E-Cigarette Scam Warning

E-Cigarette ScamsPeople have a tendency to worry about one thing when it comes to the purchasing products from small companies, which are especially abundant on the Internet: they’re worried about getting scammed.

The cause for this concern stems from companies that make overly aggressive claims about their products and deliver it as the next best thing. There’s also the types of businesses that deliver products that simply crumble a few minutes after being opened. This worry extends even to e-cigarettes. We’ve found that e-cigarettes have changed the very way we live, but we’ve also had our experience with nasty marketing tactics, faulty products and every other scam out there.

Because of the plus side, we want to help you become an aware consumer. We’re going to show you how to recognize and avoid low-quality and downright no-good e-cigarette companies by teaching you what traits to be wary of so you can avoid e-cigarette scams. If you’re still not certain what to buy, take a look at our article about the best e-cigarette for beginners!

A History Lesson About China and E-Cigarettes

While China may be the place where e-cigarettes were born, it’s also a country that relies upon a workforce paid pennies on the dollar om keep most of their country operational. Due to the need to supply high amounts of products with minimum cost, some companies will cut corners where they can to save a few pennies.

That doesn’t mean that all products from China are bad. You’ll read about e-cigarette companies like Boge, Dekang, Janty, Joye and Ruyan, – all of which make excellent products when you get the real thing.

In fact, almost every every brand of e-cigarette, with a few prominent exceptions such as the ProVari, are made in China.

The Potential Problem With Chinese E-Liquids

The trouble with Chinese e-liquids tends to deal with the fact that Dekang allows other e-liquid companies to resell relabeled Dekang products. This often leads to differently-named e-liquids from different companies tasting the same.

The best way to steer free of this problem is to become familiar with Dekang’s product lineup. You’ll get a feel for the flavors offered by Dekang, and you’ll find that Dekang resellers often change the names of the flavors very little. If you don’t like those flavors, you’ll learn to avoid them.

Another thing that you can assume about e-liquid concerns the origin; if you don’t see the store you’re buying from make any mention of the origin of the e-liquid, then you can safely assume that it comes from China. Although reselling products is hardly a scam, it’s customary for companies to clearly indicate the points of origin on the products they sell. In the e-cigarette industry, some companies make this information quite difficult to find.

Performance Claims and Fishing Tales

The most common e-cigarette scam we’ve seen is the wild claim that a tiny battery the size of a traditional cigarette can last 500 draws or more.

We’ve tested a number of different batteries over the years, and we’ll tell you one thing: you won’t get that kind of performance unless you’re taking half-second puffs. We’ve found that the standard 3.7-volt battery will provide you with as many slow, deep and fulfilling draws as half of the battery’s mAh rating. So for a 90 mAh battery, you’ll get 40 to 45 decent draws from it. If an e-cigarette vendor doesn’t provide the mAh ratings of its batteries, you may want to move on.

Appalling Customer Service

E-cigarettes are relatively new, which means that a lot of American e-cigarette companies are little more than side gigs. With no funds to hire employees, one or two people often operate as the CEO, customer relations representative, packager and distributor. These small companies can provide great experiences if you’re looking for a few new accessories or hand-mixed e-liquids.

If you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette kit, though, we suggest going with a larger, proven company. Larger companies have viable customer service infrastructures and people that you can actually reach if you have a problem. Many of these companies, such as V2 Cigs, also offer lifetime warranties on their products. With a smaller e-cigarette vendor, the most you’re likely to get is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Author: eCig One Staff

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