E-Cigarettes Without NicotineThere’s plenty of reasons why people choose to ditch their cigarettes and start e-smoking with e-cigarettes. Some people want an experience that simulates smoking as closely as possible without the fumes, nasty smell and irritating chemicals that a cigarette can throw into the air. Some hope for the possibility that e-cigarettes don’t carry the same carcinogenic risk as tobacco cigarettes.

Some people, though, recognize the fact that e-cigarettes allow you to taper off on your nicotine intake as slowly as you like. Many e-cigarette companies offer refill cartridges at various nicotine strengths, and you can give yourself even finer control by buying e-liquid by the bottle in different strengths and mixing them yourself — this way, you can step down just a fraction of a milligram at a time if you like. What is it like to use e-cigarettes without nicotine, though? In this article, we’ll explain what you can expect and describe how you can make e-cigarettes without nicotine as pleasurable as possible to use.

How Does Nicotine Play Into Flavor?

When you choose an e-liquid that contains nicotine, you have to realize that the taste you perceive is made up of the flavor added to the e-liquid and the nicotine itself. That’s why an e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration may taste differently from one of the same flavor with a lower concentration. This is part of the reason as to why companies like V2 Cigs produce e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine added to their e-liquids. The flavor may be the same on the label, but what you taste during an e-smoking session may taste completely different due to the concentration of nicotine.

How Does Nicotine Contribute to the E-Smoking Experience?

As stated before, nicotine affects the flavor you taste during an e-smoke. It also affects the throat hit, which can be analogous to the texture you perceive of your cigarette. It’s not quite the taste of the vapor, but it’s something that’s still there.

The nicotine used in e-cigarettes is generally around 99-percent pure. That means it tastes nothing like the impure nicotine contained within cigarettes.

It’s the right flavors used in conjunction with nicotine that makes e-cigarettes taste similar to regular cigarettes. The flavor, the smell and the “throat hit” sensation the vapor brings in the form of an irritation to the throat and lungs are all things that we take into account when we e-smoke.

With all that being said, pure nicotine itself does have a distinct taste. We think the best way to describe it is a taste similar to black pepper.

What About E-Cigarettes Without Nicotine?

The tricky thing about e-cigarettes without nicotine is the fact that you can’t just remove the nicotine from any e-liquid. You’ll end up losing the throat hit effect and that subtle but vital peppery aftertaste, which can make it quite evident just how unpleasant some e-liquids can taste. If you ever want to see what we mean, try using one of the cheaper Chinese-made e-liquids without nicotine. You’ll get a nasty taste that will give you a full taste of just how bad some e-liquid really is.

We don’t recommend you do this if you want to keep e-smoking, because there are nicotine-free e-liquids that taste magnificent.

How to Do Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes Right

It’s our personal recommendation that you invest in an e-liquid designed from the ground up to taste good without the addition of nicotine. These are the kinds of liquids engineered to have a rich, satisfying and complex mixture of flavors that ultimately leaves you with the best nicotine-free e-smoking experience possible.

Quality e-liquids can even recreate the throat hit effect by using certain additives. There’s three major additives that companies like to use to accomplish this: menthol, grain alcohol and capsaicin.

Grain alcohol won’t add that much flavor to your liquid, but it will give you the same scratchy impact that regular cigarettes might. Capsaicin, the active ingredient that makes hot chili peppers hot, creates a slight burning sensation in the throat and lungs. Menthol gives you the same sensation and taste that many cough drops do.

The unfortunate fact is that none of these ingredients will give you the same effect as nicotine, but if you pick a quality e-liquid and carefully apply a throat hit-enhancing additive, you can taper your nicotine intake as much as you like without greatly sacrificing the quality of the e-smoking experience.