How to Find the Best Prices on Vape Gear

Have you ever noticed how much the prices on vape gear can vary from one store to another? Prices run a wide range because the wholesale prices for vaping supplies are often extremely low. For that reason, sellers usually have a lot of wiggle room when setting the retail prices of their products. Some vape shops try to maximize their profits on each sale. Others keep their profits low and try to make up the difference in sales volume. With all of the price variation from one merchant to the next, finding the best prices on vape gear can sometimes be a struggle.

Are you a penny-pinching vaper? These tips can help to make it easy for you to buy the cheapest vaping supplies every time.

Buy Last Year’s Model

Every new vaping device follows essentially the same sales curve. In the initial months after the release of a new device, manufacturers and retailers send samples to bloggers and video makers around the world. The hype helps to ensure that the device gets an initial burst of sales. Before long, though, something new will appear – and the device that’s hot today will become old news. Older vaping devices continue to enjoy trickle sales for a while, but after a while a device will be so outdated that no one really asks for it anymore. At that point, sellers will begin to clearance out their remaining stocks. If you want to get the lowest price, that’s when you should pounce.

Use a Price Comparison Site

Unless you’re really diligent, it’s unlikely that you have the time to compare prices for a single device at dozens of different online vape shops. Thankfully, there’s no need because others have already done the work for you. Online price comparison engines have been helping people get better deals for years, and now we finally have one for the vaping industry.

Watch Your Local Vape Shops

You can sometimes find some really spectacular prices for vaping gear if you shop locally. Brick-and-mortar vape shops don’t have unlimited space for product storage. They need to carry what’s hot now and get the old stuff out of the store as quickly as possible. Just about every local vape shop has a clearance bin. In it, you’ll find things like older vape mods, unpopular tanks, generic RDAs, mechanical mod clones, e-liquids near their expiration dates and more. In some cases, a local vape shop will take a loss on a clearance item just to get it out of the store. Their loss is your gain!

Get In on a Preorder Campaign

One of the great things about buying cheap older vaping devices is that you don’t really lose anything by doing so because last year’s 200-watt mod isn’t all that different from this year’s 200-watt mod. Let’s suppose, though, that you already have last year’s device. You want to enjoy every hot new mod, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in the process. In that case, the best thing to do is to get in on a preorder campaign for a device that isn’t out yet. Retailers can secure better wholesale prices by buying devices from the manufacturers in bulk – and by launching a preorder campaign, a retailer can collect the funds for a bulk purchase in advance. If you don’t mind waiting a month or two for a new device, you can get bleeding-edge technology for less than what others are paying.

Import Your Vape Gear From Overseas

One of the reasons why vaping gear can be so expensive is because there are often so many intermediaries between the manufacturers and the buyers. After the factories finish new devices, those devices make their way to Chinese wholesalers on outlets such as Alibaba. Distributors in the United States import vaping gear in bulk from Chinese wholesale outlets, and retailers then buy the products from domestic distributors before selling them to end users such as you. Everyone wants to earn money, so the price per device goes up a little at each step along the path from the manufacturer to the consumer. If you want to avoid all of those markups, your best bet is to import your own vaping gear from China.

When you buy vaping gear from China, you’ll often enjoy incredibly low prices, but doing so can be a little risky because cloning is rampant in the vaping industry. It’s your responsibility to judge the authenticity of products before buying them. There have also been a few cases in which people ordered vaping gear from China only to have those products confiscated when going through customs. The last downside of importing vaping gear from China is that you’ll need to wait a while to receive the products because economy shipping from China to the United States or Europe is slow – and if you choose a faster shipping option, that’ll negate your savings. If you’re patient and careful, though, buying from China is often the best way to buy cheap vaping gear. Spend a bit of time checking up on a seller’s reputation before buying.

Buy Used Vaping Gear

As long as a vaping device doesn’t have a permanent internal battery, there’s no reason why it can’t last for years. Some people, though, have no interest in accumulating large collections of old vaping gear. Rather than allowing their old devices to collect dust, those people sell their old gear to raise the funds for upcoming purchases. If you don’t mind buying a vaping device that’s already seen a bit of use, keep your eye on vaping forums and sites like Craigslist. If you’re attentive and quick, you can score a spectacular deal. Give your lightly used device a thorough cleaning and outfit it with some new batteries, and you’ll enjoy an experience that’s virtually indistinguishable from the experience you’d get with a new device.

Author: Jason Artman

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