Roar Vapor LogoRoar Vapor — formerly known as Rawr Vapor — is a small e-liquid company run by E-Cigarette Forum member Vapor_Mike. According to the Roar Vapor website, Vapor_Mike prides himself on mixing e-liquids that perform well on six volt devices — something that can be problematic with many e-liquids. Roar Vapor also sells a selection of e-cigarette accessories, mods and starter kits based on the eGo platform.

Roar Vapor E-Cigarette

Roar Vapor E-Cigarette

Roar Vapor Company Information

  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Phone: (731) 388-9175
  • Email:

Roar Vapor E-Cigarettes

  • Sigelei Telescopic Zmax ($70.00): Proprietary mod.
  • SmokTech Magneto ($60.00): Fully mechanical mod. Telescoping design to support a wide variety of batteries. Also supports the Kick device.
  • SmokTech E-Pipe ($40.00): Pipe-shaped mod.
  • The Natural ($46.00): Mechanical mod. Includes pull-out sections to support different batteries.
  • eGo Basics Kit ($18.00): eGo e-cigarette kit. Includes battery, USB charger, CE4 cartomizer and bottle of e-liquid.
  • VV Gripper ($49.50): Grip-style variable-voltage mod. Supports 18650 IMR batteries; adjusts between 3.0 and 6.0 volts.

Roar Vapor E-Liquid

  • Manufactured in: United States
  • Nicotine: 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg
  • Price: $6.50 and up
  • Flavors: 117 different flavors

Roar Vapor Coupon Codes

  • None known.

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