What are CartomizersE-cigarettes are relatively new products when compared to regular cigarettes, the latter of which have been around for quite a while. This means that unlike cigarettes — which are somewhat stagnant — e-cigarettes are under constant development. Every year, e-smoking becomes a little more reliable, convenient and satisfying. Around four years, ago, e-cigarettes began to appear on the market sporting atomized cartridges or “cartomizers.” Today, almost all mass-produced e-cigarettes include them and they’ve become so ubiquitous that some companies simply refer to them as “pre-filled cartridges.”

The cartomizer is, by far, the easiest and most reliable way to deliver e-liquid to an e-cigarette. By enclosing the e-liquid and atomizer in a single self-contained package, a cartomizer ensures that you’ll always get tasty, fresh vapor when you want it. To learn more about what cartomizers are, let’s discuss the topic in more detail.

Understanding E-Cigarettes

To understand how cartomizers make e-cigarettes better, you need to first understand how the most basic e-cigarette works. To do this, let’s examine the “three-part” design that was commonly used in most early e-cigarettes.

This design used disposable cartridges filled with e-liquid, a reusable atomizer and a battery. The problem with this system is that it tended to be faulty and wasteful. If you ran into a problem with your e-cigarette, it would be difficult to troubleshoot because disposable cartridges were always unreliable, but atomizers could occasionally fail as well.

The problems associated with this design led to a practice known as “dripping”, which describes the act of putting drops of e-liquid into a hollow tip that goes over the atomizer. While it can be a great way to maximize your vapor production, it can also lead to a flooded atomizer and a messier e-smoking experience when done improperly.

Cartomizers: The New Approach

Both methods of e-cigarette usage have their drawbacks. We’ve found that some people dislike dripping because it’s relatively inconvenient, but they’re still not satisfied with disposable cartridges due to the waste and problems that they can bring.

That’s where cartomizers come in.

They simplify the traditional three-part approach into a two-part deal by combining the atomizer with the disposable cartridge. This allows for a favorable compromise between the two methods and gives you the same convenience that disposable cartridges would with half the headaches.

Furthermore, cartomizers perform remarkably better than traditional disposable cartridges. Most users report that they don’t leak like disposable cartridges, that they’re more convenient to travel with and that they produce enough vapor to rival the amount of vapor that some more experienced users can produce while dripping.

The Drawbacks of Cartomizers

As with everything else, cartomizers aren’t without their drawbacks. There are higher cost and waste factors involved, though these drawbacks may be debatable when compared to three-part e-cigarettes.

The primary concern when switching to cartomizers is their increased cost. They can cost anywhere from two to three times more per unit than disposable cartridges. The one thing to consider here is that the atomizers of three-part cigarettes usually need to be replaced at least once every month. In addition, disposable cartridges typically have less than half the usable e-liquid of cartomizers.

The second drawback of cartomizers is the fact that they tend to have the same problems as disposable cartridges when it comes to efficiently using all the e-liquid available. Though they have enough e-liquid to be comparable to a pack of regular cigarettes, which is at least double what most disposable cartridges have, they won’t always draw all the liquid out of the filler material. This leads to some waste.

The third and potentially biggest drawback to pre-filled cartomizers is the lack of choice in e-liquid flavors when compared to dripping. Dripping allows you to use any flavor or combination of hundreds of flavors that you’d like. Of course, you can get around this problem by filling your own cartomizers.

If you’re the type that picks one flavor and continues to e-smoke it over a long period of time, then being stuck with a lack of choices may not bother you.

Are Cartomizers For You?

If you’re considering doing away with disposable cartridges and hanging up the glass eye dropper, here’s what you need to know about cartomizers:

Cartomizer Benefits

  • They’re more consistent in vapor production than disposable cartridges.
  • They don’t leak.
  • They’re less work than dripping.
  • They’re just as convenient as disposable cartridges.

Cartomizer Drawbacks

  • They cost considerably more per cartridge than disposable cartridges or dripping.
  • There is a limited selection of flavors with pre-filled cartomizers than there is with dripping or filling your own cartomizers.