DaVinci IQ vs. MIQRO

The DaVinci IQ a dry herb vaporizer that never fails to turn heads. Arguably the best-looking dry herb vaporizer on the market, the IQ caused a real stir when DaVinci released it in 2016. More than a few PAX owners probably shook their heads and wondered if they’d made the right decision. After more than two years on the market, the DaVinci IQ is still a mainstay in the world of dry herb vapes. You can’t help but come across it if you’re in the market for a premium vaporizer. In 2018, though, DaVinci did the unexpected and released something potentially even better: the DaVinci MIQRO. It looks just like the IQ, but it’s even smaller. Surely, there is no other temperature-controlled vaporizer on the market with a combination of size and power anything like that of the MIQRO – and if you’re in the market for a premium vaporizer right now, that makes your buying decision difficult. How do you compare the DaVinci IQ vs. MIQRO?

As the owner of eCig One, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive both the MIQRO and the IQ from DaVinci. That’s given me the rare opportunity to compare the two devices side by side – something that would otherwise have been very cost prohibitive to do. Between the two devices, I’d have to say that the DaVinci IQ is the superior vape – but that’s just my opinion. In this article, I’m going to break down the differences that led me to that opinion.

First, though, let’s discuss prices. I suggest buying direct from DaVinci for the easiest warranty service. DaVinci also offers free shipping almost anywhere in the world.

DaVinci IQ vs. MIQRO: Basic Specifications

DaVinci IQ MIQRO Vaporizers

Let’s begin by discussing how the DaVinci IQ and MIQRO compare in terms of their basic specifications.

  • Oven Size
    • IQ: 0.3-0.5 grams
    • MIQRO: 0.15-0.25 grams
  • Heating Technology
    • IQ: Ceramic zirconium conduction header
    • MIQRO: Ceramic zirconium conduction heater
  • Vapor Path
    • IQ: Ceramic zirconium with silicone gaskets
    • MIQRO: Removable ceramic zirconium with silicone gaskets
  • Battery
    • IQ: Removable 3,500 mAh 18650 battery
    • MIQRO: Removable 900 mAh 18350 battery
  • Oven Heating Time
    • IQ: 16 seconds and up
    • MIQRO: 39 seconds and up
  • Material Compatibility
    • IQ: Dry herbs only
    • MIQRO: Dry herbs only
  • Temperature Range
    • IQ: Up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit
    • MIQRO: Up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Control Method
    • IQ: On-board buttons and mobile app
    • MIQRO: On-board buttons only
  • Warranty
    • IQ: 10 years
    • MIQRO: 5 years

The DaVinci IQ Delivers Raw Power


Much Greater Oven Capacity and Battery Life

Let’s continue our DaVinci MIQRO vs. IQ comparison by discussing the strengths of the IQ vaporizer. As you can see from the bullet points above, the DaVinci IQ is clearly a more capable device on paper. Its oven capacity is about double that of the MIQRO – and its battery capacity is more than triple – so the IQ is clearly a device that’s ready to be your companion for much longer vaping sessions and for a greater number of sessions between battery charges. People usually report getting around four sessions per battery charge with the IQ. With the MIQRO, you’ll be lucky if you get two sessions. The MIQRO’s lack of battery life is only compounded by its heating element, which we’ll discuss next.

More Powerful Heater

One of the best aspects of dry herb vaping is the fact that you can adjust your temperature to bring out certain aspects of your material. Some people prefer vaping at lower temperatures, for example, to produce more cerebral effects and avoid feeling overly sedated or medicated. Other people, though, simply want to push their vaping temperatures as high as possible without combustion to wring every last bit of goodness out of their herbs. If you’re a high-temperature vaper, you’ll probably have a better experience with the DaVinci IQ. Owing perhaps to the much stronger battery, the DaVinci IQ has an easier time reaching and staying at the high end of its temperature range. Some high-temperature vapers have found that it’s difficult to get a satisfying amount of vapor out of the DaVinci MIQRO without constantly using the boost button.

The DaVinci MIQRO Corrects the IQ’s Shortcomings


More Comfortable in the Hand

Between the DaVinci MIQRO and IQ, the IQ is definitely the more capable device. In the more than two years that the IQ has been available, though, DaVinci has learned a lot about how to design a great portable vaporizer by listening to customer feedback. They’ve applied that knowledge to the MIQRO. Both the IQ and the MIQRO can become quite hot during operation, for example – so the MIQRO includes a silicone glove that dissipates heat. The glove makes the MIQRO much more comfortable to hold.

Removable Vapor Path

Do you know what’s really low on the list of fun things to do in vaping? Cleaning a vaporizer is really not fun at all – but the DaVinci MIQRO makes cleaning significantly easier with a removable vapor path. You can pull the vapor path straight out of the MIQRO using the included pick and drop it in alcohol to clean it. Cleaning a vaporizer doesn’t get much easier than that.

More Stable Pearl

The pearl – a ceramic zirconium ball that helps to pack the oven and keep its contents in place – is a feature that DaVinci introduced with the IQ. In the IQ, the Pearl was a cool feature that helped with even heating. In the MIQRO, though, the pearl is much more stable and actually allows you to reduce the oven size if you like. Are you into very short vaping sessions or microdosing? Just twist the pearl to extend it out from the MIQRO’s oven lid. Extending the pearl makes it possible to reduce the MIQRO’s oven capacity by about half.

Less Draw Resistance

Virtually everyone who has used both the DaVinci MIQRO and the DaVinci IQ has commented that the MIQRO has significantly less draw resistance. It’s much easier, in other words, to inhale very deeply when using the MIQRO. Your mileage may vary, but some people actually find that the reduced draw resistance allows them to get greater benefit from the MIQRO than with the IQ while using less material.

Great Companion for Short Sessions

As a true all-day vaping companion – something that can give you multiple full-length vaping sessions a day – it’s hard to argue with the statement that the DaVinci IQ is the device that you should choose over the MIQRO. That being said, the MIQRO improves upon many of the IQ’s shortcomings and might be the best device on the market for vaping outside the home. Do you want a small, discreet device that gives you an opportunity to enjoy your herbs at a venue such as a concert? Are you the type who conserves material and prefers short, light vaping sessions at home? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you might not find a device anywhere that’s better for your needs than the DaVinci MIQRO.

DaVinci Vaporizer Comparison

Author: Jason Artman

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