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Dripeez is known to offer pure natural and organic e-liquids. There are diverse flavors that are offered by the company all of which are free from alcohol. However, if any of them has alcoholic content, the consumers will benefit from the information which is provided to this effect. Other than the diverse choices which the company offers, e-smokers have the opportunity to come up with their own blend of e-liquid. Also available from the company are eGo-based e-cigarette kits and accessories.

Dripeez Company Information

Dripeez eGo E-Cigarette Kit

Dripeez eGo E-Cigarette Kit

Dripeez E-Cigarettes

  • eGo Kit ($45.00 and up): This kit is sold with 2 stainless steel batteries, refillable CE5 clearomizers, a universal serial bus charger, a strong carriage case and 10 ml bottle of e-liquid. Available with 650 or 1100 mAh batteries.

Dripeez E-Liquids

Priced at $5.25 and up, there are many flavors from which buyers can select. When making your purchase, you have the option of selecting a single flavor or a combination of flavors .You may also choose and start customizing the natural e-liquid to flavor which suits your requirements. The available options comprise vegetable glycerin mix or propylene glycol, flavor strength, plastic or glass bottle and many more. The vegetable glycerin meets food grade standards and manufactured from natural ingredients such as Kosher and pure palm.

Dripeez e-liquids are manufactured to order which allows endless variation. Both the 6ml and 10 ml e-liquids are packed in plastic containers. The 15 ml is packed in both glass and plastic containers. This also applies to the 30 ml container. It’s imperative that you check Dripeez sample packs which contain single or flavored combinations in bottles ranging from 3ml to a bigger 10 ml bottle. Glass containers with solid cap are the most ideal for those who want to create their personal flavors.

Build or Customize Your E-Liquid

With Dripeez, you have the freedom of building your own e-liquid. There are many customization options that can be adopted. Nicotine levels can be chosen from 0-28 mg while the base can be anywhere between 100%VG-70PG/30VG. It is possible to combine up to three flavors or even more upon request. Smokers can request for flavor combination ration from the company if there is need and flavor strength can be anywhere from light to bold. All the 15 and 30 ml bottles can either be made of glass or plastic.

Dripeez Coupon Codes

  • All available coupons shown on checkout page.

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  1. I have tried a ton of juices and dripeez is my soul company for my vaping needs. The owner is awesome, Adrianna always takes care of getting orders out asap. There strawberry is out of this world. Do buy dripeez juices you will thank yourself.

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  2. Dripeez makes fantastic eliquid. They do the best coffee flavor and there is nothing else I can vape. Sadly the turn around time on orders is getting longer and longer. It no takes 16 days for me to get my eliquid from them. I think they need to hire more staff.

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