How Much do E-Cigarettes Cost?

E-Cigarettes CostWith all the added taxes and fees imposed by local and federal governments, smoking is probably one of the most expensive habits that you ¬†could possibly partake in. Chances are, that’s why e-cigarettes caught your attention. After all, seemingly every e-cigarette company advertises its wares with a message along the lines of “up to 80% cheaper than tobacco.” In real terms, though, how much do e-cigarettes cost? In this article, we’ll examine the cost of e-cigarettes in detail and let you come to your own conclusion regarding which option is cheaper.



Examining the Cost of E-Cigarettes

The largest single investment you’ll likely make in converting from smoking to e-smoking is that of a starter kit. If you haven’t done that yet, read our recommendations about the best e-cigarettes. A good starter kit costs at least $50-60 but can cost over $100 depending on the number of batteries and other accessories it includes. Once you’ve made that purchase, though, it could be several months before you need to buy any more hardware. The primary recurring cost of e-smoking is the software — the nicotine liquid we call “e-liquid.”

Suppose that you pay $12.99 for a 15 mL bottle of your favorite e-liquid. To minimize shipping costs, let’s purchase four bottles at a time. That brings your final cost to $51.96 for 60 mL of e-liquid. A purchase of $50 gets you over the “free shipping” hump with many vendors as well, so that’s your final cost. If the nicotine strength of that e-liquid is 15 mg, you are buying a total of 900 mg of nicotine, or about the equivalent of 900 cigarettes. For even the heaviest e-smokers, this amount of e-liquid easily lasts a month.

Now let’s take a look at cigarettes.

Comparing the Cost of E-Cigarettes to Tobacco Cigarettes

Although many smokers in the United States pay far more than this, the average price of a pack of cigarettes is about $5.50 after all of the necessary taxes are applied. If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, your nicotine intake costs around $165 per month and $2,000 per year. If you live in a more expensive smoking state such as Hawaii, the yearly cost is closer to $3,500.

By comparison, it costs around $800 per year to use e-cigarettes, including the cost of your first starter kit and the occasional need to buy new accessories such as atomizers and batteries.

E-Cigarettes are an Inexpensive Alternative

Nicotine is an expensive product. If you want to save some money, your best bet is not to consume nicotine at all, in any form. If you’re reading this page, though, you’ve probably considered that fact and decided that quitting would be extremely difficult or impossible. If you’re going to continue using nicotine, switching to e-cigarettes can easily save you a minimum of $1,200 per year. In some states, the yearly savings are $3,000 or more. Imagine what you could do with all of that extra money — it could pay for your holiday shopping or make your other expenses such as power and gas less burdensome. It could provide capital for new investments. It’s up to you!

Combine this advantage with all of the other advantages e-cigarettes enjoy over tobacco e-cigarettes, and we think switching to e-smoking becomes one of the best decisions you could possibly make.

Author: Jason Artman

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