY King. However, NJOY’s product has yet to reach the market. The Safe Cig Aurora is already available in the form of Seminole Unconquered, a new disposable e-cigarette released in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Biggest Losers

South Beach Smoke dropped from 93,000 to 23,000 visitors in spite of a continuous stream of publicity and new reviews, while Pure Cigs dropped from 72,000 to just under 17,000 visitors. It appears that these two companies have about 30,000 combined inbound links targeting such desired terms as “electronic cigarettes” and “smokeless cigarettes.” It’s possible that a Penguin penalty could be in play.

New Additions

Cigavette is the only new company featured on the E-Cigarette Industry Report this month. I recently reviewed Cigavette’s Cuvana disposable cigar on my website and found it to be a very nice performer with a believable tobacco flavor. Cigavette has also decided to advertise on eCig One, so we encourage you to take a look at their website.

E-Cigarette Search Engine Rankings

This section of the eCig One e-cigarette industry report lists the top ten domain names displayed on Google’s first results page for the four most popular electronic cigarette-related keywords.

Electronic Cigarette

  1. wikipedia.org
  2. theelectroniccigaretteszone.com (New)
  3. blucigs.com (+1)
  4. victoryecigs.com (-2)
  5. epuffer.com (+4)
  6. cocktailnerd.com  (-3)
  7. v2cigs.com (-2)
  8. greensmoke.com (-1)
  9. e-cigarette-forum.com (-1)
  10. ecigarettemate.com (-4)


  1. wikipedia.org
  2. totallywicked-eliquid.com (+2)
  3. victoryecigs.com (-1)
  4. e-cigarette-forum.com (-1)
  5. greensmoke.com
  6. blucigs.com
  7. epuffer.com
  8. v2cigs.com
  9. smokingeverywhere.com (+1)
  10. ecigarettemate.com (New)

Electronic Cigarettes

  1. wikipedia.org
  2. victoryecigs.com
  3. blucigs.com
  4. fda.gov
  5. e-cigarette-forum.com
  6. epuffer.com (+1)
  7. v2cigs.com (-1)
  8. greensmoke.com
  9. volcanoecigs.com (New)
  10. metroecigs.com


  1. eliquidplanet.com
  2. totallywicked-eliquid.com
  3. americaneliquidstore.com
  4. pinkspotvapors.com
  5. e-cig.com
  6. litecigusa.com
  7. ecigxpress.com
  8. kingpincigs.com
  9. v2cigs.com
  10. eliquid.net

Companies Included in Report

eCig One sampled traffic data from 80 different e-cigarette companies to create this month’s e-cigarette industry report. Click “Display List” to view the full list and contact us to suggest a company to include in future reports.

Display List

AltSmoke, American Cigs, Amerismoke, Apollo, Aqua Vapor, Avid Vaper, Bloog, Blu, Boge, Bull Smoke, Cigarti, Cigavette, Cloud 9, Dekang, eCig Express, Electro, ELiquid Planet, E-Lites, Eluma, Envy, ePuffer, eSmoke, EverSmoke, Firebrand, Gamucci, GoodeJuice, GotVapes, Green Smoke, Halo, Innokin, Instead, Intellicig, Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, Joyetech, Liberro, Luci, Lucky Slicks, MadVapes, Metro, My Freedom Smokes, Nhaler, NicStick, NJOY, Nucig, Nyce Smoke, Pink Spot Vapors, Premium, PureSmoker, Red Dragon, Safe Cig, Skycig, Smoke 51, Smoke Frii, Smoke Revolution USA, Smokeless Delite, Smokeless Image, SmokeStik, SmokeTip, Smoking Everywhere, Smoktech, South Beach Smoke, SparkPlug for Smokers, Stog, The Magic Mist, Totally Wicked, V2, Vapage, Vapor Alley, Vapor King, Vapor4Life, VaporNine, Vapor Station, Victory, Virgin Vapor, Volcano, WetFlame, White Cloud

Thanks to Flickr user NS Newsflash for contributing this article’s lead photo.

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