How to Use an E-Cigarette

How to Use an E-CigaretteYou’ve completed the necessary research, made an informed purchasing decision with your first e-cigarette and now you’re simply waiting for it to arrive neatly wrapped upon your doorstep. Let us be the first to say congratulations on your choice to try an alternative to cigarettes. We firmly believe that making the choice to try e-cigarettes is one of the best things we’ve ever done. You might soon think the same.

While you’re waiting for your first e-cigarette to arrive, you may think it’s a good idea to spend some more time researching e-cigarettes online. There’s little tricks to using an e-cigarette that make it a more enjoyable experience by allowing the device to produce more vapor in a more consistent way. Because of this, you’ll find that a lot of e-smokers agree that there’s a learning curve when it comes to e-smoking. It might take a little time before you perfect your e-smoking techniques for the best experience.

The purpose of this article is to help guide you through the use of your e-cigarette while helping you to establish and explore some of the more professional e-smoking techniques.

How to Use an E-Cigarette

Tip: If by some chance you haven’t ordered your first e-cigarette yet or you’re unhappy with your first purchase, then take a look at our article that covers the best e-cigarette for beginners.

Charging Your E-Cigarette Battery

In just about every e-cigarette package, you’ll find a USB charger for your battery. Some may include chargers for wall outlets and car cigarette lighters, but these are relatively uncommon compared to USB chargers. Your USB charger is the thing that enables you to e-smoke. It keeps your battery charged, so it’s important to keep it in a place where you won’t lose it.

To charge your e-cigarette’s battery, you just need to screw the end of the battery into the threaded end of the charger. Most e-cigarette USB chargers will have a small light that blinks to let you know that your battery is charging. Depending on the type of e-cigarette and USB charger, the light may also turn off when your battery’s fully charged or it may change color.

Tip: Most e-cigarette manufacturers will recommend that you charge your new lithium batteries completely before you use them to ensure a healthy battery life with a full capacity. The first charging period for most batteries should take no longer than three hours. Most will charge in one or two.

Portable Battery Cases

A few choice e-cigarettes will come with a battery case in addition to the standard USB charger. Some may replace the charger for the battery case. If this is the case, you’ll need to charge the battery case before you can charge your e-cigarette. Most portable battery cases will come with a USB charger or wall outlet connection. Most will also have an indicator that displays how full the case’s internal battery is.

After you’re done charging the case, you can charge your e-cigarette’s battery by simply screwing it in to the threaded opening on your battery case. You may need to hold down a button on the case or wait for an indicator light to start blinking to know your battery is charging.

Tip: E-cigarette battery cases are meant to be used while traveling or when your battery dies and you’re unable to gain access to a USB port or wall outlet. You should generally stray away from e-cigarettes that list only a charging case, as battery cases charge at a slower rate than directly connecting your e-cigarette battery to a proper USB or wall charger.

Using Your Cartridge or Cartomizer

Your e-cigarette will likely use one of two designs: the three-part e-cigarette with a battery, atomizer and cartridge, or a two-part e-cigarette that has a battery and a cartridge combined with an atomizer.

To use a cartridge with your e-cigarette, you need to find the small metal atomizer included with it, screw it on the battery and then push the cartridge over the atomizer.

To use a cartomizer, you need to simply twist it into your e-cigarette battery. Because a cartomizer has an internal heating coil, there’s no need to use a separate atomizer.

Tip: It’s our recommendation that your first e-cigarette should have a cartomizer. They’re a more recent development and tend to produce more vapor than cartridges at more reliable rate while doing away with things like leaks.

Using Your E-Cigarette

You might find that your e-cigarette has a manual or automatic battery. It may even have both.

A manual battery requires you to press a button to produce vapor, which can give you more control over your vapor production. The trick to using them correctly is to press the button just before you start puffing, so that you inhale more vapor and less air.

An automatic battery produces vapor in response to negative air pressure created by ‘puffing’ on your e-cigarette. While you can’t press a button to ready an automatic battery, you can take a few short puffs before taking your long one to prime an automatic battery.

Automatic batteries may be more fun to use, but we’ve found that they don’t give you the same degree of control during your e-smoking. For beginners, we recommend that you start with a kit that has both so that you can figure out the style of battery that gives you the most comfortable e-smoking experience.

Tip: When you smoke a regular cigarette, taking short, hard puffs will cause it to burn faster and produce more smoke. This isn’t true of e-cigarettes, so ensure that you take long, slow puffs to produce as much vapor as possible.

Replacing Your Cartridge or Cartomizer

If you notice that the flavor quality or vapor production begins to diminish as you use your e-cigarette even when the battery is nearly full, then it may be time to replace your cartridge or cartomizer. You can do so by unscrewing your cartomizer or pulling the cartridge off the atomizer. You can then use the same instructions we outlined earlier to install a new cartomizer or atomizer.

Different E-Liquids in Different Flavors

Once you have a good understanding of how your e-cigarette works and how to use it, you may start to look for ways to save money while e-smoking or you may begin to experiment with the wide variety of flavors out there. There’s dozens of e-liquid companies in the United States, China and the rest of the world. Many of them create their e-liquids from scratch, which results in unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

While most e-cigarettes come with e-liquids made in China, we highly encourage you to try locally made products. You might find something that you like even more.

How to Refill Your Cartridge or Cartomizer

Refilling an empty e-cigarette cartridge isn’t that hard, but it does take some practice. You remove the cartridge from your e-cigarette and turn the cartridge so that you can see the sponge on the inside. You then add several drops of e-liquid from a bottle until the sponge appears saturated with liquid.

When you’re done, you can simply install the cartridge on your e-cigarette again.

It’s worth noting that you can only do this so many times with a cartridge before the sponge begins to degrade or you start to see signs of leaking. When you see either of those signs, it’s time to replace the cartridge.

Refilling a cartomizer isn’t much harder, but we recommend doing so before it becomes dry. While a cartomizer will still produce vapor while it isn’t completely dry, you will notice that, when you pry the cover off of it, the filler material at the top appears dry.

You can refill it by slowly adding e-liquid to this filler material a few drops at a time until it looks like the filler material is wet. Replace the cover and install your cartomizer on your e-cigarette again.

You’ll need to avoid the hole in the center of the cartomizer, as that’s where the vapor travels to reach your mouth.

Author: eCig One Staff

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  2. I tried ecig first time probably 3 years ago. Well it did not work so much for me from the beginning but after time i got used to it. I definitely stopped smoking cigarettes and that is what i am happy for. That i have started to smoke ecig helped me to improve my health also and thanks to Vapour2 for even saving some money. Honestly it is so easy to use and has long lasting battery. Because of its small seize i always keep it in my pocket.

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